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What must happen at the end of every project before the deliverable is placed into operations? Scope Validation
(BLANK) details how workers are brought onto and are released from a project. It is a component of the HR management plan. The staffing management plan
SWOT analysis is tool and technique for which project management process? Indentify Risks
A (BLANK) illustrates the flow of project activities from launch to completion. Network Diagram
The primary goal of the project kick-off meeting is so that stakeholders may understand the project's (BLANK). Purpose
True of False - Contingency reserve is used to manage identified risks. True
True or False - Management reserve is used to manage unidentified risks. True
True or False - Contingency reserve is calculated as some percentage of the cost or duration of the project. False - Management reserve is calculated as some percentage of the cost or duration of the project.
True or False - Management reserve is an estimated figure based on Expected Monetary Value (EMV). False - Contingency reserve is an estimated figure based on Expected Monetary Value (EMV)
35% of the work for a project has been completed. The budget at completion is $275,000. What is the Earned Value? 35% x $275000 = $96250
The (BLANK) plan details the process of how changes may enter the project. Requirements Management Plan
A (BLANK) is an appropriate communication response to explain and document a change in an expected cost. Variance or Exception report.
Management selecting a project, based on high profitability, is an example of employing the (BLANK) model. Economic.
(BLANK) is the best tool for tracking project scope. The WBS
Time is not a (BLANK) Resource
True or False - The risk register is not part of the Risk Management Plan True - The risk register is the central repository of identified risk within the project. It is not a part of the Risk Management plan.
Operational Definitions must have (BLANK) an identified metric
SPI stands for (BLANK) Schedule Performance Index
This schedule directly reflects all resources availability on a project. Resource Limited schedule
Linear programming is an example of which project selection method? Constrained Optimism
Quality Control and Scope Validation are similar. However, Quality control is done without (BLANK) and Scope Validation with. The customer
Network diagram is a tool used in (BLANK). Activity Sequencing
Quality Control is focused on the (BLANK) of the work Correctness
(BLANK) is the process of applying the right resource to the project work to accomplish project goals. Project Human Resource Management
True or False - You assign project resources to stakeholders. False - You assign project resources to activities.
Decision Tree is associated with which type of Risk Anaylsis Quantitative
True or False - Murder Boards are most closely associated with Phase End Reviews. False - They are used during project selection.
The scope, time and cost baselines make up the (BLANK) Performance Measurement Baseline
Cost baseline includes all budgets but not the (BLANK) Management Reserve
There are 4 management plans that are NOT "Knowledge Areas". What are they? Requirements Management, Change Management, Configuration Management and Process Improvement Plans.
Project Data and Information come in 3 types as defined by the PMBOK guide. What are they? Work Performance Data, Work Performance Information and Work Performance Reports.
What are the seven basic quality tools? Cause & Effect, Flow Chart, Check Sheet, Pareto Diagram, Histogram, Control Chart & Scatter Diagram
True or False - There will be more errors in a project that is meeting 6 Sigma Standards as opposed to 3 Sigma Standard. False
Sigma is another name for (BLANK) Standard Deviation
After all identifying risks, ranking them, and planning responses, the next step is (BLANK) Determining contingency reserves
Where is the change control system documented? Project management plan
The objective of a procurement audit is (BLANK) Identify Lessons Learned
What is the best type of contract to use when scope is not fully defined? Cost Reimbursable Contract
You can determine whether requirements have been met by using (BLANK) Inspection
Which theorist stated a "job for life" increases loyalty? Ouchi
Parkinson's Law states: Work will fill all available time
(BLANK) is a structured review of existing processes for product creation and project management practices. They are also used for making recommendations for improvement. Quality Audits
Focusing on "TEAM" (BLANK) is used to assess overall strengths & weakness. Project Performance Appraisals
The best forecasting techniques are (BLANK) ETC & VAC
True or False - Quality Audit is a tool and technique for Quality Control? False - It is a tool and technique for Perform Quality Assurance.
This tool and technique for Close Procurement is a structured review of the process to review for success and failure. Procurement Audit
Of McGregor's Theory of X and Y, which is bad? X
(BLANK) is necessary when resources have be over allocated. Resource Leveling
This statistical method of identifying which factors influences specific variables of a product under development is known as (BLANK) Design of Experiments
The most preferred conflict resolution technique is (BLANK) Confrontation
The least prefered conflict resolution technique is (BLANK) Withdrawal
The (BLANK) organize and define the project scope. WBS
During which process is a make or buy analysis made? Plan Procurements
Which comes first administrative closure or contract closure? Contract closure is first
True or False - Cost performance baseline is displayed as an S curve? True
(BLANK) is considered out-of-control and also known as an assignable cause. It is always referred to the operator. Special Cause Variation
Which theorist argued that quality was a management problem? Deming
True or False - Procurement Audit is a tool and technique of Close Procurement? True
Which deal with the individual's performance? Team Performance Appraisals or Project Performance Apprialsals Project Performance Appriasials
IRR stand for: Internal Rate of Return
According to McClelland's Theory of Needs, people are not motivated by(BLANK) Compensation
Name the inputs to Validate Scope: Project Management Plan, Requirements Documentation, Requirements Traceability Matrix, Verifiable Deliverables, and Work Performance Data
When graphing the relationship between dependent and independent variables us the (BLANK) Scatter Diagram
What is the objective of Validate Scope? Obtaining formal acceptance of the project deliverables.
Fast Tracking can change sequencing, but increases (BLANK) Risk
Sellers are chosen during which process Conduct Procurements
When the supervisor and the employee jointly establish the performance objectives. Management by Objectives
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