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Saint gabriel 7th

final vocab for mrs narro by Dwight Daniel

abound to be plentifull, be filled
braggart a boaster, boastful in a loud. annoying way
bellow (v.)to make a sound similar to that of a bull, roar; (n.)a load angry roar
botch (v.) to repair or patch poorly; to make a mess of; (n.) a hopplessly bungled job
canvass (v.) to go through an area in order to procure votes, sales, or pinions; to go over in detail
cache a hising place; something hidden or stored
clamor a public outcry, any loud and continued noise; to call for by loud continued outcries
countenance a face, facial expression; to tolerate or approve
disputatious inclined to argue or debate; provoking debate
domestic native to a country, not foreign; relating to the life or affairs of a household; a household servant
diminish to make or become smaller, reduce in size
emblem a symbol, sign, token
entice to attract, tempt
embezzles to steal property entrusted to one's care
farce a play filled with rediculous or sabsurd happenings; broad or far-fetched humor; a rediculous sham
flagrant extremly bad, glaring; scandalous, notorious
fluctuate to change continual; to mave upand down
flourish to grow, thrive, be prosperous; to wave in the air;; a damatic gesture, a fanfare of horns
feud a bitter, long -term quarrel;; to fight or quarrel with
graphic lifelike, vivid; relating to the pictoral arts
hospitable offering friendly or generous treatment to guests; open to anythimg new storage
havoc very great destruction, ruin; great confusion and disorder
heed to pay careful attention to, notice; to be guided by;; close attention or consideration
imposter a swindler, deceiver, one who uses a false name or character in order to cheat
incentive a reason for doing something; something that stimulates action
ignite to set on fire, cause to burn; to heat up
implore to beg earnestly for
lairs the home or den of a wild animal; any hideout
melancholy sad, gloomy, unhappy;; sadness, gloominess
momentum th force or speed that some thing moves
mulled to think about ponder; to grind or mix ; to heat and flavor with spices
malady a sickness, illness, disease, disorder
notorious widely known because of bad conduct
nub the central point or the heart of a matter; a knob
nomadic wandering moving about from place to place
ordeal a difficult or painful expierence, a trial
onslaught a violent attack ; a sudden rush of something
prudent cautious, careful, showing good sense of humor
parasites an organism that lives in or on another another organism; one who lives off another person
persist to continue steadily in a course of action, refuse to stop or be change; to last, remain
pervade to spread throughout
pact an agreement
patronize to treat someone as an inferior while making a show of bieng kind and gracious
quibble to evade or belitttle a point by twisting words or raising minor objections;;; a petty objection
quench to put out, extingiush, end
quest a search, hunt;;; to search, seek, ask
regal royal, kinglike; fit for a king
ratify to approve, give formal approval to, confirm
rant to speak widley and noisily;;; loud, violent talk
stifle to smother prevent from breathing; to hold back or choke off
salvo a burst of gunfire or cannon shot, often as a tribute or a salute; a sudden burst of anything; a spirited verbal attack
seclusion isolation from others, solitude
status a person's condition or position in the eyes law; relative rank or standing, especialy in society; prestige
shirk to avoid or get out of doing work, neglect duty; to sneak, slink
timidity the state of bieng easily frightend
vigilant wide-awake, alert, watchful
veto the power to forbid or prevent ;;; to prohibit, reject
wilt to became limp and drooping, wither; to lose stength and vigor
Created by: ddaniel



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