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Midterm THS

LitHon11 - Part II Huckleberry Fin

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn - summary
Allegory Allegories ex: fables, parables, poems, stories,& other style or genre. Main purpose is to tell a story that has characters, a setting, as well as other types of symbols, that have both literal and figurative meanings & extends metaphor in narrative form
Picaresque The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn has been labeled as a picaresque novel. A picaresque novel is an adventure story that involves an anti-hero or picaro who wanders around with no actual destination in mind
Bildungsroman HFinn fits bildungsroman: a novel show's individual's coming of age. As a poor, uneducated boy, He distrusts society that treats him bad & fails 2 protect him from abuse. Distrust w/ societ & his relation w/ Jim, lead HF 2 question things , race &slavery
Regionalism Regionalist techniques in TAHFinn by the specific and richly detailed setting and the novel's insistence on dialect which attempts to reproduce the natural speech of a variety of characters unique to the Mississippi Valley region
Dialect The term is applied most often to regional speech patterns, but a dialect may also be defined by other factors, such as social class.Sometimes in stories authors use dialects to make a character stand out
Realism The use of authentic details in describing setting & real motives in character's behaviors. HF's big decision 2 free Jm, even if HF goes 2 hell, is classic Realist fiction coz shows HF's strgle 2 make choices based on inr motivations, than outside 4ces.
Local Color In lit., regionalism or local color fiction refers to fiction or poetry that focuses on specific features - including characters, dialects, customs and topography - of a particular region.
Frame Story
Why is HF controversial
Main Characters if HF
Plot - Main in Chronological Order
Conflicts (most important ones throughout)
Settings (list the most important ones)
Themes of HF (Adventures if Huckleberry Finn)
Created by: mahalkita