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GK 10


Comprising the main source for Norse mythology, which Old Norse work of literature was composed in Iceland in the early 13th century? Edda
Considered to be one of The Four Greats (De Fire Store) among Norwegian writers, who won the 1903 Nobel Prize for Literature? Bjornstjerne Bjornson
Henrik Ibsen was one of the Four Greats of Norwegian literature - name any two of the other three. Jonas Lie, Alexander Kielland, Bjornstjerne Bjornson
Which female Norwegian novelist was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1928? Sigrid Undset
Later blacklisted for pro-Nazi views, which Norwegian author was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1920? Knut Hamsun
How is rubus chamaemorus, or the bakeapple, better known? Cloudberry
Who wrote "Sophie's Choice"? Jostein Gaarder
In what field was Halfdan Kjerulf a prominent Norwegian? Composer
Which Norwegian composer's famous work is his Romance for violin and orchestra, Op. 26.? Svendsen
Which bank, founded by Mohammed Yunus, jointly won the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize with him, for providing banking services to the poor? Grameen Bank
Which 53BCE battle between the Parthian Empire and the Roman Republic resulted in a defeat for the latter? Battle of Carrhae
Which Empire ruled Persia from 226-651AD? Sassanid
The prehistoric site of Newgrange is in which Irish county? County Meath
Which Neolithic site in Brittany features over 10,000 standing stones? Carnac
Which massive structures built in the ancient Mesopotamian valley and western Iranian plateau, had the form of a terraced step pyramid of successively receding stories or levels? Ziggurats
The city of Nineveh lies on which river? Tigris
The ancient Mesopotamian city of Eridu honoured which ruler of the abyss? Eniki
Phyrgia is an ancient area now located in which modern-day country? Turkey
Darius and Xerxes, the Persian kings who attempted to invade classical Greece, belonged to which empire? Achaemenid
Which was the first real Mesopotamian culture, lasting 3000-2400BCE? Sumerian
Who was the first king of the Sassanids? Ardashir I
What name is given to Iron Age drystone hollow-walled structures, found only in Scotland? Broch
Which was the last of Sir Walter Scott's novels to have been published in his lifetime? Castle Dangerous
Ruling from 284-305CE, which Roman Emperor stabilised the Empire after 'The Crisis Of The Third Century'? Diocletian
Which Western Emperor died at York in 306CE? Constantius
Which five-part Shaw play is supposed to trace the entire history of mankind? Back To Methuselah
Where do you find Willy Nilly, Organ Morgan and Bessie Bighead? Under Milk Wood
Justine, Balthazar, Mountolive - what's the fourth? Clea; the titles of the four books in The Alexandria Quartet
The Lord Of The Flies is a black parody of which other novel? The Coral Island
Oswald and Sacheverell were the brothers of which poet and critic? Edith Sitwell
Who wrote the wartime book "The Last Enemy"? Richard Hillary
Which national flag contains the national coat of arms held by a mestizo and a black man? Belize
How is the town of Pergamon now known? Bergama (Turkey)
Which Emperor was a personal patient of Galen until his death from plague in 180CE? Marcus Aurelius
Which UK currency has been issued only rarely, including in 1948, as part of the Marshall plan? Two survive. Million pound note
In which Battle did the 'Malmedy massacre' occur? Battle of the Bulge
In Mozart's "Don Giovanni" Leporello famously claims that the titular character had how many conquests in Spain? 1003
What did Wagner call the covered orchestral pit at Bayreuth? Mystic Gulf
Which famous opera has as its premise that another famous opera is taking place at a theatre next door? The Tales of Hoffmann (Don Giovanni is supposedly being played next door)
Which internationally acclaimed Australian soprano opera singer (1929-2005) was born June Mary Gough? June Bronhill
The Duke of Mantua and Gilda are characters in which opera? Rigoletto
Which foodstuff has varieties called "Butler", "Kelvedon Marvel" and "Mergoles"? Runner Beans
Sirius is the brightest star in which constellation? Canis Major
What is the approximate gestation period of a cat? 52 days
What name is given to a brown and white horse? Skewbald
Which foodstuff has varieties called "Ailsa Craig", "Turbo", "Brunswick" and "Autumn Queen"? Onion
Which gauge bosons carry electromagnetic force? Photons
Which gauge bosons carry the weak nuclear force? W and Z bosons
Which gauge bosons carry the strong nuclear force? Gluons
Which is the third brightest star in the sky, after The Sun and Sirius? Canopus
Who composed "Ellens dritter Gesang", better known as "Ave Maria"? Schubert
Who composed the 1931 choral work "Belshazzar's Feast"? Walton
Ravel's "Bolero" was commissioned by, and inspired by, which Russian actress and dancer? Ida Rubenstein
Which artist played at both of the original US and UK 'Live Aid' events? Phil Collins
Which three animals make up the mythical chimera? Lion, goat, serpent
Which two animals make up the mythical griffin? Lion, eagle
Who was the Greek Muse of Lyric Poetry? Euterpe
Who were the 'handmaidens of Odin' in Norse myth? Valkyries
Why did Orpheus lose Eurydice forever in Greek myth? He turned back to look at her as he was leaving the underworld
In myth, a harpy had the feet and wings of which bird? Vulture
Which type of hadron are protons and neutrons? Baryons
What are "Peer Gynt" and "Wellington"? Brussels Sprout
What name is given to a chicken under the age of one year old? Pullet
Which primitive bird species has claws on its wing-tips? Hoatzin
Which bird species has been recorded diving the deepest? Emperor Penguin
Which bird is also called the bearded vulture? Lammergaier
Which country's national airline are ALIA? Jordan
Renamed LAM, which country's national airline was DETA until 1980? Mozambique
Ducks belong to which order of bird? Anseriforme
In 1978, which hot air balloon made the first Transatlantic crossing? Double Eagle II
Which man made the first airship flight in 1852? Henri Giffard
On what date is Columbus Day, celebrating the anniversary of Christopher Columbus' arrival and Discovery of America, which happened on that date in 1492? October 12th
Widely used by Europe's 15th-century maritime powers, what was the name of three- or four-masted sailing ships developed in the 15th century by the Genoese for use in commerce? Carracks
The surviving texts of which prolific author are so numerous that they represent nearly half of all the extant literature from ancient Greece? Galen
Which Emperor summoned Galen to Rome as his personal physician in 169AD? Marcus Aurelius
"The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency" novel series is mainly set in which country? Botswana
The laboratory founded in 1879 in Leipzig by Wilhelm Wundt was the first expressly dedicated to the advancement of which science? Psychology
What was the full name of Julius Caesar (13 July 100 BC – 15 March 44 BC)? Gaius Julius Caesar
In which year was the British security service formed, partly as a response to media-driven reports of German spies in the country? 1909
What is the correct name of MI6? Secret Intelligence Service
Which film production company released 1929's "Hallelujah", the first feature film with an all-black cast? MGM
The A-Ali burial mounds are located in which country? Bahrain
In which year did Germany become the first country to introduce DST? 1916
Which canal connects Gothenburg to Stockholm? Gota Canal
The Corinth Canal links which two seas? Ionian; Aegean
Who is the only consort of an English monarch who never set foot in England? Berengaria of Navarre
The wife of which WW2 commander died aged 105 in 2003? Chiang Kai-Shek
Which Roman Emperor features in the opera "The Coronation of Poppeae"? Nero
Who were the backing band of James Brown? Famous Flames
Who were the backing band of Joe Cocker? Grease Band
Who were the backing band of Desmond Dekker? The Aces
Who conducted the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra from 1912-37? Leopold Stokowski
Which 19th century composer (1841-1904) was the son of a butcher? Antonin Dvorak
Complete the list of the composers known as 'The Mighty Handful': Balakirev, Borodin, Cesar Cui, Mussorgsky... Rimsky-Korsakov
Who was the BBC Symphony Orchestra's first permanent conductor? Adrian Boult
How old was Mendelssohn when he composed his overture to "A Midsummer Night's Dream"? Seventeen
The Zeus of Artemisium and the Delphic Charioteer are both ancient statues made in which medium? Bronze
Which 16th century Italian goldsmith and artist is today most famous for his autobiography - he also sculpted Perseus with the head of Medusa that stands in Florence? Benvenuto Cellini
In which city is the Whitney Museum located? New York City
What is the current name of the non-profit organisation founded in 1974 as the Lone Star Foundation, that initiates, supports, presents, and preserves art projects? Dia Art Foundation
"Somewhere, Tonight" and "Something's Coming" are both songs taken from which musical? West Side Story
How many members comprise the UN Security Council? Fifteen
The RQ-170 and Taranis are both examples of what? Drones/unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
Who is the only 'dragon' to have appeared in series 1-13 of Dragons' Den? Peter Jones
What name is given to the post-death phenomenon of a settling of the blood in the lower (dependent) portion of the body? Livor mortis
What name is given to the reduction in body temperature following death? Algor mortis
Which company built both the Challenger and Challenger 2 tanks? Vickers
What is the Chinese BeiDou, operating since 2000? Global Satellite Positioning System
Which Islamic sect, centered in Syria, follow a branch of the Twelver school of Shia Islam but with syncretistic elements, including a reverence for the cousin and son-in-law of the Islamic prophet Muhammad? Alawites (he is Ali)
Jethro of Midian is considered the ancestor of all believers of which religion, and is revered as their spiritual founder as well as chief prophet? Druze
Which ocean is home to climate phenomenon El Nino? Pacific
In sterilisation what does HTST stand for? High Temperature Short Time
NASUWT is a union for which profession? Teaching
A geoduck is a type of what? Clam
What is a 12-faced polyhedron called? Dodecahedron
Who was the twelfth man to walk on the moon? Harrison Schmidt
Which plant is also called a 'torch lily? Red Hot poker
"My Joanne Really Makes Splendid Burping Noises" is a mnemonic for what? Increasing size of champagne bottles
The word 'serendipity' derives from the old Arab word for what? Sri Lanka
Which dye's name was changed from 'fuchsine' to celebrate a victory of the French and Sardinian army on June 4, 1859? Magenta
How is the dye 'Indian Blue' perhaps better known? Indigo
The usage of "battery" to describe a group of electrical devices derives from the work of which man? Benjamin Franklin
Who became President of the People's Republic of China on 14 March 2013, replacing Hu Jintao? Xi Jinping
Which major Russian aircraft manufacturer, headquartered in Begovoy District, Northern Administrative Okrug, Moscow, has made several aircraft, most of which are prefixed with the first two letters of the company name? Sukhoi
Which Arab Islamic scholar, theologian and logician (1263 - 1328) sought the return of Sunni Islam to what he viewed as earlier interpretations of the Qur'an and Sunnah, and has had considerable influence in contemporary Wahhabism, Salafism, and Jihadism? Ibn Taymiyyah
What was the first bird released from the Ark by Noah? Raven
What was the second bird released from the Ark by Noah? Dove
According to the Bible, when did Noah leave the Ark? 27th day of the 2nd month
Which small Semitic nation that emerged between the late 10th and early 9th century BC, surviving until the mid 6th century BC, was the site of Ur, and gives its name to short-lived 11th dynasty of the Kings of Babylon? Chaldea
Mentioned in Ptolemy's Geography, which people of the late 2nd century lived in what is now the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright and Dumfriesshire, on the southern coast of Scotland? Segovae
Which scholar's rediscovery of Cicero's letters is often credited for initiating the 14th-century Renaissance? Petrarch
Which German Dominican (c.1250-c.1310) gave one of the first correct geometrical analyses of the rainbow, and wrote the treatises De visione beatifica (Of the beatific vision) and De intellectu et intelligibili (Of the intellect & the intelligible)? Theodoric of Freiberg
Eudoxus of Cnidus (408–355 BC) was a Greek astronomer, mathematician, scholar and student of which philosopher? Plato
In the meteorological timing, which is the shortest of the four seasons? Winter
Which are the only planets in the solar system that undergo retrograde rotation? Venus; Uranus
Give a year in the life of Copernicus. 1473-1543
Which 13th century scholar wrote a short astronomy textbook, "Tractatus de Sphaera" (The Sphere)? Sacrobosco
