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U.S. Presidents

Basic Notes On U.S. Presidents

Commander of the Continental Army during the American revolution George Washington
Father of his country. George Washington
Only president unanimously elected George Washington
Only president inaugurated in two cities: NYC and Philadelphia (never lived in Washington, D.C.( George Washington
Mount Vernon was his home George Washington
His cabinet included: Sec. of State Jefferson; Sec. of the Treasury: Hamilton; Sec. of of War Knox; Attorney General Randolph George Washington
Farewell address (1797) - warned against "permanent alliances" George Washington
Father of the American Navy John Adams
Only and last Federalist president John Adams
First president to live in the White House, actually still the Executive Mansion (1800); Monroe presided over its being painted white after the British set fire to it in 1814 (was then nicknamed White House) John Adams
Called the vice-presidency "the most insignificant office that ever the invention of man contrived or his imagination conceived" John Adams
Died on the same day as Jefferson, July 4, 1826 John Adams
Wrote the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson
First president to have been a state governor (Virginia) Thomas Jefferson
Monticello, his home Thomas Jefferson
First president inaugurated in Washington D.C. Thomas Jefferson
Accomplishments included in his epitaph; author of Dec. of Independence, of the statute of Virginia for religious freedom, father of the U. of Va. Thomas Jefferson
Called the Father of the Constitution James Madison
Had two vice-presidents to die in office (Clinton, Gerry) James Madison
One of the authors of the Federalist Papers James Madison
Shortest president at 5' 4" James Madison
Montpelier, his home James Madison
President during the War of 1812 James Madison
First president to have been a senator James Monroe
First and only president to have served in two cabinet ositions (sec. of state and war under Madison) James Monroe
"Era of Good Feelings" president James Monroe
Elected to the House of Representatives after completing the Presidency John Quincy Adams
"corrupt bargain" president John Quincy Adams
Only president born in SC (Waxhaw) Andrew Jackson
Old Hickory, his nickname Andrew Jackson
The Hermitage, his home Andrew Jackson
Won the Battle of Horseshoe Bend over the Creeks Andrew Jackson
Hero of New Orleans (Unnecessary Battle - Jan. 8, 1815) Andrew Jackson
First presidential candidate named by a nominating convention Andrew Jackson
Advised by the Kitchen Cabinet Andrew Jackson
First to survive an assassination attempt Andrew Jackson
Nicknamed Little Magician Martin Van Buren
His home, Kinderhook (origin of the phrase "o.k."?) Martin Van Buren
First president born after the American Revolution Martin Van Buren
Hero of Tippecanoe (1811) William Henry Harrison
His campaign slogan - "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too" William Henry Harrison
"log cabin and hard cider" campaign William Henry Harrison
First Whig president William Henry Harrison
Delivered the longest inaugural speech in a cold, pouring rain; caught pneumonia William Henry Harrison
First president to die in office William Henry Harrison
Served the shortest time as president (one month) William Henry Harrison
First vice-president to succeed to the presidency on the death of the president John Tyler
First president to have his wife die while he was in office John Tyler
First president to marry while in office (in NYC) John Tyler
Had more children than any other president (15) John Tyler
His home, Sherwood forest John Tyler
First dark horse candidate for the presidency James K. Polk
Added more total territory than any other president James K. Polk
The only president to serve as Speaker of the House James K. Polk
President during the Mexican War (1846-48) James K. Polk
Young Hickory James K. Polk
Old Rough and Ready - never lost a battle Zachary Taylor
Hero of Buena Vista - defeated Santa Anna's troops in 1847 Zachary Taylor
Last elected Whig president Zachary Taylor
Died in office Zachary Taylor
Last Whig president Millard Fillmore
Only president born in New Hampshire Franklin Pierce
"We Polked 'em in '44; we'll Pierce 'em in '52." Franklin Pierce
Only bachelor president James Buchanan
Only president born in Pennsylvania James Buchanan
Wheatland, his home James Buchanan
Secretary of State under Polk James Buchanan
President when the first states seceded from the Union James Buchanan
