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Clear heat and resolve toxicity

Jin Yin Hua*** clears heat & resolves toxicity; vents and disperses external wind heat; clears damp heat from lower burner stops bleeding, cools blood, disperses heat resolves toxicity "gold silver flower" sweet, cold - LI, LU, ST
Lian Qiao*** clears heat & resolves toxicity reduces abscesses & dissipates clumps cools & vents heat (especially in HT & upper burner), resolves toxicity, disperses clumps "connection uneven" bitter, s, acrid, s. cold - HT, LU, GB
Ban Lan Gen*** cools blood, benefits throat, drains heat, resolves fire toxicity, benefits throat bitter, cold - HT, LU, ST drains heat, resolves fire toxicity
Pu Gong Ying*** reduces abscesses & dissipates nodules clears LV & clears eyes cools heat, resolves toxicity, direct downward, facilitates urination "dandilion" bitter, sweet, cold - LV, ST
Zi Hua Di Ding*** clears heat and resolves toxicity clears hot deep rooted sores and red swellings snake bite cancer "purple flower son earth/banafshe" acrid, bitter, cold - HT, LV
Ye Ju Hua*** drains fire, resolves toxicity disperses wind, clears heat, resolves toxicity, reduces swelling "wild chrysanthemum flower" bitter, acrid, s. cold - LU, LV
Ren Dong Teng** treats hot bi syndrome clears heat & resolves toxicity dispels wind dampness, soothes sinews, unblocks channels and collaterals cools blood relieves ab. d/t inflammation "endure winter vine" stem of jin yin hua sweet, cold - LI, LU, ST
Da Qing Ye** clears heat and resolves fire toxicity cools blood and dissipates maculae pathogenic factors in both qi & blood levels anti-viral and anti-biotic - good for onset of wind heat syndrome "big blue leaf" bitter, salty, v. cold - HT, LU, ST
Qing Dai** clears heat, resolves toxicity, cools blood, reduces maculae reduces swelling drains LV fire, dispels summer heat, extinguishes wind to stop tremors clears LV fire drains LU heat and cools blood "purple/blue dye" salty, cold - LV, LU, ST
Si Gua Luo** resolves toxicity and reduces swelling unblocks channels and collaterals while dispelling wind expels phlegm unblocks collaterals, invigorates blood, transforms phlegm "loofah" sweet, neutral - LU, ST, LV
Yu Xing Cao*** clears heat & toxins, reduces swelling and abscesses drains damp heat and promotes urination disperses heat, resolves toxicity, reduces swelling acts especially on LU's "fish fishy grass" acrid, cool - LU, LI
Bai Jiang Cao*** clears heat, resolves toxicity, and expels pus dispels blood stasis and stops pain resolves toxicity, expels pus, invigorates blood, reduces abscesses "white ___ grass" acrid, bitter, s. cold - LI, LV, ST
Bai Hua She She Cao*** cools heat, resolves toxicity, promotes expulsion of dampness through urination "white flower snake tongue grass" bitter, sweet, cold - LV, SI, LI, ST
Bai Tou Weng*** clears heat & resolves fire toxicity especially effective for cooling blood and alleviating dysenteric disorders "white head old man" bitter, cold - LI, ST
Ma Chi Xian*** resolves toxicity & cools blood clears dampheat & treats sores antidotes for pain & swelling of wasp stings and snakebites stops bleeding and unblocks painful urinary dribbling "horse teeth wild vegetable" sour, cold, slippery - LI, LV
Bai Xian Pi*** clears heat, resolves fire toxicity, expels wind, dries dampness clears damp heat and stops itching expels damp heat in muscles, flesh, & blood vessels, and through urine, stops itching, clears sores, and Bi "white moss skin" bitter, cold - SP, ST
Tu Fu Ling*** resolves toxicity & eliminates dampness clears damp heat from skin clears syphilis removes dampheat, resolves toxicity, eases joint, Bi syndrome "dirt/earth herb" sweet, bland, neutral - LV, ST
Ban Zhi Lian*** clears heat, resolves toxicity, invigorates blood, reduces swelling recently used in treating cancer & chronic hep. promotes urination & reduce edema mildly dispels blood stasis & bleeding "half twig lotus" acrid, s. bitter, cool - LV, LU, ST
Ma Bo*** clears LU's, resolves fire toxicity, improves condition of throat stops bleeding lightweight, rises to disseminate & disperse; best for throat disorder d/t wind heat acrid, neutral - LU
Shan Dou Gen** clears heat, resolves fire toxicity, improves condition of throat, disperses swelling used for cancer "bitter cold herb" bitter, cold - LU, LI
She Gan*** clears heat, resolves toxicity, improves throat transforms phlegm & clears LU's clears heat toxin, reduces selling of throat, transforms phlegm bitter, cold - LU
Lu Dou** clears summerheat, alleviates thirst, resolves toxicity antidote "green beans" sweet, cold - HT, ST
Bai Lian** clears heat, resolves toxicity, disperse clumps generates flesh, reduces abscesses "white" bitter, acrid, neutral tending toward cold - HT, ST, LV externally used for burns
Chuan Xin Lian** clears heat, resolves toxicity clears heat, dries damp, stops diarrhea bitter, cold - LI, LU, SI, ST
Shan Ci Gu** resolves toxicity, reduces clumping, anti-cancer clears heat, resolves toxicity, reduces abscesses, dissipates nodules resolves toxicity, dissipates nodules, reduces swelling sweet, slightly acrid, cold - LV, ST
Hong Teng** clears heat, resolves toxicity, clears stasis, stops pain reduces abscesses (esp in LI) invigorates blood & disperses stasis "red vine" bitter, sweet, cold - LV, ST, LI, SI stronger at dispersing than ji xue teng
Ya Dan Zi** cools heat, resolves toxicity, expels dampness, kills parasites treats dysenteric disorders, intermittent fever and chills used topically for warts and corns colon/breast cancer "black crow GB gut son" bitter, cold, toxic - LI, LV
Created by: tfarhangmehr