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review - neryy

To save an existing document with a new file name or to save an existing document in a new location, which command is used? Save As
What is the control center located below the title bar at the top of the Microsoft Word window called? Ribbon
The principal emailed the staff to inform them about new policy changes for cell phone use. Which type of document is the most appropriate to use? Memo
On the Title bar, which item enables a user to minimize, maximize, or close the Microsoft Word window? Window control buttons
Linda is creating a custom template. If it will be quicker to use the template than to recreate the flyer from scratch each time, which important question is she answering? Is the template easy to use?
What is the name of the view that provides data about documents and contains a set of commands to help a user manage documents? Backstage
Mrs. Perry has assigned the class to type a report. To view the report as a hard copy, which view should she use? Print Layout
What area in Microsoft Word enables users to view document properties and update the properties information at any time while creating a document? Document Properties Panel
How are different underline styles selected when applying the underline font format to selected text? Choose the Underline drop-down arrow on the Home ribbon to select various underline styles
Which option on the Apply Styles dialog box changes the settings for a selected style? Modify
Created by: neryyiscool