Only president born in Kentucky Abraham Lincoln
Was a one-term president from Illinois Abraham Lincoln
Tallest president AT 6' 4" Abraham Lincoln
First Republican President Abraham Lincoln
President during the Civil War (1861 - 1865) Abraham Lincoln
First assassinated president; by John Wikles booth while watching Our American Cousin at Ford's Theater in Washington, D.C. Abraham Lincoln
First president to receive a patent; device to lift ships over dangerous shoals Abraham Lincoln
Had no formal education; had been apprenticed to a tailor Andrew Johnson
First president to be impeached (dismissed sec. of war Stanton, Tenure of Office Act) Andrew Johnson
Only president to return to the Senate after serving as president Andrew Johnson
Butcher of Galena, Unconditional Surrender Ulysses Grant
Union commander during the Civil War Ulysses Grant
Political scandals; Credit Mobilier, Whiskey Ring, Belknap Scandal Ulysses Grant
Won the disputed election of 1876 though Tilden had more popular votes; led to the Compromise of 1877 and guaranteed the end of military Reconstruction in the South Rutherford B. Hayes
Married to Lemonade Lucy Hayes, who refused to allow alcohol to be served at the White House Rutherford B. Hayes
Nicknamed Canal Boy James Garfield
Second assassinated president; by Charles Guiteau in July 1881 at Union Station in Washington, D.C.; Garfield died in Sept. James Garfield
First president to take the oath of office at his own home (NYC) Chester Arthur
Only president born in New Jersey Grover Cleveland
Rep. critics asked in the 1884 election, "ma, ma where's my pa?" Democrats answered, "Gone to the White House, Ha, Ha, Ha!" Grover Cleveland
First elected Democrat after the Civil War Grover Cleveland
First and only president to serve nonconsecutive terms Grover Cleveland
Only president to marry in the White House Grover Cleveland
First and only grandson of a president Benjamin Harrison
President during the Spanish-American War (1898) William McKinley
Sec. of State Hay - Open Door Policy William McKinley
Third assassinated president (Sept. 6, 1901) by Leon Czolgosz at the Pan-American Exposition in BuffaloN.Y.; died of infection on Sept 14 William McKinley
His home, Sagamore Hill Theodore Roosevelt
Youngest man to become president Theodore Roosevelt
First president to win a Nobel Peace Prize (1906) for helping to end the Russo-Japanese War Theodore Roosevelt
First president to visit a foreign country (initiated work of the Panama canal and wanted to see the work done) Theodore Roosevelt
Known for trust busting, conservation of natural resources, and creation of national parks Theodore Roosevelt
Began the Bull Moose or Progressive Party Theodore Roosevelt
His foreign policy - big stick policy Theodore Roosevelt
His domestic policy - Square Deal Theodore Roosevelt
First president of the 48 states (Arizona, the 48th state) William Howard Taft
Only man to serve as both president and chief justice of the Supreme Court William Howard Taft
His foreign policy - dollar diplomacy - using diplomacy to promote U.S. business interests overseas William Howard Taft
First president buried in Arlington National Cemetery William Howard Taft
The 332-pound Taft was supposedly stuck in the White House bathtub; it took six men to remove him William Howard Taft
First president with a Ph.D Woodrow Wilson
First president to have been president of a major university (Princeton) Woodrow Wilson
President during World War I (1914-1918, US entered in 1917) Woodrow Wilson
Advocated the Fourteen Points and the League of Nations Woodrow Wilson
Won the Nobel Peace Prize Woodrow Wilson
His domestic program - New Freedom - to reduce corporate power and return government to the people Woodrow Wilson
Only president buried in Washington, D.C. (National Cathedral) Woodrow Wilson
Slogan: "Return to Normalcy" Warren Harding
Ohio Gang - his associates, friends, cronies who received high offices Warren Harding
Harry Daugherty -Took kickbacks, first attorney general tried for high crimes while in office Warren Harding
Teapot Dome Scandal - sec. of interior Fall fraudulently leased naval oil reserves at Teapot Dome, Wyoming, and Elk Hills California Warren Harding
Died of a stroke in San Francisco Warren Harding
First president sworn in by his father Calvin Coolidge
First president born on July 4th Calvin Coolidge
Nicknamed Silent Cal Calvin Coolidge
"The business of America is business" Calvin Coolidge
Food Administrator during World War I Herbert Hoover
First president born west of the Mississippi River and only president born in Iowa Herbert Hoover
