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Actions & Effects

Exam 2 - LU, LI, ST, SP - 3 star points

ST4*** mouth
ST6*** lower jaw
ST7*** upper and lower jaw; ear; TMJ
ST8*** HA; damp, fire, wind type
ST18*** great Luo of ST breast disorders, scanty lactation, LU & chest local issues
ST34*** only xi cleft located above knee acute ST ache
ST38*** shoulder
ST39*** Lower He Sea of SI moves SI Qi & transforms stagnation regulates and harmonizes
ST44*** Ying Spring pt heat in ST intestinal disorders d/t damp-heat mental disorders pain/swelling in dorsum of foot
LU1*** Tranforms phlegm; clears heat all LU disorders (bias to exs)
LU6*** xi cleft pt acute conditions and pain acute cough, wheezing, asthma of any etiology all kinds of bleeding from LU
LU10*** Ying Spring dry/heat throat disorders any heat affecting throat & LU
LU11*** Jing Well main point for extreme sore throat d/t excess all acute throat disorders d/t exs heat or poison
LI10*** forearm pain, atrophy, numbness - mirror point for ST36
LI15*** dispels wind-damp, phlegm nodules control point for shoulder
LI20*** sinus/nose disorders
SP1*** Jing well stops bleeding: hemorrhage calms HT & spirit: mental disorders
SP3*** Shustream - yuan source tonifies SP SP xu w/ dampness or Qi obstruction
SP8*** xi-cleft menstruation/GYN disorders acute conditions - dysmenorrhea
LU5 vs LU6 vs LU7 all forms of heat vs. acute and bleeding vs most exterior acting; all wind disorders
LU10 vs LU11 excess & xu vs exs only
Created by: tfarhangmehr