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dashboard back-end area where you can change and edit you blog
theme template or look of the blog that can include background colors, fonts, and more
post basic entries in blogs, usually displayed in reverse chronological order
page best for static content which doesn't change too often
comments can be allowed on posts or pages, allow users to reply to what you write
widget blocks that make up sidebars, have very specific function (ex. user statistics, suggested links)
plugins extended features you can turn on and off
RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication", lets people subscribe to your blog
username unique set of characters identifying a single user of a computer or web site
password unique set of characters authenticating the identity of a single user of a computer or web site
blog web site consisting of entries typically written in an informal style, can be run by a large organization or a single individual
account record of information related to a person's use of a service or website, could include username, password, messages, pictures, and more
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