1929 - stock market crash and Depression Herbert Hoover
Fifth cousin to TR Franklin D. Roosevelt
Didn't contract polio until 1921 Franklin D. Roosevelt
First president inaugurated on January 20 instead of March 4 (1937) Franklin D. Roosevelt
First president to appear on television Franklin D. Roosevelt
Only president elected to more than two terms; elected to four terms; defeated Herbert Hoover (1932), Alf Landon (1936), Wendell Willkie (1940), Thomas Dewey (1944); his vice-presidents: John Nance Garner, Henry Wallace, and Harry Truman Franklin D. Roosevelt
Four Freedoms; freedom from want, from fear, of worship, of speech Franklin D. Roosevelt
His domestic program for the Depression; New Deal Franklin D. Roosevelt
His advisors - Brian Trust Franklin D. Roosevelt
Good Neighbor Policy - relations with Latin America Franklin D. Roosevelt
President during most of World War II Franklin D. Roosevelt
Died in Warm Springs, GA (April 12, 1945) Franklin D. Roosevelt
President at the end of WWII Harry S. Truman
Only president from Missouri Harry S. Truman
Fair Deal - Trumans' domestic program aimed at extending New Deal programs Harry S. Truman
President during the Korean War (1950 - 1953) Harry S. Truman
Truman Doctrine (1947) - to twart communism in Greece and Turkey Harry S. Truman
Marshall Plan (European Recovery Program) (1947) - economic aid to help rebuild Europe after WWII Harry S. Truman
Supreme commander of Allied forces in Europe during WWII; led the D-Day invasion of France Dwight Eisenhower
Only president who was a five-star general Dwight Eisenhower
President of Columbia University Dwight Eisenhower
First president of 50 states; Alaska and Hawaii added Dwight Eisenhower
First president born in the 20th century (1917) John F. Kennedy
First president to win a Pulitzer Prize - Profiles in Courage John F. Kennedy
Commanded a PT boat during WWII; boat sank; rescued his crew and became a hero John F. Kennedy
Alliance for Progress - his program for Latin American John F. Kennedy
Youngest man ever elected president John F. Kennedy
Only Catholic president John F. Kennedy
Participated in the First televised presidential debate (wtih richard Nixon) John F. Kennedy
New Frontier - his domestic program, called for federal aid to education, Medicare, equal opportunity in employment, advances in space exploration, and vigorous leadership John F. Kennedy
Established the Peace Corps John F. Kennedy
Fourth assassinated president (November 22, 1963) by Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas; buried in Arlington National Cemetery John F. Kennedy
Began his career as a speech and debate teacher Lyndon Baines Johnson
First president to take the oath of office on an airplane Lyndon Baines Johnson
Great Societ - his domestric program Lyndon Baines Johnson
Popularity waned because of the escalation of the Vietnam War Lyndon Baines Johnson
Only president born in California Richard Nixon
Vice-president under Eisenhower Richard Nixon
First president to visit Russia and china Richard Nixon
Watergate scandal Richard Nixon
First and only president to resign (1974) Richard Nixon
Born Leslie Lynch King, Jr. Gerald ford
Only president born in Nebraska Gerald Ford
First to become president without being electd by the people to v-p or pres,; was appointed v-p when Agnew resigned in 1973 Gerald Ford
Pardoned Nixon Gerald Ford
Only president born in georgia (Plains); served as governor Jimmy Carter
Graduate of the US Naval Academy Jimmy Carter
Interested in human rights; work with Habitat for Humanity Jimmy Carter
Only president born in Illinois (Tampico) Ronald Reagan
Oldest man to becomes president (69) Ronald Reagan
First actor to become presidetn Ronald Reagan
Served as president of the Screen Actors Guild Ronald Reagan
First divorced president Ronald Reagan
Shot by John Hinkley, Jr. in 1981 Ronald Reagan
Navy pilot during WWII, shot down in the Pacific George Bush
U.S ambassador to the United Nations George Bush
Ambassador to China George Bush
CIA director George Bush
President during the Persian Gulf War George Bush
Graduated from Eureka college Ronald Reagan
Only president bourn in arkansas; former governor Bill Clinton
Only president who was a Rhodes scholar Bill Clinton
Second president to be impeached Bill Clinton
Second son of a president to become president George W. Bush
Only president with a master's degeree in business George W. Bush
Only president born in Connecticut George W. Bush
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