Which Pope, the most recent to take that pontifical name, involved in a controversy with Galileo and his theory on heliocentrism during his reign? Urban VIII
Pierre Nord Alexis was a former president of which country Haiti
What 5-letter word a fine-grained silica-rich microcrystalline, cryptocrystalline or microfibrous sedimentary rock that may contain small fossils? Chert
The beginning of the Renaissance is sometimes dated to Petrarch's ascent of which mountain? Mont Ventoux
Which Empire, called the 'First Persian Empire' ruled from 550-330BCE? Achaemenid
Matthew Pritchard, Lee Dainton, Michael Locke (aka Pancho) and Dan Joyce comprised which TV troupe? Dirty Sanchez
Who did the poet Robert Browning marry? Elizabeth Barrett
Who write 1844's "Pictures Of Italy"? Dickens
According to Ruskin who "flung a paint pot at the public"? Whistler
Who wrote "Vestiges Of The Natural History Of Creation" in 1844 - it brought together various ideas of stellar evolution with the progressive transmutation of species in an accessible narrative which tied together numerous scientific theories of the age? Robert Chambers
Widow Twankey appears in which panto? Aladdin
Baron Hardup appears in which panto? Cinderella
What were HE Bates' forenames? Herbert Ernest
Who wrote "Eats, Shoots & Leaves"? Lynne Truss
Which three events make up horse racing's Triple Crown? 2000 Guineas, St Leger, Derby
Which horse won the British Triple Crown in 1970? Nijinsky
Which horse won the British Triple Crown in 1935, the last to do so until 1970? Bahram
Which of the three Triple Crown horse races did Sea The Stars not win in 2009? St Leger
How long is the 2000 Guineas run over? One mile
In 2001, who became the first non-European to top the European Golf Order of Merit? Retief Goosen
What was the real name first name of Australian jokey "Scobie" Breasley (7 May 1914 – 21 December 2006)? Arthur
Who was the first cricketer to score 10,000 Test Match runs? Sunil Gavaskar
Who was the first Formula One driver to win 40 World Championship Grands Prix? Alain Prost
What is the height, in metres, of a rugby crossbar? Three
Who was nicknamed "The Louisville Lip"? Muhammad Ali
Rudolph and Randolph are terms used in which sport? Trampolining
Name any two of the three horse racing venues in Surrey. Lingfield, Sandown, Epsom
Who painted "The Arnolfini Marriage"? Jan Van Eyck
Who was the first female Poet Laureate? Carol Ann Duffy
Who was on the English throne in the year 1200? John
HMS Nottingham hit rocks off of which island in 2002? Lord Howe Island
Which title did Harold MacMillan take on ennoblement? Lord Stockton
Who was the UK's first chair of Egyptology? Flinders Petrie
In which century did Blaise Pascal live? Seventeenth
What relation was Marcel Mauss to Emile Durkheim? Nephew
What is the one-word term for the murder of a wife? Uxoricide
What colour was also a name given to runaway slaves in the West Indies? Maroon
Which pagan Russian king converted to Christianity in 989CE? Vladimir
Valdemar the Victorious ruled which country from 1202 to 1241? Denmark
What notorious event occurred on 24th August 1572? St Bartholomew's Day Massacre
John Charles Francis was the epileptic son of which English monarch? George V
Who supposedly said "the only wisdom is in knowing you know nothing"? Socrates
What is the name of the jester in "As You Like It"? Touchstone
What is the opening line to Wordsworth's poem "Upon Westminster Bridge"? Earth has nothing to show more fair
Robert Graves spent much of his life on which Mediterranean island? Majorca
Agatha Christie's "The Mousetrap" took its title from which play? Hamlet
What is contained within The Book of Kells? Four Gospels
Who wrote "The Ipcress File?" Len Deighton
CP Snow famously wrote novels about dons of which university? Cambridge
Isabel Allende is a novelist from which country? Chile
In which year did Monet die? 1896
Whose poem was "A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal"? Lucy Wordsworth
What is the name of Gandalf's sword in "The Lord Of The Rings"? Glamdring
Which novelist created Sergeant Cuff? Wilkie Collins
Which house does Soames Forsyte commission in "The Forsyte Saga"? Robin Hill
Butterbur runs which inn in "The Lord Of The Rings"? The Prancing Pony
Which pioneering, Polish-born social anthropologist (1884-1942), was one of the first to suggest that ethnographers 'see things from the native's point of view'? Bronislaw Malinowski
Which tyrant ruled Athens for most of the period between 561 and 527 BC, and instituted the Panathenaic Festival? Peisistratos
Which early Athenian statesman, lawmaker, and poet (c. 638 – c. 558 BC) is often credited with having laid the foundations for Athenian democracy? Solon
Taking place in Boeotia in 479BCE, what was the final land battle during the second Persian invasion of Greece? Battle of Plataea
Which naval battle, fought on 20 October 1827 saw an Allied force of British, French and Russian vessels defeat the Ottomans, and was the last major naval battle in history to be fought entirely with sailing ships? Battle of Navarino
What was - between 1833 and 1834 - the first capital of Greece after independence? Nafplio
In which 1923 treaty did Turkey gave up all claims to the remainder of the Ottoman Empire and in return the Allies recognized Turkish sovereignty within its new borders? Treaty of Lausanne
Best known for its indigenous peoples and cultures, which Mexican state is bordered by the states of Guerrero to the west, Puebla to the northwest, Veracruz to the north and Chiapas to the east? Oaxaca
Who played lead character Brian Cruikshank (alias Peter Joshua, alias Alexander "Alex" Dyle, alias Adam Canfield) in 1963 film "Charade"? Cary Grant
Who played lead character Regina "Reggie" Lampert in the 1963 film "Charade"? Audrey Hepburn
What, as well as the US Dollar, to which it is tied, is the currency of Panama? Balboa
Divided into 100 centavos what is the currency of Guatemala? Quetzal
Who were the backing band of Johnny Kidd? The Pirates
Who were the backing band of lulu? The Luvvers
Who were the backing band of Marky Mark? The Funky Bunch
In Greek myth, who were the mother and father of the Muses? Zeus, Mnemosyne
Which prolific German composer (1681-1787) wrote over 600 overtures? Georg Telemann
What was the first opera by Benjamin Britten? Paul Bunyan
What was Benjamin Britten's last opera? Death In Venice
Which musical features the songs "Some Enchanted Evening" and "Younger Than Springtime"? South Pacific
What was the only ballet written by Benjamin Britten? The Prince of Pagodas
In myth, who was the muse of astronomy? Urania
In legend the brothers Kyi, Shchek, Khoriv and sister Lybid, founded which city? Kiev
Who wrote the novel "The White Guard"? Mikhail Bulgakov
Which city in Eastern Europe was founded in 1869 by Welshman John Hughes? Donetsk
What is the name of the two islands in the Bering Strait, one 'Big' the other 'Little', the former being Russian, and the latter - 2 and a half miles away - American? Diomede Islands
Which Russian railway runs west to east across Siberia north of and parallel to the Trans-Siberian railway? BAM (Baikal-Amur Mainline)
In which city did the composers known as "The Mighty Handful" live and meet? St Petersburg
How many composers comprised "The Mighty Handful"? Five
Who were the backing band of 1960s singer Paul Revere? The Raiders
Which Polish composer and orchestral conductor (25 January 1913 – 7 February 1994) eschewed opera, not seeing "why singing was needed"? Witold Lutosławski
Which musical features the song "Can't Help Loving Dat Man"? Show Boat
Give the years during which Leonard Bernstein was alive. 1918 - 1990
Who wrote the opera "An Italian Girl In Algiers"? Rossini
Which number Beethoven sonata was nicknamed "Pathetique"? Eight
Which pop band got their name from a 1967 Willard Manus novel? Mott The Hoople
The War Requiem, Op. 66, is a non-liturgical setting of which composer's Requiem? Britten
Which musical features the song "Big Spender"? Sweet Charity
Which philosopher said that "you never stand in the same river twice"? Heraclitus
What is the Tibetan name for Mount Everest? Chomolangma
What is the translation of Nephelokokkygia, a term first used by Aristophanes? Cloud Cuckoo Land
One of the oldest universities in the world, in which city is the Jagiellonian University found? Krakow
Who wrote poem "La Belle Dame Sans Merci"? Keats
In which form of boules is the goal to throw hollow metal balls as close as possible to a small wooden ball called a cochonnet ? Petanque
Who, ruling 410-415, succeeded Alaric as king of the Visigoths and transformed the Visigothic state from a tribal kingdom to a major political power of Late Antiquity? Ataulf
Which city was once called Palladia Tolosa? Toulouse
Which Roman Road started at Narbonne, and went to the Atlantic via Toulouse and Bordeaux? Via Aquitania
Opened in 2000, and NE of Bergen, Norway, what became the world's longest road tunnel? Lærdal Tunnel
Which two countries are connected by the Brenner Pass? Italy and Austria
For which two films did Fredric March win Best Actor Oscars? Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (33) and Best Years Of Our Lives (47)
For which film did William Holden win a Best Actor Oscar? Stalag 17 (54)
For which film did Paul Newman win a Best Actor Oscar? The Color Of Money (1987)
On which river is the Kariba Dam? Zambezi
Mexico's "Pyramid Of The Sun", one of the largest buildings in Mesoamerica, is found on which site? Teotihuacan
In which London borough is the UK's Royal Observatory located? Greenwich
What are the first four lines on the inscription of the Statue of Liberty? Give Me Your Tired
Which canal links the Baltic and North Seas, and saves ships passing around the Jutland peninsula? Kiel Canal
A UNESCO World Heritage Site, what is the longest canal or artificial river in the world? Grand Canal (China)
Who replaced Nick Clegg as leader of the Liberal Democrats? Tim Farron
Which gulf lies between Cape Lopez in Gabon and Cape Three Points in Ghana? Gulf of Guinea
Which Gulf, or Bay, lies between India and Myanmar (Burma)? Bay of Bengal
Which cape in NW Galicia is the final destination for many pilgrims on the Way of St. James, the pilgrimage to the shrine of the apostle Saint James the Great in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela? Finisterre
Which gulf lies between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula? Persian Gulf
The Oval cricket ground is in which London Borough? Lambeth
Also called Brythonic, which version of the Celtic language, denoted by a letter, predominated in Britain? P-Celtic
Which Scottish music hall singer had longstanding hits with "I Love A Lassie" and "Roamin In The Gloamin"? Harry Lauder
What was the Roman name of St Albans? Verulanium
Which place was known as Mona, or Monapia, to the Romans? Isle of Man
In which county is Great Leighs Raceourse? Essex
The King George VI Chase takes place at which racecourse on Boxing Day each year? Kempton Park
Who was the first England cricketer to have captained more than 50 Test matches for his country? Michael Atherton
In which sport does a driver sit on a sulky? Harness racing
What was invented in 1979 by Scott Abbott and Chris Haney? Trivial Pursuit
In which city were the 2006 Winter Olympics held? Turin, Italy
In which city are the Italian rugby team Zebre based? Parma
Which sport is played under the 'Harvard Rules'? American Football
In which form of fencing is every part of the body considered a fair target? Epee
What colour of jersey is worn by the overall points leader in the Tour De France? Green
What colour of jersey is worn by the leader of the Mountains classification in the Tour de France? White with red polka dots
What colour jersey is traditionally used to signify the best young rider in several cycling tours, including the Tour de France? White
Blind Hughie, Block and Sebastapol are all variants of which game? Dominoes
What is a paradiddle? A drum roll
What nationality was the golfer Bobby Locke, who won four Open Championships and 15 PGA Tour events? South African
Which was the first Grand Slam Event (year and venue) won by Andy Murray? 2012 US Open
What alias was used by Brian Glover as a wrestler? Leon Arras
Which Kenyan held the world record in the marathon from 2003 to 2007, with a time of 2:04:55, and won two silver medals in the 10,000m in the Olympics in 1996 and 2000? Paul Tergat
Irina Rodnina won 23 Olympic, World and European golds in total, in which sport? Ice Skating
In Bridge, what is a Yarborough? A hand with no card with value above a nine
At which horseracing venue was the Midlands Grand National inaugurated in 1969? Uttoxeter
Terry Sawchuk is a Hall of Famer who played for 21 years in which sport? Ice Hockey
The Town Moor Racecourse is an alternate name for which racecourse? Doncaster
Which US author wrote "The Rules Of Attraction" and "Less Than Zero"? Bret Easton Ellis
Which poet wrote "The Windhover"? Gerard Manley Hopkins
What is the surname of the wealthy family at the heart of the Ian McEwan's "Atonement"? Tallis
What was the first name of Italian writer, poet, correspondent of Petrarch, and an important Renaissance humanist Boccacio? Giovanni
