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Actions & Effects

NESA - Exam 2 - LU, LI, SP, ST

LU5**** LU heat (exs or xu); descents rebellious ST/LU qi He Sea; best for exs conditions of LU
LU7**** main pt for common cold - most exterior acting of LU points releases exterior & expels wind benefits head & nape of neck opens and regulated CV luo connecting pt confluent point of CV with KD6
LU9**** most important pt for tonifying tonifies LU Qi & Yin transforms phlegm d/t LU xu yuan source, shu stream, hui meeting pt of vessels
LI4**** releases the ext pain in head and face (4 gates = +LV3) cold & flue sweating disorders +KD7 all disease of head & face: HA yuan source pt, command pt for fact and mouth, heavenly star pt (ma dan yang) nine needles for returning yang
LI11**** clears heat, dispels wind, drains damp high fever d/t exs heat (yang ming stage) skin disorders d/t wind, heat, damp (exs) w/ BL40 heat in upper reaches of yang mind (mouth/eyes) he sea, heavenly star pt, ghost pt,
SP4**** Regulates penetrating vessel (chong mai) +PC6 counterflow qi, vomiting etc disorder of SP, ST, and intestines HT & spirit disorders local pt for foot drop luo connecting confluent pt of penetrating vessel bias towards exs conditions
SP6**** ANY SP, lower jiao disorders widest range of indications in all SP points SP/ST tonifying harmonizes lower jiao benefits HT harmonizes, invigorates, cools blood meeting pt of SP, LV & KD skin disease SP10, BL17 and insomnia of any kind with HT7
SP9**** resolves damp (heat or cold) helps with T/T of SP fn w/ KD10 - urinary system w/ LV8 - genitals
SP10**** treats all blood diseases invigorates blood cools blood GYN disorders Skin disorders sea of blood cooling and moving in nature
ST25**** all kinds of intestinal disorders stagnation of lower ab. regulates intestines, SP, ST resolves dampness eliminates stagnation front mu of LI "heaven's pivot"
ST28**** dispels stagnation of Qi/blood, dampness/damp-heat in lower burner regulates lower burner water passage "gate of uterus" dispersive in nature - exs d/t stagnation of Qi/blood
ST29**** warms lower burner warming in nature; exs/xu cold conditions: amenorrhea "return"
ST36**** all disorders of ST (exs/xu; cold/heat) dampness from SP Qi xu Qi, blood, yin xu shen issues: phlegm fire ST channel disorders yang collapse (nine needles returning yang) he sea pt; ab command pt; sea of water & grain
ST37**** all intestinal disorders (d/t xu, cold, damp, or damp-heat, stagnation) lower limb disorders - pain, weakness, swelling lower he sea of LI sea of blood pt
ST40**** all phlegm diseases: chest, LU, HT, head, throat channel disorders (pain etc) transforms phlegm luo- connecting
LU7 vs. LU9 exterior exs vs. interior xu affects qi vs affects qi & blood emotional component vs. resolves phlegm
Created by: tfarhangmehr