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Dante/Inferno test material!

Who murdered Francesca and Paolo? Giovanni
What is the allegorical idea represented by Minos? conscience
Who is punished in the vestibule? indecisive
Who was guilty of lust and murdered by husband? Francesca
Who was punished in Limbo? Unbaptized
What is Judgement day called? Jehosophat
What idea is allegorically personified as Virgil? reason
What mountain is seen by Ulysses? Purgatory
Virgil wrote what and predicted Christ? Eclogue
who was one of the worst sinners of all? Judas
What pope was hated by dante? Boniface VIII
Whose statue was stolen from Troy? Athena
Who was one of the greatest poets of all time? Homer
Which Ghibelline is guilty of heresy? Farinata
The castle and its light represent what? Knowledge
Where is a heretic kept? Sepulchar
who was 'the coward who made the great refusal'? Pilate
Which angel was cast out of heaven? Lucifer
Who was the likker of Julius Ceasar and was an honorable man? Brutus
Allegorically, Beatrice represents what concept? grace
What is a story with characters and settings representing abstract ideas? Allegory
Who is one of the fraudulent counselors? Ulysses
Who was chewed on by Satan? Cassius
What was the language of the common people? Vernacular
What river did you cross to get into Hell and Hades? Acheron
the last circle is covered in what? Ice
Whose apocryphal gospel tells of the harrowing? Nicodemus
Christ took the believers out of hell at what? Harrowing
Who was Ulysses partner in deception? Diomedes
What is 'punishment fits the crime'? Contrapasso
What is the river of forgetfullness, begins with Hades, goes to the top of purgatory? Lethe
Who is killed by his brother for an adultress affair? Paolo
What does farinata predict will happen to Dante? Exile
What country does Ulysses and Diomedes defeat with a trick? Troy
What political party is in opposition of Dante's family? Ghibellines
What Florentine party does Dante's family belong to? Guelphs
Who is the boatman of Hades? Charon
What has no bars, people enter at their own free will? Hells gate
What was Virgil's great epic of the founding of Rome? Aeneid
Who was one of the virtuous pagens, a Trojan? Hector
dante represents what concept in the allegory? Mankind
Being lost in sin is like being lost in what place? Woods
Where are the opportunists punished? Vestibule
What greek soldier lusted after Polyxena? Achilles
What sinners are punished by being blown back in a black wind? Lustful
What is going against the teachings of the church called? Heresy
How many canticles are there? Three
What was the black death brought by? Rats
Where was the best place to study law and rhetoric? University of Rologna
Dante's hometown Florence
Wandering minstrels who sang love songs Troubadours
Charles Martel defeated the Moors at this battle Battle of Tours
Hero of the French epic Roland
Official languague of the church Latin
Roman Empire was eventually split in two and the main ciity in the east was this Constantinople
the chalice of Christ Holy Grail
The literary work about a knight on a grail quest has this title Perceval
An important archetype in the middle ages- it isfound in the Divine Comedy Quest
the author of the Divine Comedy Dante
Spanish, French, and Italian are all what kind of languages? Romantic
He was Dante's guide through Hell and Purgatory? Virgil
The Moors were followers of this religion Islam
He was crowned Holy Roman Empire by Pope Leo III Charlemaine
the battles between the Moors and the Christians in the holy Land were called this The Crusades
the best place to go to sudy theology and philoshy University of Paris
this was the story of a person visiting hell, heaven and purgatory The Divine Comedy
Created by: sourpops
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