Which playwright was born in Foxrock, near Dublin on 13th April 1906? Samuel Beckett
Which female Abstract Expressionist (1908-84), was closely associated with Jackson Pollock and was one of the few female artists to have had a retrospective show at the Museum of Modern Art? (Lenore) "Lee" Krasner
Which lexicographer released "A Dictionary of Modern English Usage" in 1926? Henry Watson Fowler
On which island was the Venus De Milo discovered? Milos
In the traditional counting game, nursery rhyme and fortune telling song traditionally played in England, which 4 things follow "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor"? Rich man, Poor man, Beggarman, Thief
Which playwright was born in Canterbury in February 1564? Christopher Marlowe
Which Italian Renaissance humanist historian (1392-1463), who wrote about Rome's decline, was one of the first historians to used a three-period division of history (Ancient, Medieval, Modern) and is also known as one of the first archaeologists? Flavio Biondo
Who founded the Society of Jesus, or Jesuits? Ignatius of Loyola
In which century were the Jesuits founded? Sixteenth (1540)
How is Arab scientist Abū ʿAlī al-Ḥasan ibn al-Ḥasan ibn al-Ḥaytham better known? Alhazen
The FARC is a guerrilla movement mainly based in which country? Colombia
Who was sentenced in July 2013 for disclosing to WikiLeaks nearly three-quarters of a million classified or unclassified but sensitive military and diplomatic documents; he later became a transsexual? Bradley Manning
In which country is Muharraq Island? Bahrain
Socotra is an island that belongs to which country? Yemen
In German, what is "trampen"? Hitch-hiking
When did the Thirty Years' War take place? 1618-48
In German history, who (16 February 1620 – 29 April 1688), is popularly known as "The Great Elector"? Frederick William, Elector of Brandenburg (Friedrich Wilhelm)
Schonefeld International Airport serves which city? Berlin
Which treaty of 1923, that defined Turkey's borders, officially settled the conflict that had originally existed between the Ottoman Empire and Britain, France, Italy, Japan, Greece, and Romania since the onset of World War I? Treaty of Lausanne
Who was the first Russian Tsar of the Romanov dynasty? Michael I (reigned 1613-45)
The Pnyx Hill is in which city? Athens
In the Middle Ages, the most populous area of Rome, which publicly owned area of ancient Rome contains the Pantheon and the Forum Augustum? Campus Martius
Later better known in a different context, what were the forenames of the two lead characters in Pierce Egan's then-popular 1821 work "Life In London"? Tom and Jerry
Which four-letter word means a jargon often employed to exclude or mislead people outside the group, and originally referred to the language of criminals? Cant
The word 'yob' is an example of which specific type of slang? Backslang
The Ludic language is spoken in which semi-autonomous region of Europe? Karelia
In linguistics, which term refers to the total bank of words and phrases of a particular language? Lexis
In Internet shorthand, for what does "TTYL" stand? Talk To You Later
What is the name of the highwayman protagonist in John Gay's "The Beggar's Opera"? MacHeath
Who wrote the Middle English allegorical narrative poem "Piers Plowman"? William Langland
Appointed by William I, who was Archbishop of Canterbury from 1070 to 1089? Lanfranc
Autolycus is a character in which of Shakespeare's plays? The Winter's Tale
Who became the 13th NATO secretary-general when he replaced Anders Fogh Rasmussen in 2014? Jens Stoltenberg
Hashim Thaci was the first Prime Minister of which country? Kosovo
Which former stockbroker, investment advisor, and financier, convicted in 2009 and sentenced to 150 years in prison, operated a Ponzi scheme that is considered the largest financial fraud in U.S. history? Bernie Madoff
Nidal Hasan, a U.S. Army major and psychiatrist, fatally shot 13 people and injured more than 30 others, at a 2009 shooting at which US military base? Fort Hood
Prior to Tony Blair, who was the last Prime Minister without previous cabinet experience? Ramsay MacDonald
Which 1995 agreement was signed to end the war in Bosnia? Dayton Agreement
Who became, in 1525, the first Princess of Wales? Queen Mary I
Centred on the coastline of modern Lebanon, Israel and Syria, which ancient civilisation lasted from around 1500BCE to 539BCE, and was known for its seafaring prowess? Phoenicia
Which king of England died in 1199 of an arrow wound? Richard I
What was the nickname of King John of England, pertaining to his loss of French territory? Lackland
In Greek myth, who did Oedipus unknowingly father with his mother? Antigone
In Greek myth, which miscreant murdered travellers by fitting them to his bed? Procrustes
Whose second wife was Anna Magdalena Wilcke? JS Bach
In which Italian city was Meredith Kercher murdered? Perugia
Which great rival of JS Bach was the first choice for the position of cantor of Leipzig - Bach was second? Telemann
JS Bach held the position of Cantor of Leipzig from which church? St Thomas
In which castle did King John of England die? Newark
In which cathedral is King John buried? Worcester
Where is Richard I buried, along with his mother Eleanor of Aquitaine? Fontevrauld Abbey, France
In the feudal system, what was the name given to a lord's home farm, or more formally was all the land, not necessarily all contiguous to the manor house, which was retained by a lord of the manor for his own use and support? Demesne
What four letter term described land granted to nobles by the monarch under the feudal system? Fief
Which monarch of England reigned between John and Edward I? Henry III
Which monarch of England was nicknamed 'Beauclerc'? Henry I
At which battle of 1264 did Simon de Montfort, 6th Earl of Leicester capture Henry III? Lewes
Which English monarch's mistress was Elizabeth Villiers? William III
At which 1878 event was the term 'Prime Minister' first officially used to describe a British leader? Congress of Berlin
Where was Henry III crowned, owing to the fact that Louis VIII of France controlled SE England? Gloucester
Who was the consort of Henry III? Eleanor of Provence
In 1245, Henry III laid the foundation stone of which abbey? Westminister
Who is generally regarded as the first PM of the UK? Robert Walpole
What name is given to the estimated 700,000 Japanese people who are recluses from society, and often spend all of their time at home? Hikikomori
Whose work was poem "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry"? Walt Whitman
Lowell House and Mather House are halls of residence at which famous university? Harvard
Who coined the term 'biophilia' in a 1984 work of that name, suggesting that there is an instinctive bond between human beings and other living systems? Edward O Wilson
The Cheongyecheon River runs through which capital city? Seoul
What is the chemical name of 'heavy water'? Deuterium Oxide
What is the speed limit in the UK for towing a caravan on a motorway? 60mph
How many square metres are there in a hectare? 10,000
What term is used for a barrister who is not a QC? Junior
1959's SR.NI1 was one of the first practical types of which form of transport? Hovercraft
What is the cube root of 216? Six
After how many years must a trademark be renewed, in international law? Ten
What colour is a ship's quarantine flag? Yellow
The Pitt, Hope and Florentine are all famous examples of what? Diamond
Which clothing item was first designed by Louis Reyard? Bikini
The wavespeed of a wave can be obtained by multiplying its frequency with what? Its wavelength
HMS Sceptre, decommissioned in 2010, belonged to which class of nuclear submarine? Swiftsure-class
Give a year in the life of printing pioneer William Caxton? 1422-91
HMS Turbulent, decommissioned in 2012, belonged to which class of nuclear submarine? Trafalgar-class
Who did George Clooney marry in 2014? Amal Alamuddin
Which rapper founded the Dirtee Stank record label? Dizzee Rascal
What was the name of the King, a lemur, in the Madagascar film franchise? Julien XIII
The River Karun is the only navigable river in which country? Iran
Who was the second husband of Elizabeth Taylor? Michael Wilding
Which cheese is used to make tiramisu? Mascarpone
What began in 1994 with Chickabiddy and ended with Gannicus in 2015? Winners of AP McCoy
The Saffir-Simpson scale measures the scale of what? Hurricanes
How many stars are found on the Tunisian flag? One
In Greek myth, who was turned into a spider by Athena? Arachne
What is the clean version of the acronym 'S.N.A.F.U.'? Situation Normal: All Fouled Up
O. R. Tambo International Airport serves which city? Johannesburg
Which saint was also known as Kentigern? St Mungo
Who founded a monastic cathedral on the island of Lindisfarne, served as its first bishop, and travelled ceaselessly throughout the countryside, spreading the gospel to both the Anglo-Saxon nobility? St Aidan
Give a year in the life of the Venerable Bede. 672-735
Coel Hen ("Coel the Old"), a figure prominent in Welsh literature and legend since the Middle Ages, is sometimes supposed to be the historical basis for the popular nursery rhyme "Old King Cole"? Coel Hen
Give a year in the reign of King Cnut. 1018-35
What was the name of the creator of Coronation Street who died in March 2016? Tony Warren
Which American poet was poetry editor of The New Yorker magazine for nearly 40 years and wrote Body of This Death (1923), Dark Summer (1929), and The Sleeping Fury (1937)? Louise Bogan
Which US author wrote "Invisible Man", which won the National Book Award in 1953? Ralph Ellison
What relation was Athelstan to Alfred the Great? Grandson
What is the name given to a word which is spelled and sounds the same as another, but has a different meaning? Homonym
Perdita and Hermione are characters in which Shakespeare play? The Winter's Tale
Which is Shakespeare's second-shortest play, after "The Comedy of Errors"? The Tempest
Which date was once called Hallomas Night? November 1st
From October to May, the King's Men (Shakespeare's acting company from 1603 on) used which theatre in preference to the open-air Globe? Blackfriars
Dogberry and Verges appear in which Shakespeare play? Much Ado About Nothing
Harlequin being a well-known example, which character type of Commedia dell'arte is known as an astute servant and trickster? Zanni
"Such stuff/as dreams are made on" is a phrase used in which Shakespeare play? The Tempest
Cleon and Dionyza are characters in which Shakespeare play? Pericles
The Internet slang word 'adorbs' stands for what? Adorable
Described by Franz Boas in The Indians of British Columbia, which lavish gift-giving feast is practised by indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast of Canada and the United States? Potlatch
Tom Petty wasn't the only man with a backing group called the Heartbreakers. Which musician and singer - formerly the guitarist for the New York Dolls - was also backed by a group called the Heartbreakers? Johnny Thunders
How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris won the 2014 Tony Award for Best Leading Actor in a Musical for his role as the title character in which musical? Hedwig And The Angry Inch
Which Kenyan athlete broke the men's world record in the marathon when, at the 2014 Berlin Marathon, he became the first person to run under 2 hours and 3 minutes? Dennis Kimetto
In 2006, which city on the island of Babeldaob replaced Koror as the capital of Palau? Ngerulmud
What colour cap is worn by goalkeepers in professional water polo matches? Red
A Russian word of Turkic origin, what word is given to the burial mounds, heaped over burial chambers, found throughout Eastern Europe and the Caucasus? Kurgan
What collective name, meaning ‘son of Moses’, is given to Abū Jaʿfar, Abū al‐Qāsim, and Al-Ḥasan, three 9th century brothers and scholars from Baghdad? Banu Musa brothers
Selling over 60 million records since his debut album in 1985, which Italian singer-songwriter has recorded duets with Cher, Tina Turner, Andrea Bocelli, Patsy Kensit, Anastacia, Joe Cocker, Luciano Pavarotti, Nicole Scherzinger, and Ricky Martin? Eros Ramazzotti
Which Florentine fashion designer (1914-1992) - known for his geometric prints in a kaleidoscope of colours - became a member of the Italian parliament in 1963? Emilio Pucci
As of 2016, Which is the most populous American state to be without a sports team from any of the five major North American sports leagues (MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL, NHL)? Virginia
Sharing its title with an animal, which 2003 Gus Van Sant film - based in part on the 1999 Columbine High School massacre - won the Palme d'Or at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival? Elephant
The Marble Throne and the Mirror Hall are well-known features of which royal palace complex - and UNESCO World Heritage Site - in Teheran? Golestan Palace
In which action-adventure survival horror video game do players control Joel, a man tasked with escorting the young Ellie across a post-apocalyptic United States? The Last of Us
