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Hematology 1

Test 1 - Chapters 2-4,9,15

What is the average M:E ratio for normal adult bone marrow? 4:1
The key organs involved in extramedullary hematopoiesis include the: Liver and spleen
What assay is the best test to assess the bone marrow's response to anemic stress? Reticulocyte count
A peripheral blood smear indicator of ineffective bone marrow response to anemia is: A lack of polychromasia
A patient with the following values-- RBC = 4.01 x 10^12/L, Hgb = 12.5 g/dL, and Hct = 37.2% -- will most likely have which of the following RBC indices? MCV=92.8 fL, MCH=31.2 pg, MCHC=33.6%
A patient's hemoglobin is 12.3 g/dL. On the peripheral smear, the red cells appear normochromic, normocytic. The hematocrit value that correlates with these data is: 37%
A Wright-stained smear of a patient with an elevated reticulocyte count should show: Polychromasia
Erythropoietin is produced by the: Kidneys
Bone marrow aspiration is usually required in conditions of: Leukemia
Mature red blood cells leave the bone marrow and enter the circulation via the: Bone marrow sinuses
Correlation checks between the red blood cell count, the hemoglobin, and the hematocrit are significant parts of QA (quality assurance) in the hematology lab. These correlations are known as: The rule of three
The _____ is one of the most stable parameters in a CBC. MCV
The erythrocyte stage that marks the beginning of hemoglobinization is called: Polychromatophilic normoblast
The red cell protein that is responsible for deformability and flexibility of the red cell is: Spectrin
What RBC pathways is responsible for providing 90% of the cellular ATP for red cell metabolism? Embden-Meyerhof pathway
The basic pathophysiology of the thalassemic conditions is a: Decreased or absent globin chain synthesis
Polychromatophilic macrocytes in the peripheral smear are most likely: Siderocytes
The degree of effective erythropoietic activity in any hematological disorder is most readily assessed by a: Reticulocyte count
Most hypochromic cells will have an MCHC that is: Less than 30%
The last nucleated stage of erythrocytic maturation is the: orthochromic normoblast
From each pronormoblast precursor cell, ____ mature red blood cells are produced. 16
Pappenheimer bodies are composed of: Iron
What percentage of hemoglobin is synthesized in the reticulocyte stage? 35%
Epsilon and zeta chains are part of which hemoglobins? Hemoglobin Portland
Fetal hemoglobin consists of which of the following chains? a2y2
What abnormal hemoglobins will result in a cyanotic condition? Hemoglobin M
What factors will result in an immediate increase in oxygen delivery to the tissues? Increased 2,3-DPG
What clinical conditions is a definitive sign of intravascular lysis? Hemoglobinuria
Each hemoglobin molecule consists of ____ heme structures. four
When iron is present in an oxidized state, as Fe+3 or ferric iron, the resulting hemoglobin is known as: Methemoglobin
Intrinsic red cell defects that can lead to hemolysis include: Inherited deficiencies
Lymphocyte concentrations in peripheral blood are greatest during what age interval? Young child (1 to 4 years)
The CBC results for a 3-month-old child are as follows: WBC 9.5 x 10^9/L Differential RBC 3.4 x 10^12/L Seg neutrophils 25% Hgb 6.7 g/dL Lymphocytes 75% Hct 25% The absolute lymphocyte count in this patient would be: 7.1 x 10^9/L
One of the primary glands responsible for lymphocyte origination in the infant is the: Thymus gland
The initial appearance of specific granulation in the granulocytic series is predominantly seen in the: myelocyte
In automated hematology, what is the definition of the delta check? Comparison to previous value
There are _____ maturation stages in the neutrophil Five
At present, most lymphocyte subpopulations are recognized by their CD markers. CD refers to: Cluster designation
T cells are responsible for humoral immunity. False
Patients with moderate anemias (7 to 10 g/dL) may be asymptomatic. True
Hemoglobin begins to be synthesized at the polychromatophilic stage of red cell development. True
90% of in vivo hemolysis is intravascular. False
The absolute WBC count refers to the percentage of a particular cell type counted from the 100 WBC differential. True
Created by: Megan Hohenberg
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