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AST Study Guide

Chapter 6

What is the name of the surgical procedure that resects the dorsal root of a spinal nerve for relief of trigeminal neuralgia Rhizotomy
Which of the following incisions divides the linea alba Verticle Midline
Which muscle alters the shape of the lens to accomodate near or far vision Ciliary
Which instrument would be used during a dacryocystorhinostomy (nose procedure) Oscillating Saw
Pancreatic digestive secretions are collected in the Duct of Wirsung
Which instrument is used to measure intraocular pressure Tonometer
Which device could be used when placing a patient in the operative position for a thyroidectomy Shoulder Roll
Which of the following is used for powered orthopedic equipment Nitrogen
What is the medical term for accumulation of squamous epithelium that forms a mass that is destructive to the middle ear Cholesteatoma
What cardiac drug strengthens myocardial contractility Isoproterenol hydrochloride
Tonsillectomy Yankauer suction tip Hurd dissector Pillar retractor
The nerve that is at greatest risk for injury during a thyroidectomy is Recurrent laryngeal
Removal of an entire eyeball is Enucleation
THIRD-DEGREE burn tissue with a charred and pearly white apperance is called Eschar
What is the term for a nonpathogenic organism that is capable of producing disease in an IMMUNOCOMPROMISED patient Opportunistic
Which of the following is the medical term for the abnormal implantation of the placenta in the uterus covering the cervical os Placenta PREVIA
Portions of the stomach Fundus-Antrum-Body
Which component of the electrical ciscuit is responsible for conductin the electrical current back to the electrosurgical unit Patient return electrode
Which procedure is performed to correct the congenital DEFORMITY cheiloschisis Cleft lip
The prostate gland secretes acidic fluid
Whch procedure can be performed to repair a bucket handle tear (knee tear) Meniscectomy
Whcihc of these terms describe the surgical correction of a deviated septum septoplasty
For whch of the following prcedures would a HUMI cannulat be used Tuboplasty
Th funnel-shaped distal opening of a fallopian tube is Infundibulum
A keller arthroplasty or McKeever procedure is performed to treat Bunion
A patient with pain during mastication might require surgical decompression of which cranial nerve V3 (Trigeminal Mandibular)
Sperm is produced in the Seminiferous tubules
Arhrodesis (-desis=surgical fixation) Fuse a Joint
Where is central venous pressure measured Right Atrium
Which of the following terms refers to removal of facial wrinkles Rhytidectomy
For which of the following do bur holes provide adequate exposure Subdural Hematoma
Which ligament stabilized the duodenojejunal angle TREITZ
Penfield Dissectors Frequently come numbered in a neurosurgical procedures
Which organ is responsible for the synthesis of many of the coagulation factors LIVER
Sterile water is used for irrigation druing amastectomy because it is categorized as which of the following Hyptonic
Which retractor is used to provide exposure for a femoropopliteal bypass Weitlaner
Which fixation device is indicated for a femoral neck fracture Cannulated screw
The middle muscular layer of the uterus is the Myometrium
Which of the following surgical instruments is required for repair of a nasal fracture Periosteal elevator
How would the Centers for disease control and prevention classify a disease that is constantly present in a community Endemic
Polyglycolic acid suture falls into which classification Synthetic absorbable
Nasal Setup Freet elevator, Bayonet forceps, and Cottle speculum
Which of the following drains is inserted during a cholecystostomy Malecot or Pezzer drain
Which procedure involves reattachement of the anterior capsule of the shoulder to the rim of the glenoid fossa with sutures Bankart Procedure
Which procedure involves the excision of lymphoid tissue superior to the soft palate to facilitate breathing Adenoidectomy
Which type of drain is normally used following Orthopedic procedure HEMOVAC
Sterile water is used for irrigation during a mastectomy because it is categorized as HYPOTONIC
Insertion of an intraaortic balloon pump is done to treat patients with LEFT VENTRICULAR failure
Padgett and Reese are types of DERMATONES
Which fixation device is indicated for a femoral neck fracture Cannutaled screw
What term means a nonmalignant enlargement of the prostate Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH)
For which procedure would a HUMI cannula be used Tuboplasty
Which of the following clamps would not be found in a intersinal tray Sarot Bronchus (cardiothoracic instrument tray)
Which insturment would be used during a dacryocystorhinostomy Oscilating saw or Powered bur
Which duct carries bile from the liver and gallbladder to the duodenum Common bile duct
Dupuytren's disease is characterized by contraction of the PALMAR FASCIA
Where is central venous pressure measured RIGHT ATRIUM
In what surgical procedure would Glisson's capsule encountered External convering of the LIVER
Which of the following congenital conditions is an atypical communication of intracranial vessels Arteriovenous malformations
Which of the following instruments would be used during a suprapubic prostatectomy Bladder retractor
How would the center of disease control and prevention classify a disease that is constantly present in a community ENDEMIC
What term is used to describe the back and forth action of a power saw blade RECIPROCATING
Coagulation with the harmonic scalpel is accomplished by the use of Ultrasonic Energy
Which of the following is a sharp endometrial curette Sims Curette
Salping/o is the root word for Fallopian tube
What is the congenital abnormality that is characterized by the presence of cerebrospinal fluid and spinal nerves in a sac, protruding dorsally Myelomeningocele
Which of the following defines cryptorchidism When both testicles fail to descend within the first year of life
Which instrument is used during a keratoplsty trephine
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