Which Chilean tennis player is the the only male player to have won both the singles and doubles gold medals at the same Olympics Games in modern Olympic tennis? At the 2004 Olympics in Athens he won the gold medal in both the men's singles and doubles. Nicolas Massu
The House of Wonders is the largest building in the Stone Town UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stone Town is the name given to the old district of the (subnational) capital city of which island? Zanzibar
Which legendary man is said to have brought about the Old Swiss Confederacy's victory over the Duchy of Austria at the Battle of Sempach in 1386 by creating a breach in the enemy lines when he threw himself into their pikes? Arnold von Winkelried
So named because it supports the head, which bone is the uppermost verterbra of the human spine? Atlas
Since 1987, the Maitisong Festival - consisting of concerts, films, and plays - has taken place annually in which capital city which is also the setting for Alexander McCall Smith's The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series? Gabarone
Which country defeated Britan 90-50 to win the gold medal at the first ever (real) European Quidditch Games? France
Who painted the Ognissanti Madonna, that hangs in the Uffizi next to Cimabue's Madonna? Giotto
Hailed to be Duccio's masterpiece, and originally found in his native Siena cathedral, which altarpiece is now in the Museo dell'Opera Metropolitana del Duomo? Maesta
Which painting by Duccio, important as it showed stylistic innovations new to Western art, was acquired in the autumn of 2004 by the Metropolitan Museum of Art for an estimated amount of 45 million USD? Madonna and Child/Stoclet Madonna
Which novel by Henry Fielding was a parody of Richardson's "Clarissa"? Joseph Andrews
Simone Martini's "Guidoriccio Da Fougnano" was the first known western painting of what? Equestrian scene/horses
In which city or town did painter Simone Martini die? Avignon
How many completed novels did Jane Austen have published? Six
Which novel is subtitled "A Novel Without A Hero"? Vanity Fair
Give a year in the life of Giotto. 1267-1337
Who painted "And When Did You Last See Your Father"? William Frederick Yeames
Who wrote "Sir Charles Grandison"? Samuel Richardson
What was founded in Detroit in 1930 by by Wallace D. Fard Muhammad, disbanded in 1976, and reformed the following year by Louis Farrakhan? Nation of Islam
Named for the famed American chemist Linus Pauling, the Pauling Scale - which runs from around 0.7 to 3.98 - is used to measure which chemical property? Electronegativity
Which Chinese statesman, who served with distinction during the Qing Empire's civil war against the Taiping Rebellion, has given his name to a popular deep fried chicken dish commonly served in Chinese-themed American restaurants? General Tso
Which volcanic lake, 30 km south of Rome, is best-known for the technologically advanced ships - constructed by the Roman emperor Caligula - that were found there and recovered on the orders of Mussolini? Lake Nemi (or Diana's Mirror)
The Estonian, Andres Kuusk, won four consecutive World Championships in which strategy board game played by putting marbles on a perforated hexagonal board with 80 spaces? Boku
Coccus is a term used to describe any bacterium that has a spherical, ovoid, or generally round shape. Which word is used to describe rod-shaped bacteria? Bacillus
The (translated) first line of which 1890 novel is: "It was during the time I wandered about and starved in Christiania: Christiania, this singular city, from which no man departs without carrying away the traces of his sojourn there."? Hunger (Knut Hamsun)
Although introduced by Diocletian in 301 AD, which gold coin only entered widespread distribution under Constantine I in 312 AD, permanently replacing the aureus as the gold coin of the Roman Empire? Solidus
Which Guatemalan woman of the K'iche' ethnic group received the 1992 Nobel Peace Prize for promoting the rights of Guatemala's indigenous peoples during and after the Guatemalan Civil War? Rigoberta Menchu
Considered the "father" of modern Swedish literature, whose novel The Red Room (1879) has frequently been described as the first modern Swedish novel? August Strindberg
As of 2015, which country, containing Chobe National Park and Makgadikgadi Pans National Park, has the highest population of elephants in the world? Botswana
Pythagoras was born on which Greek island? Samos
On which Greek colony in Southern Italy did Pythagoras settle and develop a cult following? Croton
Give a year in the Nine Years War. 1688-97
What is the NAFTA, a supranational agreement? North American Free Trade Agreement
Sir Josiah Child, 1st Baronet (1630 – 22 June 1699) was an English merchant and politician who is often called the father of which economic theory and practice, dominant in Europe from the 16th to the 18th century? Mercantilism
Major Joseph Bagstock is a character in which Dickens novel? Dombey and Son
The singular of Batswana, what term refers to a citizen of Botswana of any ethnic background? Motswana
Bayham Badger is a character in which Dickens novel? Bleak House
Which animal is the symbol of the US Republican Party? Elephant
Which animal is the symbol of the US Democratic Party? Donkey
The married name of which eponymous heroine of a play is Tesman? Hedda Gabler
In which year did Indira Gandhi become Indian PM, and did French troops withdraw from NATO? 1966
Archbishop Makarios was the first leader of which newly-independent country? Cyprus
For which Pharaoh was the largest of the Great Pyramids built? Cheops
Which musical is an adaptation of Fellini's screenplay for Nights of Cabiria? Sweet Charity
In 2014, which avant-garde Japanese artist - seemingly obsessed with polka dots - became the then most expensive living female artist at auction when White No. 28 (from her signature Infinity Nets series) sold at Christie's in New York for $7.1 million? Yayoi Kusama
On 6 February 1840, Hone Heke became the first person to sign which agreement? Treaty of Waitangi
The so-called 'Golden Day' occurred in 66 AD when this Armenian king arrived in Rome in order to be crowned by Nero. This is which man - the founder of the Arsacid dynasty - who features as a central character in Handel's opera Radamisto? Tiridates I
Winner of an International Emmy award for Best Drama Series, which Danish TV show (2000-2004) starred Charlotte Finch, Mads Mikkleson and Lars Brygmann as members of an elite police task force that travels around Denmark helping local police solve crimes? Unit One
Inspiring the title of a 1970 French gangster film, which Italian hat manufacturer is best-known for its fedoras made from Belgian rabbit fur at its factory in Piedmont? Borsalino
With 20 league titles, the Lincoln Red Imps are by far the most successful football team from which UEFA member state? Gibraltar
The Fountain of Rosello is considered the symbol of which city, the second largest on Sardinia? Sassari
Which Scottish sculptor and artist (1924-2005) designed the mosaic patterned walls of the Tottenham Court Road tube station, the cover of Paul McCartney's album Red Rose Speedway and the Piscator sculpture outside Euston Station, London? Sir Eduardo Paolazzi
Marcus Garvey, Alfred Nobel, John Paul II and Mark Twain are all famous examples of 'victims' of what publishing phenomenon? Premature obituary
The Pan-African flag features which three colours? Red, black, green
Which forest - lying at the northwest base of Mount Fuji - is known colloquially as the Suicide Forest because of the huge number of people who go there in order to kill themselves? Aokigahara
What surpassed the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge as the most popular suicide site in the world in 2006? Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge
Which is the oldest known Egyptian pyramid? Step Pyramid of Zoser/Djoser
Literally meaning 'raised' or 'lifted', what term is used in ballet to describe a movement in which the heels are raised off the floor, either to a pointe or demi-pointe? Relevé
Who was the first boxer ever to regain the heavyweight title? Floyd Patterson
Earthquakes were said to be the manifestation of his laughter. Which Ancient Egyptian god of the Earth is both the brother and husband of the sky goddess Nut? Geb
Boston's most visited tourist site is which marketplace and meeting hall - now a National Historic Landmark sometimes referred to as 'the Cradle of Liberty'? Faneuil Hall
Nastassja Kinski - the daughter of the legendary actor Klaus Kinski - won a Golden Globe for her role as the titular character in which 1979 film directed by Roman Polanski? Tess
Translated into English by Christopher Fry with the title Tiger at the Gates, the 1935 play La guerre de Troie n'aura pas lieu (literally 'The Trojan War Will Not Take Place') is among the best-known works of which French playwright? Jean Giradoux
Heavier than the heaviest gas giant planets but lighter than the lightest stars, what name is given to substellar objects not massive enough to sustain hydrogen fusion reactions in their cores and so incapable of becoming stars (such as the Sun)? Brown Dwarves
The longest river entirely within Colombia, it reaches the Caribbean Sea at the city of Baranquilla. Named for a Biblical figure, this is which river with a drainage basin covering 24% of the country's area? Magdalena River
Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Hôtel Tassel, the Hôtel Solvay, and the Hôtel van Eetvelde are among the townhouses in Brussels that were collectively designated a World Heritage Site in 2000. They were designed by which prominent architect? Victor Horta
Gram staining differentiates bacteria into Gram-positive and Gram-negative groups by detecting the presence of which polymer consisting of sugars and amino acids that forms a mesh-like layer outside the plasma membrane of most bacteria? Peptidoglycan
Which very popular Ancient Roman ballgame has a name deriving, ultimately, from the Greek word meaning 'to seize'? Harpastum
Sung by Rosalinde in Strauss' operetta Die Fledermaus, Klänge der Heimat (Sounds from Home) is probably the best-known example of which style of Hungarian folk dance and music? Csárdás
Which freediving discipline consists of a variable ballast dive using a stone tied to a rope? Skandalopetra Diving
Aeschylus's famous tragedy The Persians is set during, and in the immediate aftermath of, which battle? Battle of Salamis
What is the surname of the Latvian brothers Martins and Tomass who have taken the gold and silver medals in three comsecutive Skeleton World Cups? Dukurs
Regarded as a symbol of democracy in much the same way as George Washington is in the USA, which politician founded the state of Czechoslovakia and became its first president in 1918? Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk
In October 2014, which former Google executive broke Felix Baumgartner's free-fall jumping world record when he jumped from an altitude of over 135,000 feet? Alan Eustace
For what did the letters 'LG' originally stand in the name of the South Korean electronics/telecom/chemicals multinational LG Corporation? Lucky Goldstar
Challenger Deep, the deepest known point in the Earth's oceans, is to be found within the ocean territory of which country? Federated States of Micronesia
Which American actor portrayed Special Agent Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks, Trey MacDougal in Sex and the City, Orson Hodge in Desperate Housewives and Calvin Zabo in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Kyle MacLachlan
Which simple polyol (sugar alcohol) compound, a byproduct of soap-making, is used in both sweeteners and antifreeze? Glycerol (glycerine)
The robin belongs to which bird family? Thrushes/turdidae
Which car manufacturer once used the slogan "once driven, forever smitten"? Vauxhall
On January 26, 1911, Glenn Curtiss demonstrated what for the first time? Seaplane
Who designed both the Forth Rail Bridge, and London's first Underground railway? Benjamin Baker
Which plane geometric figure has 11 equal sides? Hendecagon
The M18 motorway runs from Goole to where? Rotherham
What is the national flag carrier of Pakistan? PIA
Who patented a water frame for spinning cotton? Richard Arkwright
The 5 brightest stars in which constellation form a 'W' shape? Cassiopoeia
In which English county would you find the White Horse at Uffington? Oxfordshire
Where, in Hampshire, is the National Motor Museum located? Beaulieu
In which English city has an annual 'Goose Fair' been held since the 13th Century? Nottingham
Which man designed the iconic London Underground map? Harry Beck
What is the second official language of Finland, after Finnish? Swedish
Bytown was the original name of which North American city? Ottawa
The start of whose epitaph reads "They buried him among kings"? The Unknown Soldier (UK)
In which UK city are Grosvenor Bridge, Gobun Tower and Thimbleby's Tower? Chester
The melody of the Finnish national anthem is also used in which European country's national anthem? Estonia
Where is Europe's largest group of Neolithic standing stones? Carnac
In which TV series did Derek Nimmo play a character called Dominic? Oh Brother!
