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Actions and Effects


ST1 * & ST2 ** For eyes d/t attack of W-H
ST3 ** For external nose, cheek, sinus (local)
ST4 *** For d/o of mouth
ST5 **, ST6 ***, & ST7 *** Locally act of Jaw & teeth, especially the lower jaw d/t heat/fire/wind; ST7 also functions for TMJ & ear issues
ST8 *** HA (frontal. temporal, vertex) from damp, phlegm, fire, & wind; Best when HA is felt in eyes or causes vomiting; Clears mind
ST9 ** Window of heaven, pt of Sea of Qi (regulate Qi & blood throughout body, related to position of carotid artery, jugular vein, vagus nerve) Lowers rebellion (neck, LU/ST, head); benefits throat & neck; alleviates pain (acute, severe), hypertension
ST10-16 * Used locally to alleviate pain of chest & activate channel
ST 12 ** Meeting pt of all primary yang channels (except BL) Descends LU Qi, clears heat from chest; activates the channel, alleviates pain (locally) NOT during pregnancy
ST18 *** Benefits the breasts and reduces swelling (pain, distention, abscesses, scanty lactation, largely from excess); Unbinds the chest and alleviates cough & wheezing
ST20 ** 'Supporting fullness.' Harmonizes the middle burner; Descends rebellious LU & ST Qi (difficult ingestion, ab distention, food retention, vomit; SOB, wheezing); Hardness/pain lateral costal region
ST21 ** Level w/and supports CV12 Regulates Qi, alleviates pain; Harmonizes Middle jiao & transforms stagnation (epigastric pain/distention in lateral ab & costal d/t stagnation, food stagnation); Raises Qi & stops diarrhea (slippery diarrhea, prolapse)
ST23 ** Transforms Phlegm & calms the spirit (mental issues like mania-depression, agitation, mad walking, tongue thrusting); Harmonizes the middle jiao (for any ST issues, and phlegm)
ST25 **** Front Mu of LI 'Heaven's Pivot' Regulates the Intestines, SP & ST (all kinds of d/o, including bacillary dysentery & appendicitis, rebellion); Resolves dampness/Damp-heat; Regulates Qi & blood, eliminates stagnation (in lower jiao, GI and reproductive)
ST27 ** Level w/CV5 (front Mu SJ) Benefits the Kidneys & firms Essence (genito-urinary Dz, esp for men); Regulates Qi & promotes urination
ST28 **** 'Water Passage,' 'gate of uterus' & 'child's door,' level w/CV4 but dispersive Regulates the lower jiao & dispels stagnation, for Damp(-heat); benefits the bladder & uterus --> urinary issues, reproductive including fibroids, herpes, dysmenorrhea
ST29 **** 'Return' level w/CV3, warming in nature Warms the lower jiao; regulates menstruation & benefits the genital region (amenorrhea, uterine prolapse, leukorrhea, pain/swelling, dysmenorrhea; retraction of testicles, Shan d/o)
ST30 ** Pt of Sea of water & grain, 'pouring Qi' Regulates Qi in lower jiao (abdnormal circulation, heat/pain/fullness/retention); regulates Chong Mai (genital, OB/GYN); subdues running piglet Qi; atrophy of leg
ST31-ST35 (*-***) Common action to eliminate W-D from channel, activate channel & alleviate pain. Mostly local action ST31 **use for key & lock method with leg/joint pain ST35** lateral Xiyan, used for knee d/o
ST34 *** Xi-Cleft point Activates channel & alleviates pain (local & ch, esp knee); Harmonizes ST, alleviates pain of Fu organ; Moderates acute conditions (pain, epigastric pain, swelling/abscess/pain of breasts
ST36 **** He Sea, horary, command pt abdomen, sea of water & grain Harmonizes ST(all), fortify SP, resolve damp; supports Zheng Qi, fosters Yuan; tonify Qi, nourish blood/yin; clears fire, calms spirit; activates channel, pain, revives yang/consciousness
ST37 **** Lower He Sea LI, sea of blood Regulates intestines (all), SP/ST & transforms stagnation; clears damp-heat & alleviates diarrhea/dysentery; activates channel, alleviates pain; d/o lower limb (pain, numbness, swelling)
ST38 *** Expels W-D & alleviates pain; benefits the SHOULDER; d/o lower limb (pain, numbness, swelling)
ST39 *** Lower He Sea SI, sea of blood Moves SI Qi & transforms stagnation; regulates intestines (SI xu + cold like SP yang xu), clears D-H (red&white dysentery); Activates the channel, alleviates pain (SI Qi pain, lower limb d/o)
ST40 **** Luo Transforms phlegm & damp-->esp from LU/chest (cough/wheeze), HT (spirit), head, throat; activates channel (lower limb issues), alleviates pain
ST44 *** Ying Spring, water Clears heat/fire from ST channel (esp upper reaches YM), alleviates pain; Harmonizes intestines, clears D-H (Ch & Fu); calms spirit (aversion to sound of ppl talking, desire for silence); local for foot
ST41 ** Jing river, fire, mother pt Mirror joint for wrist pain, acute ankle or foot issues
ST42 ** Yuan source like ST41 mirror for wrist, local for foot, regulates channel
ST43 ** Shu Stream, wood pt 'Sunken valley' for edema (in the face particularly)
ST45 ** Jing Well, metal, child pt Strongest to clear fire on ST channel; w/moxa for insomnia & nightmares
ST41-45 (**-***) Common action to clear heat from channel & Fu, and HT; local issues (pain/swelling foot); more distal greater upper body effect, more proximal greater Fu organ effect
Created by: Nyssab