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Outlook 2010

Study guide for Outlook 2010 quiz/test

A banner containing information added automatically at the top of a message InfoBar
When the recipient confirms a voting button choice, what is automatically sent containing the poll question? Message
On the senders side of the voting process, the votes are tracked where? Original message
What is the default message importance level? Important
When creating polls, what character must be between custom button labels? ;
This prevents recipients from printing, forwarding and copying. Information Rights Management (IRM)
Where can the description of a rule be displayed? Rules Wizard window
What can you create that moves a message, assigns a category, and forwards a message? Single rule
Where is Manage Rules and Alerts located? Home tab
This consists of three parts: action, condition and exception. Rule
This can be used to create a contact record, used as a signature and sent as an attachment. Electronic business card
What is detected when you save the duplicate contact? Duplicate contact
How would you create a secondary address book? Create a secondary Contacts folder
What can you do to remove a meeting from your calendar and update the attendees? Cancel it
When you create a task from a message, what gets inherited? Subject
Task characteristics that can be modified include: due date, priority and _____ ______ Percent complete
This is added for personal, private and confidential messages. InfoBar
This is automatically added to the top of a message. InfoBar
What can you use to show all messages from a particular sender stored anywhere within your mailbox? People Pane
When you delete a search folder, the messages in the folder are not_____ Deleted
How many different formats can Outlook print contacts? Five
A signature can't be added to certain types of what? Messages
An Out of Office message is an example of what? Automated reply
All attendees invited to a meeting do not have to be listed in what? Address book
Where does a task request arrive? Mailbox
What will Outlook keep a copy of once you assign a task to someone else in your task list? The assigned task
Created by: yeahboi