The film "Cockleshell Heroes" depicts a WW2 raid on which harbour? Bordeaux
Which film garnered Anne Bancroft a Best Actress Oscar? The Miracle Worker
Which cigarettes were advertised on UK TV as being "as cool as a mountain stream"? Consulate
Which show was won by Will Young in 2002? Pop Idol
Who composed the music for James Bond films The World Is Not Enough, Die Another Day, Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace? David Arnold
What is the name of Bob The Builder's cat? Pilchard
Which musical features the line: "You're going out there a youngster, but you've got to come back a star"? 42nd Street
Who played Rico The Gangster in 1931's "Little Caesar"? Edward G Robinson
Along with Stan Lee, who created "The Fantastic Four"? Jack Kirby
Hester Prynne is a central character in which novel? The Scarlet Letter
Famed for his use of perspective, and studies of Roman sculpture, which painter (1431-1506)was the son-in-law of Jacopo Bellini? Andrea Mantegna
Which English painter was a member of James Cook's second voyage to the Pacific Ocean, and is best known for the sketches and paintings of locations he visited on that voyage, including Table Bay, Tahiti, Easter Island, and the Antarctic? William Hodges
J.K. (Joris-Karl) Huysmans is perhaps best known for which 1884 novel? À Rebours
Which Greek word is commonly translated as happiness or welfare, but perhaps better means "flourishing", is a central concept in Aristotelian ethics and political philosophy and takes its name from the Greek for "good spirit"? Eudaimonia
Grantley Adams International Airport is on which island? Barbados
The second busiest station in Paris, after the Gare du Nord, which mainline station serves Normandy? Gare Saint-Lazare
His wife Anna, née Anna Breughel, was the daughter of Jan Brueghel the Elder - which painter also had a father and son who were famous Flemish painters? David Teniers
The works of which Dutch painter (1626-79) usually of daily life, are lively to the point of chaos, so much that his name became a Dutch proverb, where an eponymous household means a messy place? Jan Steen
In history, the Dutch Golden Age is largely synonymous with which century? 17th
Who wrote "Agnes Grey", published in 1847? Anne Bronte
Which author acquired Sissinghurst Castle in the 1930s? Vita Sackville-West
Who was the official photographer at Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge's 21st Birthday? Mario Testino
Christopher Tookey is a journalist best known for writing about what? Film/cinema
Which famous novel's opening words are "What's it gonna be then, eh?" A Clockwork Orange
Which is the second-last letter in the 24 letter Greek alphabet? Psi
Charles Hubert-Brown, Michael Cardew, and Bernard Leach were famous names in which field? Ceramics
Who wrote classic novel "The Good Soldier"? Ford Madox Ford
In Shakespeare which character is described as being "from his mother's womb untimely ripp'd"? MacDuff
The brother of which famous novelist was BBC Director-General from 1960 to 1969? Graham Greene
Who was the Swedish Foreign Minister murdered in a department store in 2003? Anna Lindh
On a computer QWERTY keyboard, what lies to the left of 'Q'? Tab
What does the 'S' stand for in UNESCO? Scientific
Which foodstuff can be monofloral or polyfloral? Honey
The food cannoli, a pastry dessert, originated on which island? Sicily
In 1665, the first successful blood transfusion took place between two creatures of which species? Dog
From what is camphor derived? Trees/wood
Sir Watkyn Bassett was a creation of which author? PG Wodehouse
The Yiddish word 'gert' refers to what? Money
Schwechat Airport serves which city? Vienna
Coined by the German philosopher Karl Jaspers, which two word term refers to a pivotal era of history from about the 8th to 3rd centuries BC, during which new ways of thinking appeared in Persia, India, China and the Greco-Roman world? Axial Age
Give a year in the life of chemist Robert Boyle. 1627-91.
What is the real name of pop singer Pink? Alecia Moore
Which composer was nicknamed "The Waltz King"? Strauss The Younger
Bhangra music originated in which area of the Indian subcontinent? Punjab
How many legs does an ant have? Six
Snell's law refers to which scientific phenomenon? Refraction
Which apparatus designed for preparation of small volumes of gases consists of three stacked glassed cylinders, and was invented and named for a Dutchman in 1844? Kipp's Apparatus
What type of bird was the prehistoric kairuku, remains of which have been found in New Zealand? Penguin
In which decade was Barack Obama born? 1960s (1961)
With over 100,000 electors what is, as of 2016, the largest parliamentary constituency in the UK? Isle Of Wight
Frances Nisbet married which famous historical figure in 1787? Horatio Nelson
Which biochemist famously accompanied Che Guevara on his 1952 motorcycle tour of Latin America? His memoirs served as the reference for the 2004 film The Motorcycle Diaries. Alberto Granado
Famous for the extreme demands which it places on the technical ability of the performer, Giuseppe Tartini's Violin Sonata in G minor is better known by what nickname? Devil's Trill
Of the 14 people who have, as of jan 2016, had chemical elements named after them (or 15 if you count both Marie and Pierre Curie for curium), which man was born most recently? Georgy Flyorov
Known in Japan by the original name Mighty Atom, the manga series Astro Boy is, perhaps, the most famous work of which Japanese cartoonist and animator often referred to as 'Japan's Walt Disney'? Osamu Tezuka
One of the two primary sources of Islamic theology and law (along with the Quran), what is the name - meaning 'habit' - of the orally transmitted record of the teachings, deeds and sayings of the Islamic prophet Muhammad? Sunnah (This should not be confused with the hadith, which is a verbatim collection of pronouncements made by Muhammad)
The Italian Regency of Carnaro was a self-proclaimed state in the city of Fiume (now Rijeka) which was founded in 1919 by which poet of the Decadent movement whose influence on Mussolini led to him being dubbed 'the John the Baptist of Italian Fascism'? Gabriele D'Annunzio
Aristotle's six works on logic are Categories, On Interpretation, Prior Analytics, Posterior Analytics, Topics, and Sophistical Refutations. What collective name - coined by his followers, the Peripatetics - is given to these six works? Organon
The American motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson was founded in - and is still headquartered in - which city? Milwaukee
In which city did Alexander the Great die? Babylon
At which battle of 216BCE did Hannibal defeat the Romans? Cannae
There are usually considered to have been how many Punic Wars? Three
In 202BCE which General led Roman forces that defeated Hannibal at Zama? Scipio Africanus
Which iconic rebel slave leader, who died in 71BCE, had a 1960 film made of his life? Spartacus
Who made up Rome's "first triumvirate"? Pompey, Caesar, Crassus
On which date is the 'Ides of March'? 15th
Which of the 'First Triumvirate' did Julius Caesar effectively declare war upon by crossing the Rubicon? Pompey
Which Pope crowned Charlemagne as Holy Roman Emperor? Leo III
In which year of the Western calendar was Islamic 'prophet' Mohammed born? 570AD
Edward Elgar, sometimes credited with creating the first football chant, supported which football team? Wolves
Who composed Suffragette anthem "March Of The Women"? Ethyl Smith
How many symphonies in total did Shostakovich write? Fifteen
Joel Fry, Tom Rosenthal and Ryan Sampson, play young residents of ancient Rome in which TV comedy series? Plebs
James Sadler (February 1753–28 March 1828) is renowned for being the first Englishman to do what? Go up in a hot air balloon
The Boulder Dam was re-named after which specific man? Herbert Hoover
What is the Benoni Defense? Opening move in chess
The red beacon at the top of the Capitol Records building in LA flashes out which word in Morse Code? Hollywood
Which Prime Minister was Rudyard Kipling's cousin? Stanley Baldwin
The weber is the SI unit for what? Magnetic Flux
As of 2016, the fourth worst disaster in British aviation history the 1967 Stockport Air Crash involved a British Midlands plane travelling from which city back to Manchester? Palma de Mallorca
Which newspaper was edited by Janet Street-Porter from 1999 to 2002? Independent on Sunday
Who designed the Queen's House at Greenwich? Inigo Jones
How is Robin Gunningham better known? Banksy
La Traviata is based on which short novel? La Dame aux Camélias by Alexandre Dumas, fils
At which racecourse did Victoria Pendleton make her debut? Wincanton
From what is lanolin oil derived? Wool
In TV's "Are You Being Served" what was the name of Mrs Slocombe's pussy? Tiddles
In which Northern town or city was Barbara Hepworth born? Wakefield
What was patented in England on March 17, 1845 by Stephen Perry? Rubber band
In which UK city is the Francis Crick Institute located? London
Larger than penne and ziti, what name is given to a form of tube-shaped pasta of varying lengths and diameters? Rigatoni
In which year did the Panama Canal open? 1914
What were the forenames of the three sisters in Chekhov's play "The Three Sisters"? Masha (Maria), Olga, Irina
Which naturalist, contemporary with Darwin, was sometimes called "Darwin's bulldog"? Huxley
What is England's motto? Dieu Et Mon Droit
What are the forward guns of HMS Belfast trained on? London Gateway Services (motorway service station)
What was the first property purchased by the National Trust? Alfriston Clergy House
How many official languages does South Africa have? Eleven
What does the 'W' of George W Bush stand for? Walker
In Greek myth, who guarded the 100-eyed monster Argus? Io
Which mythical creature, from the Greek for "little king" kills with just a glance? Basilisk
How many crotchets are there in a semi-breve, in music? Four
Which composer is alleged - almost certainly incorrectly - to have poisoned Mozart, a theory that the film 'Amadeus' did much to popularise? Salieri
Who were the backing band of Sam the Sham? The Pharaohs
Who were the backing band of Shakin' Stevens? The Sunsets
The word 'marmalade' derives from the Portuguese word for which fruit? Quince
What is the Jewish delicacy 'matzo'? Unleavened bread
Which composer (October 22, 1811 – July 31, 1886) allegedly paid women to faint at his performances? Franz Liszt
What were names of the Three Graces of classical myth? Aglaia, Thalia, Euphrosyne
Hornbostel–Sachs or Sachs–Hornbostel is a system of classification of what? Musical instruments
How many pedals does a harp possess? Seven
