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IC3 Unit 3 Ch 1-5

IC3 Unit 3 Chapters 1-5 Terms

the primary data routes connnected by networks and routers that transmit data over the Internet backbone
the amount of data that can be transmitted in a fixed amount of time, usually measured in bits per second (bps) bandwidth
the practice of analyzing body characteristics for identification such as a fingerprint biometrics
the process of sending several signals over the same medium using different frequencies broadband
a program that requests and displays Web pages browser
a device that connects a computer to broadband Internet service using the same service that supplies cable television signals cable modem
a Web browser developed by Google Chrome
a computer connected to a server in a client/server network client
cable consisting of a copper wire surrounded by a layer of insulation coaxial cable
a type of Internet connection that uses a modem to transmit data over a traditional analog telephone line dial-up
a type of Internet subscriber line or connection using broadband digital subscriber line (DSL)
a text version of an web address that identifies the server or an entity domain name
a computer that maintains a current list of domain names and IP address of the host computers domain name server
short for electronic mail, it is a way to transmit messages over a communications network e-mail
the most common network standard that uses copper wire Ethernet
thin, flexible, glass fibers inside a protective covering referred to as fiber that transmit information at high speeds using light fiber optic cable
one of the protocols included in TCP/IP that enables users to transfer files between computers and servers File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
software and/or hardware on a network that blocks unwanted types of outside traffic and prevents unauthorized access to a network firewall
a computer that delivers Web pages or files that is often referred to as a Web server host
text or graphic links that take the user to a different Web page or location hyperlink
a markup language used to develop Web content that describes to the browser how text and objects should be displayed HTML
a set of rules that is the standard for transferring files over the Internet HTTP
a Web browser developed by Microsoft Corporation Internet Explorer
a string of numbers separated by periods that uniquely identifies each computer (or device) connected to the Internet Internet Protocol (IP) address
a company whose host computer has its own IP address that supplies Internet connectivity to individual and/or business customers and that can communicate with other computers on the Internet using TCP/IP standards Internet service provider (ISP)
a network that uses Web page servers and Internet protocols but is isolated from the public Internet and requires authentication for access intranet
the delay time in download speeds particularly when using earth-to-satellite connections and is especially noticeable in video conferencing and gaming applications latency
a network restricted to a confined area (such as a single building or campus) that connects computers and peripheral devices local area network (LAN)
a Web browser developed by Mozilla Corporation Mozilla Firefox
a group of devices connected to each other that might include computers, peripherals, and mobile devices network
a network element such as a computer, scanner, printer or any electronic device attached to a network node
a secret set of letters, numbers, and symbols used in combination with a user name to complete a login process password
a network of computers that are connected to each other as equals that do not require a server peer-to-peer
a Web browser developed by Apple Inc. Safari
a computer that provide services to other computers server
sending content over the Internet in compressed form and making it available for the user in real time without the need to first download and store the content streaming
a computer professional who issues and/or sets standards for company user names and passwords and also determines the level of file access on the network as well as manages and maintains the software on a server system administrator
a type of high-speed connectivity offered by telephone companies that uses twisted pairs of copper telephone lines in bundles of 24 lines that represent 24 channels of data and has the capacity to transmit data at a rate of 1.5 mbps T1
a suffix for every domain that indicates the group to which it belongs top-level domain (TLD)
the two major protocols for transmitting packets across the Internet Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
pairs of copper wire that are insulated and twisted together and reduce electrical interference; most often used for telephone and LAN wiring twisted pair
an addressing system devised to provide each node on the Internet with a unique address uniform resource locator (URL)
a unique name on a network assigned to a user that is used in conjunction with a password to access network resources user name
a document written using HTML and displayed by a Web browser Web page
a network that covers a large geographic area often using multiple LANs; the Internet is an example of a WAN wide area network (WAN)
a method of connection involving radio signals without wired connections wireless
an international network of computers that uses HTTP to transfer documents written using HTML World Wide Web
programs similar to plug-ins that extend the capabilities of an existing application add-on
a dialog box that is usually located near the top of a browser window and is used to type in a Web address or edit a Web address address box
a browser feature that, when turned on, automatically completes Web addresses as the user types them if the address has been visited previously, allowing the user to quickly choose the address without typing the full Web address AutoComplete
a stored link to a Web page in Mozilla Firefox bookmark
logical value operators AND, OR, and NOT developed in the 1800s by George Boole that, when used by search engines, enable an Internet search to be narrowed or expanded Boolean logic
link on a Web page that, when clicked, redirects the user to another Website; ethical search engines clearly label sponsored links click through
Exclusive right to makes copies of literary, musical, or artistic work copyright use
The right to use copyrighted work in part even against the permission of the copyright holder with proper citation fair use
a stored link to a Web page in Internet Explorer Favorites
Web pages used to post messages that are related to a particular topic forum
a popular search engine used on the Web, also used as a verb to describe using the search engine to find information as in “I googled the Olympics” Google
a preselected Web page that displays the main page for a Website home page
text or graphic links that take the user to a different web page or location when the link is activated by a mouse click, a keyboard, or touch on a touch screen hyperlink
