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San Jiao PT Actions

Practicing points of SJ Actions - Krystal

SJ PointsActions
SJ 3 - Zhong Zhu Shu Stream, Wood, and Mother/Tonify Point - activating and preserving water to treat stagnant heat of the Heart, Head and Orifices (Eyes & Ears) - clears heat, activates the channel to alleviate pain (due to pathogen)
SJ 4 - Yang Chi Yuan Source Point - relaxes the sinews and alleviates pain - clears heat
SJ 5 - Wai Guan Luo-Connecting Point, Confluent Point of the Wang-Wei Meridian - regulate exterior aspect of the body such as the Skin Pores: All types of exterior syndrome - clear heat - expels wind and releases the exterior, benefits the head and ears, opens the yang linking vessel, activates channel to alleviate pain
SJ 6 - Zhi Gou Jung River, Fire, and Self Point - effective in moving bowel (diarrhea & constipation) -> clogged San Jiao - regulates qi, clears heat in 3 jiao, benefits chest and lateral costal region, activates channel to alleviate pain - benefits voice
SJ 7 - Hui Zong Xi-Cleft Point - clears the San Jiao Channel and benefits the ears - treats the acute qi and blood disharmony of the meridian and heart
SJ 8 - San Yang Luo - clears the San Jiao Channel - activates the channel to alleviate pain - ear, eye, shoulder, and wrist pain
SJ 1 - Guan Chong Jing Well Point, Metal Point - clears upper jiao heat, benefits the ears and tongue, activates the channel to alleviate pain (dredging)
SJ 2 - YeMen Ying Spring, Water Point - disperses upper jiao heat and benefits the ears (ear infection/cold) - calms the spirit, activates the channel to alleviate pain, activating water - treat illnesses due to dryness and the arm pit
SJ 9 - SiDu - indicates point commonly used to moisten dryness and then move the water - benefits the throat and ears - moisten
SJ 10 - TianJing He Sea Point, Son/Sedating Point - transforms phlegm & dissipates nodules (upper jiao), regulates qi and descends rebellion (LU,HT,ST) - calms the spirit, clears heat from san jiao channel, activates the channel to alleviate pain (elbow)
SJ 11 - Qing Leng Yuan - fx: to cool the fire with cold water, used to cool Toxic Heat - activates the channel and dispels wind-damp, clears damp-heat
SJ 12 - Xiao Luo - clean out or lower excess heat - activates the channel to alleviate pain
SJ 13 - Nao Hui - regulates qi and transforms phlegm - activates the channel to alleviate pain
SJ 14 - Jian Liao - dispels wind-damp, alleviates pain and benefits the shoulder joint
SJ 15 - Tian Liao - dispels wind-damp, activates the channel and alleviates pain (shoulder) - unbinds the chest and regulates qi
SJ 16 - Tian You Window of the Sky Point - circulate stagnant qi and heat in the eyes & nose - benefits the head and sense organs, regulates and descends qi - blocks heat to head (treat blood pressure)
SJ 17 - Yi Feng - prevent wind invasion - benefits ears, eliminates wind, clear heat, alleviates channel to alleviate pain (ear, head & neck) - suppress wind from going to the head
SJ 18 - Qi Mai - fx: calm the convulsion that is the type of internal wind - benefits ears, calms fright and pacifies wind (child convulsions from heat*)
SJ 19 - Lu Xi - treat clogging or stagnation of the heat (mental problems) - shao yang headache - makes head calm so person can sleep - benefits ears, clear heat - calms fright and relieves tetany - makes you sleepy
SJ 20 - Jiao Sun - benefits ear, benefit teeth, gums, and lips, clears heat
SJ 21 - Er Men - entrance of the ear canal and on the Tragus - benefits ear, clear heat
SJ 22 - Er He Liao - all types of ear problems - expels wind and alleviates pain (pathogenic) -
SJ 23 - Si Zhu Kong - eliminates wind and alleviates pain - benefits eyes
Created by: krystalpacifico