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F452 Computing

7 Testing

Test data Normal – not unusual in any way. Borderline – on the edge of valid. Invalid – not expected to work: should give error message.
Black box testing Predefined test input data entered and output is compared with expected result. No consideration given to how the program works.
White box testing All possible paths through the algorithm are tested to make sure all parts work as intended.
Alpha testing Testing done within the software company carried out as the program is developed. Aim is to find bugs.
Acceptance testing The completed application/program is demonstrated by the company to the end user to show it working. The aim is to show that all the requirements have been met and the software works correctly. End user will pay if satisfied.
Beta testing Nearly complete program tested for bugs under normal operating conditions by group of users not involved in the production. The group of users report on errors and may also report on desirable improvements.
Advantages of Beta Testing Tested using real data on different platforms, some of which may not have been anticipated by developer.
Disadvantages of Beta Testing Beta application may cause damage to tester’s equipment due to unexpected feature. Use at own risk!
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