the default page of a Website that appears when a website is accessed; also an electronic organization of Websites by search engines index
any creative work that is the property of its creator or author and is protected by copyright intellectual property
using a few related words to conduct a search for Websites keyword search
a way to share computer code that provides the computer program in a readable format that others may use, usually without paying royalties open-source
a method of categorizing Web pages popularized by Google that returns Web pages that were most referred to by other Web pages page ranking
legal provision that provides protection for the idea behind an invention patent
window, typically containing an ad or other unwanted content, that covers a portion of the Web page the user is trying to read; pop-ups may be disabled in most browser software pop-up
a Web page that contains several types of useful information plus links to other sites that functions as a one-stop shop for a topic or organization portal
the process that forces the browser to request a new copy of the Web page from the Web server instead of recalling the copy it stored previously in the computer’s cache refresh
a combination of Web crawlers with indexing, classifying, and ranking programs that allows users to make requests to search for information on the Internet search engine
a paid advertisement that links to the site by having it appear in search engine results, usually based on key words used in the search sponsored link
a word or symbol that indicates ownership of a product or service and that its use is reserved for the owner trademark
a group of related Web pages Website
programs that are supported by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser to provide additional functionality to websites such as the display of a calendar for users to specify a date or to be sure a form was completed correctly ActiveX
a program for use by marketers that tracks your Web browsing; software that facilitates advertising adware
a machine that is provided by many banking institutions to offer banking services 24 hours a day / 7 days a week in a variety of locations, including malls, grocery stores, and theme parks automatic teller machine (ATM)
e-commerce between two businesses business-to-business (B2B)
e-commerce between a business and a consumer business-to-consumer (B2C)
an entity issuing digital certificates to individuals and enterprises that establishes credentials to nodes on the Web certificate authority (CA)
e-commerce between consumers consumer-to-consumer (C2C)
small text file stored on a computer and used to compile browsing history cookie
changing encrypted messages back to the original message so it is useable decryption
an electronic signature created by using a private key to encrypt data that uniquely characterizes the program that is used by a Web browser to authenticate programs and encrypt e-mail messages digital signature
business and consumer transactions conducted online electronic commerce (e-commerce)
the process of changing a message into a code that is not easily understood by unauthorized individuals encryption
a digital device designed specifically to display book contents, like the Kindle and the Nook e-reader
a private network that uses encryption methods to securely deliver information over the Internet, such as UPS’s online package tracking application extranet
a secure protocol used to transport Web pages that indicates the Web server is using Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Sockets Layer Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Sockets Layer (HTTPS)
obtaining key pieces of information to impersonate someone allowing access to bank accounts and other information specific to an individual that is a crime punishable by law identity theft
when someone impersonates a business to try and get personal information phishing
communication protocol used to standardize encryption/decryption methods by utilizing both a public key and a private key to provide secure data transport Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
an option provided by a website for the buyer to keep track of items selected for online purchasing shopping cart
a program that runs in the background without the user’s knowledge and gathers information from the computer, such as a user’s browser history or cookie information spyware
storage area for frequently used e-mail addresses that can be accessed from the e-mail fields To, Cc, and Bcc address book
removing e-mail messages from active use and placing them on a computer’s or a server’s storage archiving
a program (sometimes included in a rootkit) that allows an intruder to bypass normal system security to communicate with the system and take control of the computer backdoor
the e-mail address(es) of the recipient(s) from the primary e-mail recipient(s) blind carbon copy (Bcc)
an online journal, log, or diary that often reflects the political, social, religious, or other personal views of an individual and sometimes contains images, videos, and links to other (See Weblog) blog
a community of interconnected blogs or the world of blogs blogosphere
area of an e-mail compose window that is used to type the text of an e-mail message body
a temporary memory location where processed data are held until the data can be delivered to a device buffer
a visually distorted word or phrase translated by users that is difficult for a computer to translate and provides increased security for a website CAPTCHA
the e-mail address(es) of the recipient(s) who will receive a duplicate copy (courtesy copy) of an e-mail message carbon copy (Cc)
a basic form of conferencing over the Internet with a live message center where text-based exchanges take place between users who are active at the same time chat
a law that protects information provided by children under 13 years old Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)
a place where you can eat and/or drink and connect to the Internet cyber-café
an attack on a network by malware that floods servers with more service requests than the servers can handle, making it impossible for the overloaded server to provide service to clients denial of service (DOS)
classrooms that use communications technology to reach students who are not physically present in the classroom distance education
learning that utilizes a computer for delivering instruction e-learning
similar to regular mailing lists you would use to create with an address book available from online vendors electronic mailing list (e-list)
keyboard representations of facial expressions or tiny graphics such as happy faces used in electronic messages emoticons
a markup language specification designed specifically for Web development that allows developers to customize their own markup tags; designed to carry data, not to display data Extensible Markup Language (XML)
normally a three-letter code at the end of a filename following the period that designates the type of the file file extension
hostile comments or insults initiated in any form of online communication flame
