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F452 Computing

5 Good Programming Styles

Meaningful identifier names To allow others to understand more easily the purpose and scope of variables. Also applies to names of functions/procedures.
Use of constants For values which do not change e.g. VAT_RATE is easier to understand in an expression rather than 1.2.
Indentation Moving lines of code (to the right) to show clearly where structures start and end. E.g. typically loops/selection.
Modular code Each subroutine does a small part rather than one big program. Easier to identify where something is not working and debug.
Annotate code / Comments Adding comments to code that are not used by the computer so that others can understand the steps of the algorithm.
Use of white space To break code further into logical chunks e.g. separate declarations from statements.
Complex calculations Use extra brackets (parentheses), break up into individual steps in order to make it easier to understand.
Reasons for GPS Teams can work collaboratively. Code can easily be read by other programmers. Program is less error prone.
Created by: Chelsea2760