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Actions and Effects

Heart Channel

HT1 ** Unbinds chest, activates channel & benefits the arm (pain & ROM issues, cold, atrophy, paralysis, yin points good for yang conditions); D/o HT & chest; sadness, anxiety
HT3 *** He Sea, water pt Activates the channel & benefits the arm (arm, elbow, hemiplegia & Parkinson's Dz, chest pain, palpitations); Clears heat (common arm HeSea Fx. For face, spirit, Zang), transforms phlegm; calms the spirit
HT5 **** Luo 'Penetrating the interior' Benefits the tongue; regulates heart rhythm (focus on HT-Qi, & palpitations); calms spirit; activates the channel & alleviates pain (throat, eye, arm); Speech d/o; enuresis (heat in BL), GYN (Excess heat)
HT6 *** Xi cleft pt Clears xu fire & alleviates night sweating (steaming bone d/o, w/SI3. blood & sweat same origin); Regulates HT-blood; Calms the spirit; Moderates acute conditions (HT pain, blood heat, fright/palpitations
HT7 **** Shu stream, yuan source, earth/child pt Strongest to regulate & tonify HT; also for excess conditions (child pt); Calms the spirit
HT8 *** Ying Spring, fire pt, main pt for HT-SI-BL connection Clears heat (esp in lower jiao like genital itching from D-H), regulates HT-Qi (stag/xu); calms the spirit; activates the channel & alleviates pain
HT9 ** Jing Well, wood pt Revives consciousness; Clears heat (in upper reaches channel & 'fullness below the HT'), benefits the throat, tongue, eyes; Regulates HT-Qi and calms spirit
Created by: Nyssab