a series of flames or hostile exchanges initiated using online communication tools flame war
an option available in an e-mail client that allows the recipient of it to send the e-mail to one or more other people forward
a lie that is intended to convince its audience that something is real when it is not; often distributed via forwarded e-mail alerts hoax
a text-based service that allows users to communicate directly when all users are online at the same time instant messaging (IM)
publications of false and malicious information for the purpose of defaming a living person libel
software programs that are designed with malicious intent malware
a Web-based version of a discussion list including postings and related responses displayed together (aka Internet forum) message board
an updated version of SMS to send audio and video files using mobile devices that requires the sending and receiving devices to have Internet access Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)
rules that describe appropriate behavior on the Internet netiquette
a program that automatically installs and modifies the operating system to repair flaws patch
additional code contained in a virus that is intended to operate on the host computer payload
a file (usually audio) that is distributed through Web feeds specifically designated to play on portable devices including the iPod iPad and smartphones podcast
a type of file developed by Adobe Systems for ease of sharing files over the Internet that maintains the formatting, graphics, and layout of a document Portable Document Format (PDF)
acronym to describe XML files that are created for frequently updated information such as blogs, news headlines, and sports scores Really Simple Syndication (RSS)
respond to the sender of an e-mail message. reply
an e-mail option that allows the user to respond to the sender of the message and all other recipients of the e-mail message reply all
a wireless service for sending brief messages that is used in texting software usually found on mobile phones Short Message Service (SMS)
a type of blog that is a portfolio of drawings or sketches sketchlog
oral false statements that are harmful to a person’s reputation and are often hard to prove slander
a group of people that might include family, friends, or people with similar interests who share information that is facilitated by Internet applications like Facebook and Google+ social network
unsolicited bulk e-mail messages that are offensive or waste the user’s time spam
a malicious tactic that sends messages to members of the contact list and disguises the origin of the message by replacing the e-mail owner’s name with names from the owner’s contact list in the sender field spoofing
a malicious program that spreads by tricking users into granting permission to install it by pretending to be something else Trojan
an message of 140 characters or less posted using the Twitter online information network tweet
a program that is capable of tricking its host into using its resources to make copies of itself and distribute them to other hosts without their consent virus
the process of coding telephone conversations into packets of compressed data, transmitting the packets over the Internet, and then decoding them fast enough to make synchronous conversations possible Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
a digital camera connected to or built-in to a computer or mobile device that allows images to be transmitted in real time over the Internet webcam
a server program that allows users to collaborate to create the content of a website wiki
a program that can duplicate itself and spread by sending copies of itself to other computers on a network worm
a searchable video-sharing service that allows anyone to upload videos for private or public viewing YouTube
move e-mail messages from active folders to a folder stored on a computer or a folder placed on removable storage media for long–term storage, providing a way to access the messages at a later date archive
a Microsoft Outlook rule that automatically sends e-mail addressed to a recipient to another e-mail address designated by the recipient auto-forward
a response that is set up by a Microsoft Outlook user to automatically reply to all e-mail messages such as an out-of-office notice auto-response
a form of unsolicited e-mail forwarded to a group of users asking those users to forward it to more people, and that can consume e-mail resources chain e-mail
a type of social media marketing measurement that tracks how often a Web site has been accessed from a link on another Web site click-through
an item of information in the Microsoft Outlook e-mail client that can be displayed when e-mail messages are listed column
the applied science of equipment design to reduce operator fatigue and discomfort ergonomics
a computer programmer who uses his skills to access computers and steal data hacker
using a separate group located within the same country to provide a service insourcing
unsolicited or unwanted e-mail junk e-mail
a U.S. government agency within the Department of Labor that is responsible for worker safety and health standards and provides guides on the Web to analyze computer workstations to avoid computer-related injury Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
use of communication technologies to facilitate the employment of workers in another country to provide services outsourcing
a courteous recognition used to begin a message, like addressing an intended recipient using Dear Casey or Dear Mrs. Ricker salutation
information that is automatically added to the end of an e-mail message such as contact information signature block
when employees who work from home use electronic communications to connect to the office telecommute
a secure connection between two computers that uses encryption techniques and is used for telecommuting virtual private network (VPN)
teams that work using communications technologies but are separated by distance and time virtual team
command prompt action that displays the current info about network: IP address of computer, IP address of router, Domain Name Server ipconfig
command prompt action that sends signals to another device to see if it is active ping
command prompt action that let's you see step-by-step routes a packet takes before getting to a destination tracert
command prompt action that will fetch Domain Name Server records for domain name or IP Address nslookup
Top Level Domain of a commercial website .com or .net
Top Level Domain of a non-profit website .org
Top Level Domain of a an educational website .edu
Top Level Domain of a government owned website .gov
Global System of interlinked hypertext documents Internet
Unauthorized reproduction or use of a copyrighted book, recording, or other work. Piracy
Restriction of access to certain content on the web. Web Filtering
Encryption scheme included in first generation of wireless equipment WEP
Encryption code used as a security feature Passphrase
Identifier of a Wireless Network SSID
Security-enhanced encryption technology used for wireless networking WPA
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