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LitHonors - Part IV SAT Vocab

1. Capricious subject to changing one's mind without much thought; erratic; whimsical / Characterized by or subject to whim; impulsive and unpredictable.
2. Diligent careful and persevering in carrying out tasks or duties / -- constant and earnest in effort and application; persistent in doing something
3. Dogmatic Characterized by an authoritative, arrogant assertion of unproved or unprovable principles / asserting opinions in a dictatorial manner
4. Fallacious Tending to mislead; deceptive ; based on fallacy ;falsehood / deceptive; logically unsound; misleading
5. Meticulous taking or showing extreme care about minute details; painstaking; thorough / Extremely or excessively concerned with details / Extremely careful and precise
6. Reticent reserved ; quiet ; shy ; timid ; unresponsive ; disposed to be quiet or not speak freely
7. Soporific state of being at rest ; dignified calmness ; sleep
8. Virulent actively poisonous ; intensely noxious ; deadly
9. Ostentatious characterized by a pretentious show in order to impress
10. Prevaricate to speak falsely or misleadingly so as to avoid the truth ; to lie
11. Quiescent being at rest; quiet or still ; inactive or motionless
12. Candid frank or outspoken ; free from reservation or disguise
13. Hackneyed made common place or trite by overuse ; banal
14. Reclusive living in seclusion ; shut off or apart from the world
15. Reverence feeling or attitude of deep respect tinged with awe ; veneration
16. Jocular jovial and playful ; given to jesting
17. Futile completely ineffective ; serving no useful purpose
18. Innocuous done maliciously or cruelly AND without a motive
19. Mundane of this world or earth ; not heavenly ; worldly or secular
20. Resilient having power to return to the original form ; able to recover readily from misfortune
21. Sedentary characterized by a sitting position posture , inactivity and lack of exercise
22. Wanton lewd ; immoral ;
23. Zenith the upper region of the sky ; the highest point or state
24. Succinct effectively brief and to the point ; pithy ; neatly concise
25. Ubiquitous being everywhere at the same time ; omnipresent
26. Wanton Isabelle, an artist, never immersed herself in the ________ details of daily living.
27. Innocuous Vandals committed ____________ destruction of the homne owner's lawn, his mailbox and his garder.
28. Sedentary Sherry turned down an offer for a ____________job where she would work at a desk in a room without windows.
29. Reverence Six privileged guests met the Pope and spoke to him with great ___________.
30. Futile Even though Pam watered the seeedlings, her efforts to save the tiny sprouts were ________.
31. Jocular The idea of serious surgery with potential life-threatening consequences was no _______matter.
32. Hackneyed Bob was dissapointed in the plot of the film because of the _________ storyline that had no surprises.
33. Reclusive Molly's dog is not at all _______ and greets even strangers with a wagging tail.
34. Capricious The ________ child kept whinning and changing her mind about eating dessert.
35. Meticulous Donna is a ______ housekeeper who takes pride in keeping an immaculate home.
36. Diligent Susie proved to be such a _____ assistant that the dentist gave her a raise.
37. Reticent Arthur was __________ to ask the bride's parents if he could bring a date, someone uninvited to the wedding.
38. Mundane I was given the ________ task of photocopying and filing.
39. Quiescent Marge experienced intense _________ when the temperatures soard to 95 degrees.
40. Soporific The nurse assured the family that their _______ mother was content to stay inside and watch tv.
41. Candid Rather than choosing a cheerful movie, Rachel chose a _______ film with a tragic ending.
42. Ostentatious For the ceremony, Gloria chose an inappropriate and ______ red dress.
43. Virulent Jack needed to be hospitalized becaise of a _____infection in his hand.
44. Prevaricate Timmy did not want ot get into trouble and decided he would ________ rather than confess.
45. Fallacious As a result of Peter's ________ allegations, Rich was suspected for something he never did.
46. Resilient Greg Wears boots that are so ________ that he has ownem them for thirty years
47. Zenith Marilyn gave her sister a ___________ evaluation of the baby product.
Succint Three girls meet at lunch to share _________ tales about their daily routine.
49. Uniquitous The computer is ___________ in most classrooms and house holds today.
50. Dogmatic The teacher instructed his class in a _______ manner.
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