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Digital Citizenship

Terms from Chapter 9 and 10

Digital Community Groups that are primarily sustained through electronic rather than geographic proximity.
Moral judgements Opinions as to whether an action is good or bad.
Disinhibited activity Change in character that occurs when we communicate in the absence of the social cues that we typically rely on to guide our interactions.
Dissociated activity Human interaction that becomes disconnected due to temporal and spatial displacement
asynchronous Not happening at the same rate or at the same time.
Abstracted activity Activity that we perceive as not real
Generalized activity Action which is broadcast to a large audience
Multicommunity activity Experiences in more than one community (local, global, and digital)
Managed Identity activity The ability to integrate many selves into one productive self
empathy Ability to understand and share the feelings of another
EQ Emotional intelligence
Digital Citizenship Character Education for the Digital Age
Cognitive Development Construction of thought processes from childhood to adulthood
Character Education Teaching children a variety of socially acceptable behavior traits
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