Which work saw the first orchestral use of the celesta instrument? The Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy
What is collected in a apophthegmata? Adages, aphorisms or sayings
What is the name given to the Siamese kingdom that existed from 1351 to 1767, named for its main city that was destroyed by the Burmese in that last year? Ayutthaya Kingdom
Crotone, a city that was once home to the school of Pythagoras, is situated in which Italian region? Calabria
Which English polymath and author of varied works which revealed his wide learning in diverse fields including science and medicine, religion and the esoteric (1605-82) wrote Pseudodoxia Epidemica, an encyclopedia? Thomas Browne
Which psychiatrist believed that we have four 'psychological functions': sensation, thinking, feeling and intuition? Jung
In Indian religion, what is a Śramaṇa or Samana? A wandering ascetic
Which Titan, the brother of Prometheus, and characterised as being foolish to his sibling's cleverness, has a small inner moon of Saturn named for him, a moon that shares an orbit with Janus? Epimetheus
"Cheer", "Reeves" and "Hume's Bar-Tailed" are types of which bird? Pheasant
Which planet of the solar system has the most satellites? Saturn
Which company built the turbo-prop trainer aircraft 'Tucano'? Embraer/Short Bros
The training aircraft the Gnat was made by which company? Hawker-Siddeley
A raglan is what type of clothing? Overcoat
What are "Kelvedon Wonders"? Peas
'Chocolate Spot' is a fungus that predominantly affects which vegetable? Broad beans
Which two members of the thrush family are winter visitors to the UK? Redwing, fieldfare
What is the formula for hydrogen sulphide? H2S
How is the plant "impatiens wallerania"? Busy Lizzie
In which year was the halfpenny phased out? 1984
What does the phrase "the old woman is plucking her goose" mean? It is snowing
What is one-hundredth of a square kilometre? A hectare
On which day of the week is the US Labor Day? Monday (first Monday in September)
What colour of sari does an Indian bride traditionally wear? Red
In which month and year did the Wright Brothers make the first recorded powered flight? September 1903
What is the name given to the young of a grouse? Poult
What are highlands, kidneys and poniards are all types of what? Knives or daggers
The largest manmade excavation in the world, in Utah, is a mine for which substance? Copper
What is an 'earthstar'? A fungus
West Wycombe Park is a country house built between 1740 and 1800, located in which English county? Buckinghamshire
The Codex Argenteus/Silver Bible, located in Uppsala, and on permanent display at the Carolina Rediviva library, is the most complete existing document in which language? Gothic
Which make and model car did OJ Simpson famously flee from police live on TV on June 17, 1944? Ford Bronco
What is the biggest landlocked county in England? Shropshire
The River Main, on which Frankfurt stands, is the largest right tributary of which river? Rhine
Who was the animator who created and voiced Bagpuss? Oliver Postgate
How many Oscars did Ben Hur win? Eleven
Crown corks (or crown caps) on beer bottles all have how many prongs? 21
What are the five basic tastes? Sweet, sour, salty, bitter, umami
"A Study Of The London Fog" was the subtitle of which Hitchcock film? The Lodger
In Shakespeare's "The Tempest" what was the title which Prospero once held, but which was usurped? Duke of Milan
In Herriot's poem "To The Virgins To Make Much Of Time" what does he suggest that they should gather while they still may? Rosebuds
Labour MP, Chris Mullen, wrote which novel about a right-wing takeover of Britain? A Very British Coup
Who wrote "The Clematis Tree" and "An Act Of Treachery"? Ann Widdecombe
Who wrote "Katherine Swynford" and "The Lady Elizabeth"? Alison Weir
Who created Horatio Hornblower? CS Forester
Who was the artist sister of Augustus John? Gwen John
Which Poet Laureate wrote biographies of both Keats and Larkin? Motion
Which Dickens character famously describes himself as "very 'umble"? Uriah Heap
Who painted "Christ In The House Of His Parents" (1849-50)? Millais
Magwitch appears in which Dickens novel? Great Expectations
Who wrote the autobiographical poem "The Prelude"? William Wordsworth
Who wrote the novel "Earthly Powers"? Anthony Burgess
Which writer was charged with treason for supporting Mussolini during WW2? Ezra Pound
Which writer was a candidate for the 1969 Democratic Primary for Mayor of New York? Norman Mailer
Who was the first US winner of a Nobel Prize for Literature? Sinclair Lewis
Which ancient Greek (c. 522 – c. 443 BC) composed odes to the Ancient Olympic Games? Quintilian wrote, "Of the nine lyric poets, he was by far the greatest". Pindar
Which writer (May 21, 1916 – October 14, 1997) an American author of popular novels, falsely claimed to have been a Jewish orphan? Harold Robbins
Which author of several classic novels was placed in a pillory in 1703? Daniel Defoe
Which Ancient Greek is believed to have been the first playwright who allowed separate characters to interact? Aeschylus
Which boxer did Marvin Hagler defeat to become Middleweight champion in 1980? Alan Minter
Who finally defeated Marvin Hagler to take his Middleweight world championship crown? Sugar Ray Leonard
Who beat Prince Naseem Hamed in his penultimate fight, the only boxer to defeat him in his professional career? Marco Antonio Barrera
At which Olympic Games did Audley Harrison win gold for Team GB? 2000
Audley Harrison won gold for Team GB at which weight division? Super-heavyweight
Which is the newest of the five classic flat horse racing races in the UK? 1000 Guineas
Which horse won the 2009 Grand National? Mon Mome
Which horse won the 2015 Grand National? Many Clouds
Which horse won the 2008 Grand National? Comply or Die
In which county is Ascot racecourse? Berkshire
Which horse racing jockey released an autobiography called "Obsessed"? Richard Dunwoody
Sheikh Mohammed Al-Maktoum created which horse training operation in 1992? Godolphin
In which year was the Grand National first run? 1839
In which year did Lyn Davies win Olympic long jump gold for Great Britain? 1964
Clare Balding infamously ribbed which jockey about his teeth after his Grand National win on "Mon Mome"? Liam Treadwell
Who won the first cricket World 20-20 in 2007? India
Which Texan, later convicted of fraud, created a short-lived cricket tournament in 2008? Allan Stanford
Who coached England's cricket team at the 2009 Ashes? Andy Flower
Which horse won the 2014 Grand National? Pineau de Re
Which jockey rode the Grand National winner in both 2014 and 2015, the first back-to-back Grand National winner in over 40 years ? Leighton Aspell
Which African-American jazz singer and bandleader (December 25, 1907 – November 18, 1994), who was a great proponent of scat singing, was strongly associated with the Cotton Club in Harlem, New York City? Cab Calloway
The jazz trumpeter Adolphus Cheatham was known by which nickname? Doc
Ben Webster and Leon "Chu" Berry played which instruments, largely in Cab Calloway's bands? Saxophonists
Who released the 1931 summer tune "Creole Rhapsody"? Duke Ellington
Born in Great Lever near Bolton, Lancashire, which English band leader and impresario rose to prominence during the British dance band era, had "The Soldiers in the Park" (more commonly known as "Oh Listen to the Band") as his signature tune? Jack Hylton
Coleman Hawkins was best known for playing which instrument? Tenor saxophonist
Martha, Connee and Helvetia ("Vet") were the forenames of which close harmony singing group, active 1925–1936? The Boswell Sisters
Born Odessa Cowen, who was an American bandleader, vocalist and performer during the Big band era? Ina Ray Hutton
Who was nicknamed the First Lady of Song and Queen of Jazz, and released "Dream a Little Dream of Me", "Cheek to Cheek", "Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall", and "It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)"? Ella Fitzgerald
What was the true forename of Count Basie? William
Which musical features the songs "Popular" and "Defying Gravity"? Wicked
What relation is Bridget Fonda to Henry Fonda? Granddaughter
Which station lies in central Cardiff? Cardiff Queen Street
What is sekt? Sparkling wine
Who sang the theme tune to "Ally McBeal"? Vonda Shepard
What is the real name of Sting? Gordon Sumner
In which year were GCSEs first awarded in the UK? 1988
Humphrey Bogart won his only Oscar for which film? The African Queen
"Papa Don't Preach" and "La Isla Bonita" appear on which Madonna album? True Blue
What is the home of a mole called? Fortress
What make is the chair on Mastermind? Eames
Which company was founded when a mineral water company opened on Drury Lane, London in 1791? Schweppes
Who voiced the Daleks? Nicholas Briggs
Who played Jason McCann in the original, Vegas-based series of CSI? Justin Bieber
Apollo C Vermouth was a pseudonym of which entertainer? Paul McCartney
In which mountain range is the Roncesvaux Pass? Pyrenees
At which address in London was Queen Elizabeth II born? 17 Bruton Street
The winner of art's Turner Prize must be under what age? Fifty
In heraldry, what term is used for an animal on its hind legs? Rampant
What are the forenames of the twins in Bart Simpson's class at school? Sheri and Teri
Famed for his nepotism and personally involved in the infamous Pazzi Conspiracy, which Pope is perhaps best remembered for commissioning and building the Sistine Chapel? Pope Sixtus IV
His publishing legacy includes inventing italic type, establishing the modern use of the semicolon, developing the modern appearance of the comma, and introducing inexpensive books in small formats bound in vellum - which Renaissance printer? Aldus Manutius (The Elder)
In the late 15th Century, which captain was the first European to reach India by sea, linking Europe and Asia for the first time by an ocean route, as well as linking the Atlantic and the Indian oceans entirely and definitively? Vasco Da Gama
Which man, born with the surname Schwarzedt, was the founder of Lutheranism along with Luther himself, and was arguably the first systematic theologian of the Protestant Reformation? Philip Melanchthon
Who was the only known deity of ancient Phrygia, who later had a brief-lived cult in Rome? Cybele
The Brazilian football team, Vasco Da Gama, play in which city? Rio de Janeiro
Biblically, who was the third son of Adam and Eve? Seth
In Egyptian myth who was the sister of Isis, and the wife-sister of Set? Nephthys
In Egyptian myth, of what was Tefnut, the mother of Geb and Nut, the goddess? Moisture
In Egyptian myth, of what was Shu, the primordial God? Air
Give a year during the Council of Trent 1543-65.
