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Social Living - Ch.5

3rd Grade - Social Living - Chapter 5

capitol the building in a capital city in which lawmakers meet.
veto to reject.
jury a group of usually 6 to 12 citizens who sit in a courtroom and listen to the facts of a case.
county part of a state.
home rule charter a document that allows people to set up a community and organize its local government.
municipal having to do with local government, such as a town, city, or village.
compromise a way to settle a conflict in which each person gives up some of what he or she wants.
government service work that is done for a city or town by departments run by the government.
public works a department that provides services such as garbage collection for a community.
sales tax the extra money that all people pay each time they buy something.
governor the elected leader of a state's government.
court a place where a judge decides whether a person has broken the law, and if so what the consequences will be.
boundary anotherword for a border.
police jury a form of government that rules a parish.
council a group of citizens chosen to make decisions for a community.
special district a group that deals witha certain service or problem.
legislative the branch of government that makes new laws.
judicial the branch of government that decides whether laws are fair and whether that have been fairly carried out.
vote a choice that gets counted.
public service work done to help the community.
tax the money the government collects from citizens to pay for the services they need.
parish the name given to local governments in the state of Louisiana by the Roman Catholic Church while the region was under Spanish rule.
mediator a person who helps people settle a disagreement.
recreation an activity, hobby, or sport done for enjoyment after working.
property tax a tax that is paid by people who own land and buildings in the community.
income tax the money people pay to the government on the money they earn from working.
executive the branch of government, led by a mayor, governor, or President, that sees that the laws are obeyed.
elect to vote for, or choose, a leader.
appoint to choose for a government job without voting.
common good something that is good for everyone in a community.
constitution a written set of laws that describes how a government is to work.
amendment a change made to something that is already written.
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