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Liver Patterns

April 2015

Fullness of ches, mental depressiong, sighing, distending pain of the chest & hypochondrium, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, distending breast pain , thin white T, wiry pulse Liver Qi stagnation - due to emotional factors or sudden mental irritability, or other patho factors affecting live and qi flow
headache, dizziness, tinnitus, distending pain and dryness in the eyes, irritability, red complexion, red eyes, papitations insomnia, soreness in kness lower back, Red, little coating T, wiry rapid pulse Liver Yang rising due to Yin def liver & kidney which fails to confine liver yang and cause hyper active liver yang, or enduring liver stagnation to over active liver yang
headache, dizzininess tinnitus, irritability, insomnia, red complexion, red eyes, dry mouth, bitter tast, burning pain in hypochondriac region, dark urine, constipation Red yellow coating T, wiry forceful rapid P Liver fire flaring up - due to enduring or severe live qi stagnation transforming into heat/fire, heat pathogen invading liver meridian
dizziness, tinnitus, pale complexion and pale brittle nails, poor/blurred vision, night blindness, numbness in the limbs, stiff tendons/joints, tremor hand/feet;in women with scanty light mens Pale T, white thin coating,. Liver blood deficiency - due to weakness of spleen or kidney, sorce def leading to poor production of blood, enduring illness , othat over consumes blood
dizziness, tinnitus, dry eyes, blurred vision, feeling hot with red cheeks, tidal fever, night sweat, five palm heat, dry mouth/throat , burning pain in hypch, tremor in some cases, re, lttle coating T, wiry thick pulse Liver Yin Deficiency - due to constitutional weakness, or enduring illness/febrile disease consuming liver yin, or emotional factor leading to liver qi tansform
Severe dizziness, headache, limb numbness or trembling. In serious cases,speech difficulty, abnormal gait, or sudden loss of consciousness (syncope), convulsions, deviated mouth and eyes and hemiplegia. Red tongue white greasy coating, wiry pulse. Liver ying transforming into wind - Liver Yang uprising excessively and losing constraint, causing liver wind being set in motion. Can be backgrounded with enduring Yin deficiency of kidney and liver, failing to constraint Liver Yang
High fever, stupor/coma, upward turning of the eyes, tightly closed jaw, stiff back neck,agitation or mania/vesania, limb spasm, even Opisthotonos. The tongue is red or deep red and dry, yellow or black and drycoating. The pulse is taut/wiry and rapid. Extreme Heat Stirring up Wing- Extreme heat pathogen burns liver meridian and stirs up liver wind, and at the same time heat blocks heart Shen.
pain in hypochondriac or mass, bitter taste in mouth, ab dis, poor appetite, nausea, vomiting, abdomil distension,erratic bowel movement, scanty yellow urine. In addition there may be yellow eyes yellow discoloration of the skin, or alternating chills or Damp Heat in Liver/GB - Due to damp heat pathogen invasion, or greasy diet causing damp heat retention, or dysfunction of spleen and stomach causing damp retention which transforming into heat.
Retracting pain in the lower abdomen, cold pain or heavy sensation in the scrotum, aversion to cold, cold limbs. Symptoms relieved by warmth, but worse in cold. tongue is pale or purple with white and slimy coating, the pulse is deep and taut/tight/wiry. Cold congeilling in liver - due to Cold pathogen invading into liver meridian causes cold congealing in the meridian which leads to obstruction of meridian.
