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Actions & Effects

HT channel

HT primary channel Emperor Fire - hand shaoyin (paired with KD - Ministry of Fire - because of Shaoyin) HT => diaphragm => SI HT=> along esophagus &throat => face & cheek => eye HT => LU => axilla => medial aspect of arm => medial side of tip of pinky
T/F: all 6 yang channels ascend to head while none of the yin channels ascends to head False - HT and LV do
Luo Connecting Channel unique (like SP Lou) goes interior HT5 "penetrating interior" => SI channel => HT => root of tongue => eye in exs fullness and distention of chest and diaphragm radiating to lateral costal region in xu inability to speak
HT5**** Luo connecting point "penetrating interior" speech disorders d/t tongue stiffness regulates heart rhythm (HT Qi) psycho-emotional disorders enuresis d/t heat in BL (tai yang pair w SI) GYN disorders (only pt on HT directly tx's it) d/t Du branch
Divergent channel diverges at axillary fossa, enters chest connects to HT emerges on face converges with SI on inner can thus
HT fluid LV fluid LU fluid SP fluid KD fluid sweat tears nasal saliva clear part of saliva
HT1** disorders of shoulder & arm - frozen shoulder, pain, paralysis disorders of HT and chest - sadness SP6, HT1, HT5 - common yin points to treat limbs (when usual yangming pts don't work)
HT3*** He Sea pts clears heat, transforms phlegm: psycho-emo., clear heat from face calms spirit elbow: medial epicondylitis (LI 11 - tennis elbow = lateral) parkinson's HT pain
SP10, KD9, LV8 treat damp
LU11, HT3, PC3 clear heat
post stroke speech difficulty CV23, GV15, HT5
HT5 vs HT7 both target psycho emotional 5 -emotional manifestation 7 -wider application - forgetfulness, disturbance of sleep
HT6*** Xi cleft pt night sweats - steaming bone disorder (+SI3) (confluent pt of Du Main) regulates HT blood issues
HT6, SI3 night sweating
any sweating disorder KD7, LI4
HT7**** original qi lingers and surfaces yuan source strongest to regulate and tonify HT can be used to treat exs conditions (b/c child pt) any disorder of spirit of HT heat in HT
SP6 + HT7 any kind of insomnia
HT5 vs HT6 vs HT7 HT Qi vs HT blood and night sweat vs. exs and tonify HT
HT8*** Ying Spring clear heat from HT and SI heat in Lower Burner (urogenital disorders) stagnationof qi in HT and chest emotional disorders d/t xu of HT qi channel disorders - heat in palms, spasm of pinky
HT9** Jingwell revives consciousness heat in upper reaches of channel fullness below chest
Created by: tfarhangmehr