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Topic 9: System Design

Fingerprint recognition 1) Person’s fingerprints originally captured, digitised and stored. 2) On attempted entry, person’s fingerprints captured and digitised 3) Digitised images compared. 3) Entry allowed if successful.
Speech recognition (problems) 1) Different words may sound the same (e.g. too / to / two) 2) Command words may be taken as input words (or vice versa) (e.g. "end sentence").
Natural language interface (benefits) The user would not need to structure voice (or typed) input in any way - could communicate with the computer as if with another person.
Natural language interface (dificulty) 1) A natural language interface would need very high processing power / very complex software 2) Natural language used by most people is very ambiguous / imprecise / doesn't tend to conform to set grammar / slang is often used /language is changing.
Design Review 1) Check for correspondence between the designed system & the specification meets objectives 2) Meets user needs/ conforms to requirement/fit for purpose 3) Confirm that the most approp. techniques have been used and that the UI is approp. i.e. usability.
Trackerball or touchpad can more easily be fitted into a small device like a laptop computer or PDA / does not require extended flat space to move mouse over.
Text-based interface (HCI) 1) input to the computer is via typed text, probably via a command prompt 2) text-based system can allow complex commands to be entered 3) which may not be available via a GUI 4) run more quickly than a GUI / requires fewer resources.
Graphical user interface (HCI) 1) GUI is an interface where most communication is via screen elements such as WIMP, etc 2) GUI system is usually easier to learn 3) GUI system is more intuitive to use ) 4) GUI may use icons relevant to the application 5) similar to other packages
Speech recognition interface (HCI) 1) commands and/or text input are given to the computer via human speech 2) speeds up text input / faster than typing 3) can be used by someone doing another task with their hands eg pilot
Forms dialogue interface (HCI) 1) Computer prompts for input into specific fields on a screen dialogue form 2) Cursor may move automatically to next input field 3)Allows change to be made while screen still visible 4) Intuitive to fill in etc 5) May include validation
Handwriting recognition 1) Is quicker / easier for user than typing 2) There is no need to learn to type / is a more “natural” form of input 3)Avoids the use of a bulky keyboard / useful in confined spaces.
Speech recognition 1)Speeds up text input / faster than typing 2)Can be used by someone who is unable to type / not a skilled typist / disabled 3)May help to avoid RSI 4)Allows user to simultaneously do some other task
Design validation (How should it be carried out 1) check the correspondence between the actual design and its specification / user requirements / objectives / safety issues 2) confirm that the most appropriate techniques have been used 3) confirm the HCI is appropriate not cost related.
Describe in detail the benefits to users of a GUI (benefits) 1) GUI system is usually easier to learn for a novice user 2) GUI system is usually more intuitive to use once learned e.g. icons relevant to the application 3) similar to other packages 4) There is no need to remember complex text commands
Voiceprint recognition (usage) 1)person’s voice (print) originally captured, digitised and stored 2) on attempted entry, person’s voiceprint captured (and digitised) 3) digitised data compared (and entry allowed if successful).
INPUT (disabilities) 1)Speech recognition interface (SRI) can be used by someone unable to type/disabled 2) SRI may have difficulty with background noise / interference / can overhear others' input 3) SRI may have difficulty with proper nouns / ambiguity etc
OUTPUT (disabilities) 1) Screen output can use large / clear fonts / clear colour contrasts etc 2) Speech synthesis is useful for people with visual impairment 3) Speech synthesis may pronounce words incorrectly 4) Speech synthesis can be annoying / obtrusive
Created by: mcounsell