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NC State is adding a pizza place to its food court for students. To promote the grand opening a graphic designer is using the marquee tool to draw a circle to add the possible toppings inside a pizza graphic. This area type
Which of the following is an advantage of a vector graphic? easily editable
Brad is creating a flyer to promote Special Olympics. The flyer has a spiral path connecting the event name to the description. The spiral path is an example of a: line
erica is designing an advertisement for her yard sale to ensure that the object align with the edges or center point of other objects she should: smart guides
James is drawing circles that are all filled with a pattern. He wants to change the pattern to a solid fill. vector graphics
Bob is drawing a diagram to lay out his vegetable garden. He uses paths to show where the rows will be planted. At the start and end of each path there is a/an: anchor point
Amy is creating the artwork for the cover of the yearbook. She wants to ensure that all of the graphics print in full so they must be on the: artboard
mary is using vector graphics to illustrate weather patterns to give the graphics a customized out line she needs to adjust the: stroke
To enhance the appearance of a flyer, Zach decides to include a circular path for his text to follow. This is an example of: type path
Brian hired a developer to create, save and archive an original artwork for his new lawn service. Which file format would the develper use to save the artwork? AI
Trevor is creating an image that will be used in varying sizes so it needs to be saved in a format that will allow him to scale it without altering the quality. Which image type should he create? vector graphics
John has chosen several graphics for his webpage promoting the local farmers market. He wants to ensure that customers are able to view the graphics immediately. Why is vector the preferred format for his graphics? small file size and loads quickly
Kevin is creating a detailed graphic for his t-shirt business. Which of the following tools should he use to have anchor points, paths and allow the creation of straight lines, bezier lines, and shapes in countless combinations? pen tool
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