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CST Exam Welty

Covering the sterile table for later use is a safe practice False
Staphlylococcus Aureus would most likely be transmitted by Nose and mouth
What type of anesthesia is a combination of inhalation and intravenous drugs Balanced
Diastolic blood pressure refers to The relaxation phase between heartbeats
What is the recommended maximum time limit for tourniquet to remain inflated on an adult upper extremity 60 minutes
What is the term for the process of removing blood from an extremity prior to inflating the pneumatic tourniquet Exsanguination
The system used to accommodate insertion of a laparoscope and endoscopic instruments is called Trocar cannula
During minimally invasive surgery, what is used to achieve pneumoperitonium Carbon dioxide
Fiber optic light cords can be over flexed and coiled False
The use of the back of the sterile drape or a surgical sponge are acceptable for white balancing False
Which organism causes gas gangrene Clostridium perfingens
A non-proprietary name for a drug, usually selected by the original developer of the drug, is Generic
With the electrical surgical unit, the grounding pad is the Inactive electrode
The cricoid cartilage is a Ring of cartilage forming the inferior walls of the larynx
What type of specimen requires immediate analysis Frozen section
Vaccination is an example of Artificial active immunity
The part of the body that has the most abundant and various microbes is the Mouth and throat
Microbes that prefer to live without oxygen are called Anaerobes
What form of electricity is used in laparoscopic surgery Light source
What type anesthesia is commonly used for obstetric procedures Epidural
Which of the organelles of the cell is responsible for the production of energy as ATP Mitochondria
What is the symbol for sodium chloride NaCl
The ability of the body to maintain internal environment is called Homeostasis
Which inhalation agent is used for short procedures requiring no muscle relaxation Nitrous oxide
A risk for laparoscopic cases is CO2 can be forced into blood causing decreased respirations
The agent known to trigger Malignant Hyperthermia Succinylcholine
What is given when a patient is experiencing rigid muscles, first signs of MH Dantrolene
Fentanyl citrate is an inhalation agent False
Analgesia is Loss of pain sensation
Antisepsis is the same as sterile technique False
balanced anesthesia is a combination of inhalation and intravenous drugs True
What stage of anesthesia is Emergence Third
What are the four phases of anesthesia Induction, maintenance, emergence, and recovery
what is the function of the trachea Conduct air to and from the lungs
Valium is given to reduce anxiety and fear, what category does it fall under Sedative
What does an antimuscarinic do Limits salivation
A medicine cup hold 1oz, how many millimeters does it hold 30 ml
Propofol is given during what stage of anesthesia Induction
What type of electrical current is used with an electrical surgical unit Alternating current
All patients have physiological needs True
What is the recommended maximum time limit for tourniquet to remain inflated on an adult lower extremity 1 hour 30 mins
When opening a small envelope style wrapper, open the flap first towRs yourself False
When removing the sterile gown and gloves, gloves are removed first False
What type of needle is used for insufflation Verres needle
If a solution soaks through a sterile drape Cover wet area with impervious sterile drape
What factor is used to determine the inflation pressure of a tourniquet Patient's age
Sterile personnel must pass each other Back to back, front to front
Material found in sponges that X-ray can't penetrate is Radiopaque
a mosquito is an example of a vomited False
The term that means hospital-acquired infection Nosocomial
An agent used to prevent clotting Heparin
Complication of inserting a cannula into the abdomen is Perforation of internal organs
An ESU used in the OR completes an electrical circuit by carrying the current from the machine to the patient by Active electrode
What is the sterile component of the ESU Active electrode
The instruments that are used in laparoscopic cases are insulated to Prevent patient burns
The ESU can be used to incise tissue, coagulate blood vessels, and destroy or remove diseased tissue
Involuntary muscle contractions present when muscle relaxant is given refers to Muscular fasciculation
Epinephrine is added to local to aid in Vasoconstriction
When a surgeon performs an intraoperative cholangiogram (IOC) he uses Renografin
Absorbable gelatin hemostatic agent soaked in thrombin or epinephrine is Gelfoam
A drug used to soothe and relieve anxiety Sedative
The name for a drug that neutralizes the action of another drug is Antagonist
Methylene blue is used commonly for Patency of tubes
what precaution should be taken when using a light source Never lay it on the drape
Staphylococcus aureus is gram negative False
What number blade is used to make a stab incision 11 blade
The robotic arms are known as the manipulators True
When microbes enter the blood stream it is known as Septicemia
The bacteria that causes lock jaw Clostridium tentative
Bacteria found in burns that is hard to treat Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Universal precautions state that all bodily fluid and blood is not considered infectious False
HIV can be transmitted through synovial fluid True
Created by: Bwelty
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