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NESA - Auricular

Clavicle section 1 of SF level with midpoint of LM 15 and LM 14
Shoulder section 2 of SF level with LM 15 deepest part of SF in section 2
Elbow section 3 of SF level with breast/chest point
Forearm section 4 of SF find LM4 & go below it
Wrist section 5 of SF level with midpoint of Darwin's Tubercle
Hand section 6 of SF center of area above level of LM 3
Fingers section 6 of SF superior to hand point under rim or helix, in corner
Cervical Vertebrae between LM 14 & LM 15 on concha side of ridge of AH tail
Thoracic Vertebrae beteen LM 15 & LM 16 on concha side of ridge of AH tail
Lumbar Vertebrae between LM 16 & LM 17 on spine of inferior crus
Sacrum between LM 17 & anterior end of inferior crus on the spine of the inferior crus
Neck section 1 of AH, just below center line on SF side of AH tail close to LM 14
Breast/Chest in center of section 3 of AH on SF side of AH tail
Buttocks above LM 16 & below tip of triangular fossa side of inferior crus *sciatic point
Pelvic Girdle at tip of triangular fossa
Hip center of section 5 on superior crus (triangular fossa side of spine of superior crus approximately level with Shen Men)
Ankle section 7 in lower corner on superior crus near spine
Foot/Heel section 7 in upper corner on superior cruse away from spine
Toes section 7 of superior crus on SF side (under helix rim)
Thumb section 6 center of superior crus on SF side level with knee
Knee section 6 center on superior crus level with thumb
Forehead section 1 of antitragus (closest to nose) *taiyin/yangming HA
Temple section 2 of antitragus *shaoyang HA
Occiput section 3 of antitragus *taiyang HA
External Nose level with center of tragus (and SI 19) in groove anterior to cartilage of tragus
Internal Nose center of subtragus (just above Master Oscillator)
Skin Disorder on helix surface from LM 4 to LM 6
Vertex center of upper half of section 6 of Lobe under temple point
TMJ point section 8 of lobe, on lobe side of LM 14
Eye center of lobe, section 4 of lobe
Inner Ear center of section 5 of lobe
Dental Analgesia I center of section 2 of lobe directly below LM 9 in upper half of lobe
Heart deepest aspect of Cavum Concha
Lung I (contralateral LU) between Cardiac Orifice and Heart points
Lung II (ipsilateral LU) inferior to Heart NADA detox point
Trachea in cavum concha, between HT point and edge of Ear Canal
Tonsil 4 on bottom of lobe, at LM 7
Mouth inferior to helix root in corner just posterior to top of ear canal opening
Cardiac Orifice inferior to helix root in corner directly below LM 0
Esophagus inferior to helix root in corner between cardiac orifice and mouth points
Stomach on spine of concha ridge in 2nd notch (more posterior)
Small Intestine superior to helix root on corner directly above esophagus point
Large Intestine superior to helix root in corner directly above mouth point
Rectum on spine of helix root, forms triangle with Mouth and LI toward face
Hemorrhoid (Rectum 2) Follow corner from LI under overhang of helix root
Circulatory System (Blood Vessel Point) entire concha wall, between LM 14 and LM 16 (deeper than vertebrae points)
Diaphragm on spine of helix root between esophagus and SI points
Liver peripheral, superior wall of concha ridge NADA Detox
Spleen (traditionally left ear only) peripheral, inferior corner of concha ridge.
Gallbladder (traditionally right ear only) superior to concha ridge in corner superior to LV point
Pancreas superior to GB in corner of concha wall and floor
Kidney superior concha hidden deep below LM 16 in corner
Bladder superior concha hidden deep below LM 17 in conner below inferior crus
Prostate (Viagra Point) hidden below most anterior aspect of corner below inferior crus
Uterus center of triangular fossa, deepest point
Ovaries or Testes hidden directly behind forehead point on concha wall (subtragus surface)
Adrenal on posterior edge of tragus (edge near ear opening) level with LM 10
Thymus on wall of concha, near Pancreas point ; Area physically located under sternum; level with chest/breast
Thyroid section 1 of AH Tail, SF side, inferior to neck point
Pineal Gland (Melatonin Point; cranial endocrine gland) Level with LM9 on Tragus cartilage alt: in groove anterior to Tragus cartilage
Limbic System (Reactional Brain; Visceral Brain) LM8, located below master cerebral needle toward jaw
Hippocampus (Memory Brain) center of section 6 of lobe lower than vertex
Amygdala Nucleus (Aggressivity) upper lobe, directly below the cartilage at anterior border of Antitragus
subcortical brain serves as an intermediary between cerebral cortex and spinal cord - CNS - independent of conscious awareness (autonomic) thalamus, limbic system, hippocampus, amygdala nucleus, septal, nucleus accumbens, hypothalamus, cingulate cortex
Created by: tfarhangmehr