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Moodle elements

Resources/activities on Derbylearn (moodle)

Assignment A tutor can communicate tasks, collect work and provide grades and feedback.
Forum Participants can have asynchronous discussions i.e. discussions that take place over an extended period of time.
URL Provides a web link as a course resource. Anything that is freely available online, such as documents or images, can be linked to using this.
Page A web resource using the text editor. It can display text, images, sound, video, web links and embedded code, such as a youtube video.
File A digital document as a course resource accessed via a link in the main course page.
Folder A container for a number of related files, reducing the need to scroll down a course page.
Label Enables text and multimedia to be inserted into the course page in between links to other resources and activities.
Book A multi-page resource with chapters and subchapters. They can contain media files as well as text and are useful for displaying lengthy passages of information which can be broken down into sections.
Choice A tutor can ask a single question and offer a selection of possible responses.
Feedback A tutor can create a custom survey for collecting feedback from participants using a variety of question types including multiple choice, yes/no or text input.
Quiz Comprises of a set of questions of various types. Attempts are marked automatically and the grade recorded. Hints, feedback and correct answers can be shown to students.
Wiki Participants can add and edit a collection of web pages. These can be collaborative, with everyone being able to edit, or individual, where everyone has their own wiki which only they can edit.
Glossary Participants can create and maintain a list of definitions, like a dictionary, or to collect and organise resources or information.
Chat Participants can have text-based, real-time synchronous discussions.
Checklist A tutor can create a todo list / task list for learners to work through.
Created by: elly.swanson