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Actions and Effects


BL1-10 Common action to eliminate wind, clear heat, benefit sensory organs in head and face (especially eyes and nose)
BL1 *** Benefits the eyes (any type of d/o); Expels wind & clears heat
BL2 *** Alternate for B1, but not as strong (internally) Eliminates W & H; Benefits the eyes; Clears the head & alleviates pain (and frontal HA); hiccup & sinusitis; hemerrhoids. Can thread thru to BL1 or YuYao
BL7 ** Benfits & regulates the nose (with DU23); Clears the head (vertex HA with DU20
BL10 *** Window of Heaven pt, 'Celestial pillar' Regulates QI & pacifies wind (inversion Qi); Benefits the head & sensory orifices (eyes, nose, throat); calms the spirit; Activates the channel & alleviates pain; main pt for Taiyang Sx (stiff neck, occiput HA)
BL11 *** Hui meeting point of bones, Sea of blood Benefits the bones & joints; Expels EPFs and firms the exterior; Regulates Lung Qi & alleviates cough; local pain of neck, back
BL12 **** 'Wind Gate' (bias towards ext. wind) Expels wind,releases exterior, firms exterior,strengthens Weii Qi; Disseminates & descends Lu Qi; Benefits nose; Stiff neck
BL13 **** Back Shu of LU Tonify LU xu (Qi/yin); Descends & disseminates LU qi; Clears heat from LU; Releases exterior; For all LU problems, throat, nose, skin, sweating
BL42 ** 'Door of corporeal soul' Tonifies & nourishes LU; soothes dysponea & cough; Activates channel & alleviates pain
BL14 *** Back Shu of PC (Jueyin) Spread LV Qi & unbinds chest; regulates HT (esp related to LV Qi stagnation) ; Regulates & Descends Qi. Especially for d/o with emotional distress and ST Qi rebellion due to LV
BL43 **** Shu of Gao & Huang Tonifies & nourishes the LU, HT, KD, SP, ST (supports pre and post natal essence); Nourishes yin & clears heat; Calms the spirit; Fosters the original Qi; Resolves phlegm. For all types of deficiency (5 types taxations/7 injuries)
BL15 **** Back Shu HT, 'happy point' (for regulating emotion) Tonify & nourish HT; Regulate HT Qi; Calm spirit; Unbinds chest & reolves blood stasis; Clears HT fire; D/o of eye (esp H), tongue/speech, sweating
BL44 ** 'Hall of spirit' Unbinds the chest & Regulates Qi; Activates channel & alleviates pain
BL18 **** Back Shu LV Spreads LV QI; Regulates & nourishes LV blood; pacifies wind; cools fire & cleras D-H; Benefits eyes and sinews
BL47 ** 'Gate of Ethereal Soul' Spreads LV Qi & Relaes the sinews; Harmonizes the middle jiao
BL20 **** Back Shu SP Tonify SP Qi & yang; Resolves dampness raises SP qi & holds blood; Regulates & harmonizes the Qi of middle jiao
BL49 ** 'Abode of thought' Clears damp-heat; regulates the SP ST
BL23 **** Back shu KD Tonify KD Qi, yang, yin, essence; hRegulates water passages & benefits urination; Benefits & wamrs the uterus; Benefits the eyes & ears; hStrenghtens the lumbar region
BL52 *** 'Residense of Will' & 'Palace of Essence' Tonifies KD & benefits essence; Regulates urination; Strenghtens lumbar region; for male sexual disfunction (like ST27)
BL19 *** Back Shu GB Drains D-H fro LV & GB; Clears pathogenic factors from shaoyang (treats all 9 but only need 1 or 2 for Dx); Tonifies & regulates Qi; Tonifies deficiency (steaming bone, xu taxation - '4 flower'= BL17 +BL19)
BL17 **** 'Diaphragm Shu', Hui meeting pt blood Invigorates blood & dispels stasis; cools blood heat & stops bleeding; nourishes & harmonizes blood (all like SP10); Also Harmonizes the diaphragm & descends rebellious Qi; Bi and skin d/o
BL21 *** Back Shu ST Regulates ST & Descends rebellion; Harmonizes middle jiao; All ST problems
BL22 ** Back Shu SJ Moves & regulates the SJ; Regulates SP/ST and resolves dampness; Regulates water passages & promotes urination; Resolves masses
BL25 **** Back Shu LI Regulates intestines; Transforms stagnation &alleviates pain; Strengthens the lumbar region & legs
BL27 *** Back Shu SI Separates the pure from turbid; Regulates the intestines & BL; Drains turbid dampness (lower jiao) & clears damp-heat; Regulates SI Qi
BL28 *** Back Shu BL Regulates BL; Clears D-H fro lower jiao; Dispels stagnation & resolves masses; Beefits the lumbar region & legs
BL26 ** 'Gate of origin' Strengthens Lumbar region; Regulates lower burner (esp with underlying KD xu, similar to CV4 but not as strong)
BL 31**, 32****, 33**, 34** Liao points common action to regulate lower jiao (urination, BM, menstruation, genitals, lumbar region)
BL35 ** Clears D-H & regulates the lower jiao; Benefits coccyx & treats hemerrhoids
BL54 *** Benefits lumbar region, activates the channel & alleviates pain (for prostatitis, sciatica, hemiplegia); regulates urination & treats hemerrhoids
BL36 *** Activates channel, relaxes sinews & alleviates pain; Regulates the lower jiao; treats hemerrhoids
BL37 ** Activates the channel & treats pain; benefits the lumbar region
BL39 *** Lower He Sea SJ Harmonizes SJ & regulates urination; activates the channel & alleviates pain
BL40 **** He Sea BL, 'Blood Xi Cleft', comman pt lumbar & back Benefits lower back & knees, activates channel & alleviates pain; cools blood; cools summer-heat & stops vomiting/diarrhea (+ PC3); Benefits BL; For acute pain or chronic due to blood stasis
BL57 **** (all channel actions) Relaxes the sinews, activates the channel & alleviates pain; Benefits the calf & heel; Treats hemorrhoids (#1 distal point for hemorrhoid)
BL58 *** Luo 'Flying Yang' Harmonizes the upper & lower (excess above xu below); expels wind from Taiyang channels; treats hemorrhoids; activates channel & alleviates pain (sciatica on taiyang or shaoyang, HA or epilepsy)
BL60 *** Jing River, fire 'asprin point' Clears heat & lowers yang; Pacifies wind, leads DOWN excess; Activates the ENTIRE channel, alleviates pain (dispersive, strongest for pain!); Relaxes the sinews, strenghtens the lumbar spine; promotes labor
BL62 *** Confluent pt Yang Qiao (motility) Mai, Ghost pt Pacifies interior,expels exterior wind; calms spirit, treats epilepsy; benefits head & eyes; opens & regulates Yang Qiao; activates channel, alleviates pain (& lumbar, hip)
BL67 ** Jing Well, metal 'Reaching yin' Expels wind & clears the head & eyes (distal end of channel); Turns the fetus & facilitate labor (with Moxa) NOT during pregnancy; doesn't revive consciousness like most Jingwells
Created by: Nyssab