What is the current one-word name of the unified armed forces of Germany? Bundeswehr
In which country is the island of Sumbawa? Indonesia
Sumbawa, Bali, Flores and Lombok all belong to which group of islands in Indonesia? Lesser Sunda Islands
William Aldred is famed as the inventor of which implement? Slide Rule
Which town is capital of the Andaman Islands? Port Blair
Which album first featured the song "Tutti Frutti"? Little Richard
Which Japanese actor, who was associated for a long time with Akira Kurosawa, appeared in "Roshomon", "The Seven Samurai" and "Yojimbo"? Tishoro Mifune
Which actor married Shakira Baash in 1973? Michael Caine
In the valley of which river is Muscadet wine made? Loire
Which sportswear firm were named after a gazelle? Reebok
At which ground did Bob Willis take 8 wickets in a 1981 Ashes Test Match? Headingley
Who were the opponents when, in 1999, Paul Scholes became the first England player to be sent off at Wembley? Sweden
"Bird In Space" was a famous sculpture by which artist? Brancusi
How is David John Cornwell better known? John Le Carre
Which character is blinded in "King Lear"? Gloucester
Who painted "The Fairy-Fellers Master Stroke"? Richard Dadd
Who painted "Cimabue's Celebrated Madonna Is Carried In Procession Through Florence"? Edmund Leighton
Who painted "The Death Of Sardanaplus"? Delacroix
Who painted "Found" (1865–1869, unfinished), that is currently hanging in the Delaware Art Museum? Dante Gabriel Rossetti
What was the occupation of DH Lawrence's father? Miner
What did DH Lawrence's initials stand for? David Herbert
Which of the Romantic poets was expelled from both Eton and Oxford? Shelley
Which poet and author (1749-1832) was Minister of State for the Duke of Weimar? Goethe
Which famous poet buried the bulk of his unpublished poems with his deceased wife at Highgate Cemetery, though he later had them dug up? Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Who became the Dean of St Patrick's Cathedral in 1723? Jonathan Swift
Which poet famously kept a tame bear when at Trinity College, Cambridge? Byron
Which author, born Terekhove near Berdychiv, Kiev, could not speak English until age 19? Joseph Conrad
Which poet, in 1621, he was appointed the Dean of St Paul's Cathedral in London, and also served as a member of Parliament in 1601 and in 1614? John Donne
Which Irish playwright and poet (1751-1816) was the long-term owner of the London Theatre Royal, Drury Lane? RB Sheridan
Which range of mountains lies between Hannover and Leipzig? Harz
In which English county are Scotney Castle and the Royal Military Canal? Kent
Which Airport was once known as Squires Gate Airport? Blackpool
Which UK Airport was formerly called 'Hurn Airport'? Bournemouth Airport
Which town was the original birthplace of the sweet "Fisherman's Friend"? Fleetwood
In which Spanish region is Lleida? Catalonia
The Yorkshire Building Society has its HQ in which town? Bradford
The former Britannia Building Society had its HQ in which town? Leek
What is the most southernly point on mainland Britain? Lizard Point
In which country is the Nullarbor Plain? Australia
Which country was formerly known as Bessarabia? Moldova
Which country singer died in a 1963 plane crash near Camden, Tennessee? Patsy Cline
Which pop singer was shot and wounded by a deranged fan called Juanita Jones in 1961? Jackie Wilson
What was the real forename of "Cannonball" Adderley? Julian
"Cannonball" Adderley was a famed jazz artist on which instrument? Saxophone
Who said "Dutch is not so much a language as a disease of the throat"? Mark Twain
How many stars are there on the flag of New Zealand? Four
Elizabeth and Georgia are the model daughters of which lead singer? Mick Jagger
Which autonomous region of South Moldova is inhabited mainly by a people who are descended from the Seljuq Turks? Gagauzia
Which singer, born in Dallas, Oregon, in 1927 fell on his face aged 11, rendering him partly deaf? Johnnie Ray
A Loiner comes from which city? Leeds
Wishee Washee is the brother of which pantomime character? Aladdin
Tartrazine and Quinoline are food dyes of which colour? Yellow
Whose theme song was "Minnie The Moocher"? Cab Calloway
Which singer founded Reprise Records in 1960? Frank Sinatra
Chet Baker was a renowned player of which instrument? Trumpet
Which Pagan festival is celebrated on August 2nd? Lammas
Which American blues singer-songwriter and musician's life was so shadowy and poorly documented that, along with his death at age 27, the Faustian myth arose that he sold his soul to the devil at a crossroads to achieve success? Robert Johnson
Blake Aldridge (b.1982) is a prominent figure in which sport? Diving
What was the real name of blues artists Muddy Waters? McKinley Morganfield
Which treaty, signed in August 843, was the first of the treaties that divided the Carolingian Empire into three kingdoms among the three surviving sons of Louis the Pious, and effectively created France and Germany? Verdun
Found in China in the year 1900, what is the oldest dated printed book yet known? (A copy of) The Diamond Sutra
Give a year in the reign of Alfred the Great. 871-899
Which Norsemen is credited with 'discovering' Greenland? Erik The Red
In around 1000AD, which Norseman is credited with having sailed to North America? Leif Ericsson
In 1014, who led the Irish to victory over the Vikings at Clontarf? Brian Boru
On what specific date was the Battle of Hastings? 14th October
On which hill did the Battle of Hastings take place? Senlac Hill
In which location, an archaeological site, were the Dead Sea Scrolls located? Qumran
Which archaeologist (10 September 1890 – 22 July 1976) was famed for his studies of the Indus Valley? Mortimer Wheeler
How was Dou Wan better known in Chinese history? The Jade Princess
What, archaeologically, is a kitchen midden? A waste heap
In archaeology, a kokkenmodden is a midden made up of what item? Shells
Which archaeologist discovered Knossos? Sir Arthur Evans
Which American rediscovered Macchu Picchu? Hiram Bingham
Which German archaeologist was the first to excavate at Troy and Mycenae, convinced that the Homeric stories reflected true events? Heinrich Schliemann
How old was Tutankhamun when he died? Eighteen
Which man discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun? Howard Carter
When Frenchman deciphered the Rosetta Stone? Jean-François Champollion
Which archaeologist excavated at Ur in 1922? Leonard Woolley
Which archaeologist ( 6 January 1822 – 26 December 1890) entered Mecca disguised as a Bedouin? Schliemann
From which town or city did the plane that crashed killing Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper take off from? Mason City, Iowa
On what date does Candlemas fall? February 2nd
What name do modern pagans give to Candlemas? Imbolc
Which blues harmonica player was murdered on June 1, 1948, in a robbery on Chicago's South Side, as he walked home from a performance at the Plantation Club, at 31st St. and Giles Avenue, a tavern just a block and a half from his home? John Lee "Sonny Boy" Williamson
Which river flows through Ostrava, Wroclaw and Frankfurt (Brandenburg, not Hesse)? Oder
Which is the longest and largest river in Poland? Vistula
"The Assassination Bureau" was an unfinished work by who? Jack London
Where is the Johnson Space Center located? Houston, Texas
Candice Bergen was the wife of which French film director? Louis Malle
What is the main ingredient of "partan bree"? Crabmeat
What was Mock turtle soup's original main ingredient? Head of a calf
Invented in the early fourteenth century, which early keyboard instrument produces sound by striking brass or iron strings with small metal blades called tangents? Clavichord
The descant recorder produces notes equivalent to which human voice register? Soprano
How many keys are there on a standard piano? 88
What is the alternative name given to kettledrums? Timpani
What is the name given to a steam-driven keyboard instrument, also known as a steam organ? Calliope
Which country does retsina wine come from? Greece
Which famous chef's first name was entered into the OED as a word in 2001? Delia Smith
What is a petit four? Small French biscuit
On a French menu, what are 'marrons'? Chestnuts
English occultist Aleister Crowley claimed to have heard the voice of Aiwass, a non-corporeal intelligence that dictated which of his books to him? Aiwass
In wine, what is 'blanc-des-blancs'? White wine made from white grapes
What is the EA, an SI unit of electrical current? Exaampere
The leaders of which Jewish rebel army led a successful revolt against the Seleucids in 169-160BCE, leading to the establishment of the festival of Hannukah? Maccabees
Who (100–165), was an early Christian apologist, and is regarded as the foremost interpreter of the theory of the Logos in the 2nd century - his works also included the first denunciations of Gnosticism? Justin Martyr
What name is given to a Turkish pastry filled with nuts and honey? Baklava
Cider vats are traditionally made from which wood? Oak
What two-word term is used for a Christian festival whose date in the calendar yeat varies? Movable feast
The sackbut was an early forerunner of which musical instrument? Trombone
What was the meaning of "ap Gruffudd" in the name of the Welsh king "Llywelyn ap Gruffudd"? "The Last2
In which year was the Stone of Destiny returned to Scotland? 1996
Which London place is named for one of the Eleanor crosses? Charing Cross
What was the nickname, reflecting her origins, was given to Margaret of Scotland, who reigned from 1286 to 1290? The Maid Of Norway
Give a year during the reign of Edward I of England. 1272-1307
Which popular pub name comes from Edward I's first wife? Elephant & Castle
Which man ordered the beheading of Piers Gaveston? (Thomas of) Lancaster
In which king of Englan's reign was "The Good Parliament"? Edward III
Who was the the first person to be recorded in the rolls of the Parliament of England as holding the office of Speaker of the House of Commons of England? Thomas Hungerford
Who did Edward III of England marry? Philippa of Hainault
Which kangaroo-like marsupial about the size of a rabbit has three extant species: Gilbert's, long-footed and long-nosed? Potoroo
Of what is erythrophobia the morbid fear? Blushing
Who won the 2008 Nobel Prize for Medicine for isolating HIV? Luc Montagnier
What name is given to a horizontal supporting bar for a window? Transom
What chemical has the formula N2H4? Hydrazine
Which perfume, first marketed in 1971, is named for the date of birth of the company's founder? Chanel No. 19
What is the proper term for a fern leaf? Frond
Which letter is represented by one dot in Morse code? E
What number is specifically represented by the term 'a myriad'? 10,000
What is the letter 'N' in Morse code? Dash Dot
Which early rock n roll star started out in a band called The Down Homers, before forming his own band, the Saddlemen? Bill Haley
Which 1950s rock and roll star had the backing act 'The Teenagers'? Frankie Lymon
Arkady Luxemburg is a Moldovan-American who rose to prominence in what field? Composer
Who released the album "Nashville Skyline" in 1969? Bob Dylan
Seretse Khama was the first President of which nation? Botswana
Which European city was known to the Romans as Argentoratum? Strasbourg
Named for the island it lies on in Stockholm, which church is the burial church of the Swedish monarchs? Riddarholm Church
Known as the "Apostle to the Southern Picts" which early Scottish missionary, whose name is still found on several Scottish churches, had his shrine at Whithorn in Galloway? St Ninian
With which monastery is the Venerable Bede most associated - it is also where he died in 735? Jarrow
Whose 'pyramid', or 'hierarchy of needs', a theory in psychology, was first published in his 1943 paper "A Theory of Human Motivation" in Psychological Review? Abraham Maslow ('Maslow's Pyramid)
The short story "A Little Hero" was the only published work written by who whilst in prison? Dostoyevsky
Who (12 January 1628 – 16 May 1703) was instrumental in the creation of the fairy tale genre, having compiled several French folk tales? Charles Perrault
Which US author was born on November 30, 1835, and died on April 21, 1910, both dates on which Halley's Comet was visible from Earth? Mark Twain
Which poet shot Rimbaud twice in July 1873, wounding him on his wrist? Paul Verlaine
In 1692, which author was arrested and imprisoned for debts of £700, although they could have totalled £17,000? Daniel Defoe
Which author was the secretary of actor Sir Henry Irving? Bram Stoker
Which poet recited his work "The Gift Outright" at Kennedy's inauguration? Robert Frost
