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WGU HR Section 5.7

What does the "application blank" do? It seeks information about the applicant's background & current situation. Often referred to as resumes, curriculum vitae (CVs,) or biographical information. Generally used as an initial screen to decide candidates meet minimum requirements.
What are 4 information points used to obtain information about an applicant? Application blanks (resumes and curriculum vitae), reference checks, interviews, and written tests.
What are some questions that should not be in an application blank or interview (8)? Clergy-person as a reference Children? Ht/wt, unless job-related Marital status Conviction record unless related to the job Nature of any military discharge Age, color, sex, religion, national origin, or race Sexual orientation
What is a weighted application blank (WAB)? When some information on the application is given more importance as a predictor of performance than is other information. Often developed through the use of multiple regression analysis.
Why may an interview not be great for making assessments? they are not great for making assessments because they are so subjective. In other words, a candidate with excellent potential may be a terrible interviewee and vice versa.
What must be done if an applicant is denied because of a background check? If an employer decides not to hire a candidate because of a background check, it must provide a pre-adverse action disclosure that includes a copy of the report and a copy of the applicant’s rights.
what are work simulations or work sample tests? known as work simulations or work sample tests, allow organizations to see how the candidates perform under actual work conditions.
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