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Clinic and Office Management-HI

To prevent waste of time, that can lead to loss of income, you should keep an accurate what? Appointment book
How long should you keep daily sale slips and petty cash? 6 months
What do you use to make business comparisons from year to year? Summary sheets
What does accurate daily records allow you to evaluate? Business progess
Maintaining a good record system is an example of good what? Business administration
What do all government tax laws require you to maintain? Business records
Gain or loss in your business is determined by how you use your what? Time
How are services sold? By time worked
What is the second largest expense in running a business? Rent
What is the largest expense in running a business? Salaries
In order for the business to run successfully, you must have efficient what? Management
Careless book keeping can cause the business to do what? Fail
What should a well organized office have to store supplies in? Dispensary
Which room sets the tone for the entire office? Reception area
When you put a considerable amount of planning into the layout of your office, you achieve maximum what? Economy and Efficiency
What should you have in order to protect yourself from fires, burglary, malpractice and law suits? Insurance
When considering a location to open a business in, make sure the traffic is what? High volume
A good location to open an electrology office would be near a what? Shopping center/mall
In order to attract potential clients your office should be clearly what? Visible
When planning to open a new business, what is one of the most important aspects you need to take into consideration? Location
In a corporation, who is in charge of management? Board of directors
Before buying or selling a business, you should consult with whom? Lawyer
In a partnership business, each partner assumes what? Unlimited liability
Which type of business has the most limited liability for loses? Corporation
Created by: ElectricEsti