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PMP Chapter 14

When considering an ethics dilemma a PMI project manager should always first consider what? The laws of the country in which the project is taking place.
After considering the laws of the country that the project is being managed in, the next consideration should be what? Your company's policies and procedures.
The third consideration in assessing an ethical dilemma is what? Cultural standards of the project location
True or False - In a functional environment, direct orders from a functional manager, provided they fall within the scope of ethical behavior are to be followed, regardless of whether they adhere to PMBOK best practice. True - In a functional environment the project manager reports directly to the functional manager.
True or False - Credentialed members of PMI adhere to a different code of ethics from organization members. False - PMI recently any designee of PMI must adhere to the PMI Code of Ethics.
The PMI Code of Ethics has four core values. What are they? Responsibility, Respect, Fairness and Honesty
Avoiding people and issues with whom you disagree or have conflicts violates which core value of the PMI Code of Ethics? Respect
Whenever presenting an issue to management, a project manager should also present a (BLANK). Soultion
What should achieve customer satisfaction at the project culmination? Completing project requirements
(BLANK) is the typical disorientation a person feels when adapting to the norms and standards of a different area or locale. Culture shock
Created by: lapetti