Which author fought, on board the Marquesa, at the Battle of Lepanto? Miguel Cervantes
Which female poet, known as one of the nine lyric poets listed by the Alexandrians, lived on Lesbos around 630-570BCE? Sappho
Which author, born in 1802, had a father who was born in Haiti to an African slave woman? Alexandre Dumas (pere)
In which London building is the Courtauld Gallery located? Somerset House
In which European capital city is the Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts, which was subject of W. H. Auden's famous poem "Musée des Beaux Arts"? Brussels
In which city is the art gallery, the Frick Collection? New York City
Which English goldsmith and limner (1547-1619) was best known for his portrait miniatures of members of the courts of Elizabeth I and James I of England? Nicholas Hilliard
The members of this club were famously painted by Godfrey Kneller; which early 18th-century English club in London with Whig leanings met at the Trumpet tavern in London, and at Water Oakley in the Berkshire countryside? Kit-cat Club
Give a year in the life of artist William Hogarth. 1697-1764
Nicknamed "the National Gallery of the North" which art gallery is located on William Brown Street, Liverpool? Walker Art Gallery
The artist, George Stubbs, well-known for his paintings of horses, was born in which city? Liverpool
In which town was Thomas Gainsborough born? Sudbury, Suffolk
In which UK city is the Burrell Collection of art? Glasgow
In which year did Gorbachev win the Nobel Peace Prize? 1990
Which civil servant leaked the information that the Belgrano was sailing away when it was sunk? Clive Ponting
Which Prime Minister of the UK said "patience is a necessary ingredient of genius"? Disraeli
Lt Colonel Doolittle led the first aircraft-carrier based bombing raid in history, with a WW2 attack on which city? Tokyo
Who is the only Burmese man to have been Secretary-General on the UN, as of 2016? U Thant
Which confrontation of 1936, named for a street, involved the British Union of Fascists and caused around 175 injuries and almost 150 arrests? The Battle of Cable Street
What is the one-word collective title that is used to refer to the US Senate and House of Representatives? Congress
Who was both the Chief Prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials, and a Labour post-war Attorney General? Lord Shawcross
In which century did the First Crusade take place? Eleventh
Which was the first Commonwealth state to become a republic? India (1950)
Which poet wrote:- "Oh, talk not to me of a name great in story, The days of our youth are the days of our glory"? Byron
Which novel features the line (translated): "Human speech is like a cracked kettle on which we tap crude rhythms for bears to dance to, while we long to make music that will melt the stars"? Madame Bovary
How was Jean-Baptiste Poquelin better known? Moliere
Which dramatist, mainly known for tragedies, wrote one comedy "Les Plaideurs", a satire on the French legal system? Racine
According to the Prado in 2007, 'Comin' was the family name of which painter usually known by an epithet? Tintoretto
Rayleigh-Taylor, Kelvin-Helmholtz and Rayleigh-Benard are all types of what general physical phenomenon, characterised by the unbounded growth of small disturbances? Instability
Which speech in 1834, given in Staffordshire, is often regarded as the foundation of modern Conservatism? Tamworth manifesto
Which philosopher wrote "The Choice of Hercules" and "Against All Gods"? AC Grayling
Also used in mathematics and biochemistry, what term is often used in logic for any inference whose premises do not entail its conclusions, but the premises are viewed as supplying strong evidence for the truth of the conclusion? Inductive
Which English philosopher advocated an eponymous method of induction in the "Novum Organum" as a means of studying and interpreting natural phenomena? Francis Bacon
Which discrete probability distribution results from summing n independent Bernoulli random variables? Binomial Distribution
For what does the acronym LASER stand? light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation
What term indicates a highly magnetised pulsar which emits mainly X-rays and gamma rays? Magnetar
Which instrument that resembles a cornet, but has a slightly larger bell, is standard in British brass bands? Flugelhorn
Other than Princeton, Yale and Harvard, what are the other Ivy League universities? Pennsylvania, Columbia, Cornell, Brown and Dartmouth College
For what does PPP stand when it refers to the unit that expresses the true rate of exchange between two currencies by determining what can be bought with each? Purchasing Power Parity
What is the name of the international sorority founded on November 27, 1888 at Boston University? Tri-delta/Delta Delta Delta
Which element has the atomic number 111, and is named after a German physicist? Roentgenium
Who or what was once called "Balfour's Poodle"? House of Lords
Which Welsh physicist gives his name to the phenomena that occur when an electric current passes through a very thin insulating layer between two superconducting substances? Brian Josephson (Josephson Effect)
In contrast to 'latria' which is the veneration given to God alone, which Latin term in classical Catholic theology refers to the veneration given to angels, saints, relics and icons? Dulia
The Maidu are an indigenous people centred on which mountain range, in the drainage area of the Feather and American Rivers? Sierra Nevada
Which 2nd-century Christian bishop of Smyrna, who died a martyr, bound and burned at the stake, and is regarded as one of three chief Apostolic Fathers along with Clement of Rome and Ignatius of Antioch? St Polycarp
Which sect of Second Temple Judaism that flourished from the 2nd century BC to the 1st century AD are associated with the Dead Sea Scrolls? Essenes
Spenta Mainyu and Angra Mainyu are opposing good and bad 'divine sparks' in which religion? Zoroastrianism
Wes Montgomery was a jazz artist best known for his virtuosity on which instrument? Guitar
In December 1991, Mircea Snegur became the first modern President of which country? Moldova
The DA Pennebaker documentary "Don't Look Back" was about which singer? Bob Dylan
In 1965, which "Mod Queen of France" had a hit with "All Over The World"? Francoise Hardy
Fruhstuck is the German term for what? Breakfast
In 2002, which national football team became the first to qualify for six consecutive World Cups without being either the holders or hosts? Belgium
Which football player, was sent off against Liverpool for the third successive time that he had played against them? Nemanja Vidic
Which cricket commentator is nicknamed "Bumble"? David Lloyd
Who knocked Ben Stokes for four sixes off four balls to win the 2016 World T20 cricket tournament for the West Indies? Carlos Brathwaite
Who was the founder, in 1977, of "World Series Cricket"? Kerry Packer
In which town or city do the ruby league team Catalan Dragons normally play their home games? Perpignan
Who was the very first BBC Sports Personality Of The Year, in 1954? Chris Chataway
As of 2016, four people have won the BBC Sports Personality Of The Year title more than once - who? Henry Cooper, Nigel Mansell, Damon Hill, Andy Murray
Which rugby league player was second in the 2015 BBC Sports Personality Of The Year contest? Kevin Sinfield
As of 2016, who is the only motorcyclist to have won the BBC Sports Personality Of The Year? John Surtees
As of 2016, who was the oldest BBC Sports Personality Of The Year winner, aged 44 when he won in 1957? Dai Rees
Winning aged 17 in 1958, who, as of 2016, is the youngest BBC Sports Personality Of The Year winner? Ian Black
Which sport was the 1962 BBC Sports Personality Of The Year winner Anita Lonsborough an exponent of? Swimming
In which year was the Battle of Austerlitz? 1805
What was the "levee en masse" that revolutionary France tried to implement in 1793? Mass conscription
What was the name of the North American chapter of the Seven Years War? French and Indian War
What was the name given to the colony of New France in northeastern North America that included parts of eastern Quebec, the Maritime provinces, and modern-day Maine to the Kennebec River? Acadia
Which King of Prussia defeated the French at Rossbach in 1757 and the Austrians at Leuthen in 1757? Frederick II
After Switzerland joined in 2002, what was the last near-universally recognised state not to be a member of the UN? Vatican City
Which author lost vast sums investing in an unreliable machine called the 'Paige Compositor'? Mark Twain
Who is the Greek goddess of peace? Irene
In which country is Mozart's "The Magic Flute" set? Egypt
In the Old Testament, which character ordered the Moon and stars to stay still? Joshua
Puccini's "Turandot" is set in which country? China
Who composed the opera, first performed in Hoftheater in Weimar on 23 December 1893, "Hansel and Gretel"? Engelbert Humperdinck
The dish "quinelles de brochet" is made with which fish? Pike
Which band, formed in Detroit, features Jack White , Brendan Benson, Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler? The Raconteurs
Who topped the 2002 album charts with "Imagine"? Eva Cassidy
The Jewish dish gefilte is most often made with which fish? Carp
Aphrodite is most often associated with Cyprus, and which island in Greece lying opposite the south-eastern tip of the Peloponnese peninsula? Kythera
Which is the only hymn that John Bunyan is credited with writing? To Be A Pilgrim
In which country did the ragdoll cat breed originate? USA
What name is given to the point where leaves are borne on a stem? Node
What is the collective name for the sepals of a flower? Calyx
How many teeth are there, normally, in a human's second, adult, set? 32
"Acorn" and "Goose" are two of the main types of what organism? Barnacle
Which German psychoanalyst, who moved to the USA in 1934, wrote "The Heart Of Man" in 1964? Erich Fromm
What are the three methods of heat transfer, in physics? Convection, conduction, radiation
Which mineral form of potassium nitrate is used in gunpowder? Saltpeter (niter)
In 1982, B&Q were bought by Paternoster - how is this company known as of 2016 - they are still B&Q's owners? Kingfisher
Who founded the "Unique Broadcasting Company Media Group" plc (UBCMG) in 1986? Noel Edmonds
Which comedy duo once billed themselves as "20th Century Coyote"? Mayall and Edmondson
Which actress, born in Leicester in 1939 and who died in 2014, appeared in Triangle and Howard's Way, but was perhaps most widely known for her 1986 role as Caress Morell, the scheming sister of Alexis Colby in the American primetime soap opera Dynasty? Kate O'Mara
In 'The Good Life' where did Tom good work prior to adopting his new lifestyle? Advertising agency
Which cult horror film was the eighth-highest grossing film of 1982, and famously featured a TV screen of static? Poltergeist
Which director and producer is best known for creating the cult horror comedy Evil Dead series, as well as directing the original Spider-Man trilogy (2002–07) and the 1990 superhero film Darkman? Sam Raimi
Who played Casanova in Fellini's 1976 film of that title? Donald Sutherland
"One of the most influential films ever made", according to the American Film Institute, which Fellini film won the inaugural Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1956? La Strada
Who was the lead in the 1986 spy comedy film "Jumpin' Jack Flash"? Whoopi Goldberg
For which organisation did TV puppet Captain Scarlet work? SPECTRUM
Which left-wing director was behind the film "Looking For Eric"? Ken Loach
Coraline is a 2009 American stop-motion animated 3D dark fantasy horror film based on whose 2002 book of the same name? Neil Gaiman
Paul Rudd and Jason Segel starred in which 2009 American romantic comedy film dubbed a 'bromance'? I Love You, Man
Who played Ferris Bueller in the film about his 'day off'? Matthew Broderick
The 2002 film "Rabbit-Proof Fence" was set in which country? Australia
Who played the title role in 1968 Oscar-nominated film "Rachel, Rachel", having previously won an Academy Award in 1957's "Three Faces Of Eve"? Joanne Woodward
Gerrard and Fratton were the heads of a scientific research unit in which mid-sixties British TV series, notable for providing early TV exposure for a young Oliver Reed, cast as one of the scientists on the ministry staff, Dr. Richard Franklin? R3
Who played Rab C Nesbitt on TV? Gregor Fisher
Rab C Nesbitt was a spin-off from which BBC Scotland comedy series? Naked Video
Charlie Allnut is a rough-and-ready Canadian boat captain in which classic movie? The African Queen (played by Bogart)
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