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Topic 10: Typical applications of computers and communications systems

Ecommerce is the use of computer technology (particularly the Internet) for commercial operations like sales from businesses to customers or from business to other businesses. Many people are concerned over security issues eg credit card details over the Internet.
Ecommerce (concerns) 1) impersonal nature of ecommerce ) acceptable if there is 2) effect on high streets -shops closing ) some discussion as 3)effect on employment -shops closing ) in the security answer.
Computer system controls (benefits) 1)No possibility of human error (for instance passing a signal at red) 2) Train’s control system could apply the brakes at/before a red signal 3) Obstruction / train ahead detection could be included 4)Could govern the maximum speed.
Web log is a set of entries / diary on the World Wide Web / internet which is accessible to other web users.
Web log (example) 1)A student travelling around the world could add diary items periodically to inform friends / relations of how they were getting on 2) A politician could add items to keep their readers up-to-date with current political news / legislation proposals etc.
Expert system is a software system with a large database (often called a knowledge base) and a built-in set of facts and rules which enable it to appear to be an expert in a certain area similar to a human expert, by analysing and solving complex problems.
Expert system (explain) 1)expert system is a software system / type of artificial intelligence 2) it is based on facts (Knowledge base: accepted not expected) 3) it is based on rules (Inference engine: accepted not expected) 4) can replace the human agent
Expert system (describe) 1)would help the doctor reach a diagnosis 2)might help them to diagnose unusual conditions / more reliable / up-to-date 3)final decision remains with the doctor.
Expert System (discuss) 1)might cause doctors to lose their jobs / doctor does not have to be present 2)might save doctor's time 3)may be legal or ethical issues 4)de-skilling.
Very large and expensive computer systems are used in forecasting the weather. Explain why such systems are needed in this application. 1)Inputs from thousands of weather stations e.g. satellites, balloons, ships etc / from huge geographical area / whole world 2)Requires the processing of a huge amount of data 3)Requires comparison with huge amounts of historical data...
Search engine is an application / feature / facility / tool accessed over the Internet, which can be used to search for web sites on a particular topic. Could be used for instance by English pupils searching for poems by a certain author.
Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) – i.e. Moodle is a software system / intranet application / feature / facility / tool designed to help (teachers and pupils) in the management and use of learning materials. Could be used for instance by pupils to access a homework assignment / revision
Features which any web page should include to make it easy to use 1)Should comply with established web standards 2)Should be easily navigable / should be (hyper)links (accept buttons) to allow navigation. 3)All links should be correct 4)The page should be as accessible as possible for user with visual impairment etc.
Safety-critical systems A system like this will be safety-critical – human life is at risk if the software fails. It is also likely to be highly complex/specialised software (and hardware) – there would probably be multiple inputs, has to work in real time, has to fail safe...
On-line shopping (drawbacks) 1) Cannot see/feel/try-on the item (for a tangible item) / may not be as advertised 2) Lacks the social aspect of shopping 3) Need a debit card/credit card 4) Can’t get the item immediately (tangible item) 5) Delivery charge 6) Not at home when delivered.
Robot is a computer controlled device(s) which can carry out complex (useful / repetitive) tasks. In a car factory, a robot could be used for: Welding, painting, moving of raw materials, finished components / vehicles, etc.
Robot (benefits) 1)Perform the required task more consistently than human worker 2) Perform the required task more accurately / with finer tolerances than human worker 3) Work 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.
Robot (drawbacks) 1)Staff remaining will have to be highly skilled / need significant training, etc. 2) Lacks touch / sensitivity / versatility / intelligence of human worker 3) Robots may not notice obvious/repeated errors in process / cannot adapt to changes.
Intranet can only be accessed by (in this case) staff/students (using a log in/password) [1].
Intranet (school) The school intranet could contain details about; 1) teachers / teacher-rooms 2) school newsletter / achievements of pupils, etc 3) feedback from teachers to students / grades / student details 4) internal telephone book. 5) teaching resources / homework..
Created by: mcounsell