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Functional Points (class 8)

Constipation Superior to LM17, where inferior crus meets the floor of triangular fossa "across from ShenMen anteriorly" constipations, indigestion, use with SI, LI, Rectum
Hypertension 2 (Tranquilizer Point) same location as tranquilizer point midpoint of LM9-LM10; land in groove just anterior to cartilage of tragus) reduces HBP, encourages relaxation
Hypertension 3 (Groove) Includes entire superior posterior groove (posterior side of AH near head) reduces HBP, helps relax look for yang+ and encourage bleeding (#3 seirin or lancet) Tx: 1-2 times/week for 6 wks, Pt keeps log of BP add: Hypertension 2, HT, ShenMen, PZ
Muscle Relaxation anterior to SP; area point Go below ST pt in corner and probe inferior corner toward SP muscle tension, TCM SP + LV related chronic issues, fibromyalgia
Appetite Control midpoint of tragus level w external nose point decreases/increases appetite aids weight reduction
Alcoholic in superior concha between SI and KD points - rim of inferior crus on floor hangovers, helps trat alcoholism, can help reduce desire for alcohol, may reduce or increase reaction to alcohol
Mania level with midpoint of LM10+LM9, on inner edge of tragus (level with tranquilizer point) hyperactivity, manic behavior, excessive talkative, inappropriate laughter, etc, often related to addiction withdrawal tired but wired
Nicotine between adrenal and mania points on inner edge of tragus reduces cravings for cigarettes during smoking withdrawal c/i= do not use with nicotine patch, response to nicotine is heightened
Vitality at LM11 boosts immune system, tx's hyper/hypothyroid, fibromyalgia, SP/K/LU xu, fatigue, jing xu etc
Thirst between vitality point and appetite control decreases exs. thirst, helps treat wasting and thirsting
Created by: tfarhangmehr