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Stack #193323

The Sieve and The Sand Vocabulary

aesthetic relating to beauty and taste; artistic
avalanche a massive slide; a large mass falling down
convolution a coiled shape or part
desolation the result of deviating event; ruin
falter to be unsteady; to stumble
guild an association of people in the same trade
illumine to light up
limned outlined in clear detail; painted or drawn
liquefaction the act of turning to liquid
litterateur someone devoted to the study of literature
metropolis a major city
oblivion the state of being forgotten
pedant someone who overemphasizes or shows off his or her learning; someone who focuses unduly on minutiae
plummet to fall straight down; to plunge
quarry hunted animals or others
ricocheted bounced from one or more surfaces
scapegoat someone forced to take the blame of others
scythe a bladed tool with a long bent handle, used for cutting or mowing
smoldering burning with little smoke and no flame
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