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A group of NTHS students are analyzing audio files to identify short segments to be included in a photo montage for the year-end picnic. These segments are examples of: clips
margie has compiled a collection of funniest moments from her favorite weekly radio show and wants to share them on her website which file formats best suit for use on the internet OGG or MP3
Robert is combining video clips with wide, medium and tight shots to create a visually interesting public service announcement. This is an example of a: sequence
Samuel has just posted the casting list for an upcoming commercial video. Which phase of video production is he in: preproduction
The media production team is writing dialog to be used in an upcoming commercial. This is an example of: script writing
A group of students are working on a Public Service Announcement for an upcoming contest. They have sketched a sequence of drawings outlining shots for their video. This is an example: storyboarding
In figure 3.01B, what is the wavelength of the sound wave displayed? 4
Which sound characteristic would be most represented by a bull frog croaking? pitch
In figure 3.01B, if the soundwave represents one second of time, what is the frequency? 5
A video production team is setting up equipment for a video shoot. They are including a variety of microphones and artificial lighting. What phase of video production are they in: production
A group of DECA students are recording audio clips of their most rewarding experiences with DECA to be played over various images for an upcoming membership drive. This is an example of: narration
A film editor is adding titles and credits to be included at the end of a video project. What phase of video production are they in: postproduction
The mix master is using the visual representation of different sound clips to determine where they are most effectvely combined. These visuals are examples of: waveforms
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