Dizziness, vertigo, ringing in the ears, bitter taste in the mouth, nausea,vomiting, irritability, insomnia, a tendency to be frightened, fullness in the chest and sighing. The tongue has a yellow and greasy coating; the pulse is wiry and slippery Phlegm heat disturbing GB: Due to emotional factors, liver’s function in promoting and maintaining Qi circulation is affected which also affect the function of gallbladder; phlegm is generated and transforming into heat
INTERCOSTAL NEURALGIA - .Stagnation of Liver Qi,Retention of Blood stagnation,Distending pain in the chest and hypoch with unfixed location, slightly alleviated by belching and aggravated by depression or anger, thin and white tongue coating, wiry pulse. Main Points: Zhigou (SJ 6), Yanglingquan (GB 34), Jiajipoints of the corresponding segments.reducing method. For stagnation of Liver Qi, add Xingjian (LV 2), Taichong (LV 3) For Blood stagnation, add Geshu (BL 17), Qimen (LV 14)
CHOLECYSTITIS AND CHOLELITHIASIS Qi Stagnation of the Liver and Gallbladder,Retension of Damp-Heat, Main Points: reducing method Danshu (BL 19), Zhongwan (RN 12), Zusanli (ST 36), Yanglinquan (GB 34), Dannangxue (Extra 39), Qiuxu (GB 40) For vomiting add Neiguan (PC 6). For retention of Damp-Heat: add (SP 9) For cholelithiasis: add (LV 3)
Jaundice - Huang Dan Heat Dominance,Damp Dominance,Ji Huang (Fatal Jaundice), Yin Huang Yang HuangAcupoints: (GB 34), (LV 3), (DU 9), (SI 4), (DU 14) (more heat)/ (SP 9) (more damp) Yin Huang: Points: (BL 20), (ST 36), (BL 19), (GB 34), (SP 6), (RN 6)
Abdominal Masses and Gatherings - Ji Ju Ju literally means gathering. In TCM, Ju has no real shape, no fixed position and its pains are moving from place to place. It is a Fu organ syndrome and the disease is in the Qi. Ju – Liver Qi Stagnation,Ju - Food Retention and Phlegm Obstruction, i
Abdominal Masses and Gatherings - Ji Ju Ji literally means accumulation. In TCM, Ji has a specific shape, a fixed positionand its pains are fixed in a certain place. It is a Zang organ syndrome and the disease is in the Blood. Ji - Qi Stagnation and Blood Stasis,Ji - Accumulated Blood Stasis,Ji - Accumulated Blood Stasis with Weakened Genuine Q
Tympanites - Gu Zhang A condition marked by distending and enlarged abdomen like a drum, wilted complexion and exposed blood vessels Qi Stagnation and Dampness,Cold Damp suppresses the Spleen, Damp Heat Accumulation, Liver and Spleen Blood Stasis, Spleen Yang Deficiency and Kidney Yang Deficiency,Liver Yin Deficiency and Kidney Yin Deficiency
Acupuncture treatment: Traditionally in acupuncture treatment Gu Zhang is divided into 3 patterns: Qi Gu, Shui Gu and Xue Gu. Discuss: the main clinic symptoms of Qi Gu, Shui Gu and Xue Gu? Qi Gu: RN 17,RN12, RN 6, ST 36,LV 3, GB 34, SJ 6 Shui Gu:BL 20, BL 23,RN 9, KI 7, SP4, DU 4, BL 24 Xue Gu: LV 14, LV 13, SP 6, RN 5, ST 21, (epigastria distension)
HEADACHE Headache which is intense, fixed and stabbing, occurs on exposure to Wind. The pain may extend to the neck and back regions, accompanied by wiry and tight pulse, thin white tongue Invasion Patho Wind: Occipital GB 20, BL 60, SI3 Frontal: ST 8, Yintang, DU 23,LI 4,ST44 Temporal Taiyang, GB 8, SJ 5, GB41 Parietal DU 20,SI3, BL 67, LV 3
HEADACHE Headache, severe pain on the bilateral sides of the head, irritability, short temper,flushed face, bitter taste in the mouth, wiry and rapid pulse, red tongue with yellow coating. Hyperactivity of Liver-Yang: GB 20,DU 20, GB 5, GB 43 LV2
HEADACHE Lingering headache, dizziness, blurred vision, lassitude, lusterless complexion,weak and thready pulse, pale tongue with thin and white coating. Deficiency of Qi and Blood: DU20, RN6, BL18, BL20,BL23, ST36
HYPERTENSION“Xuan” Excess of Liver Yang,Retention of Phlegm and Dampness, Hyperactivity of Yang due to Yin deficiency Main Points:LI 11,LV3, excess Liver-fire, GB 20,Taiyang excess Phlegm-Damp, ST 40,RN 12,PC6 hyper Yang due to Yin def, BL 18, BL23,KI 3, SP6
HYPERLIPAEMIA"Xuan Yun" (vertigo), "Tanzhuo" (Phlegm syndrome) in TCM Deficiency of Kidney Yin and Liver Yin Retention of Damp-Heat Main Points:LI11,LV3,GB20 Yin def Kidney Liver, KI6, BL1 retention Damp-Heat, ST40, SJ6
Goiter - Ying :Chronic lumpy diseases in neck. Equivalent to thyroid diseases: simple goitre (Qi Ying), SJ13, ST11,PC5,LV3,KI3 thyroid adenoma (Rou Ying) and thyroid cancer (Shi Ying). Acupoints?
Created by: dntcello