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Lange Q&A


The position when the surgeon chooses an open approach for emergent surgery for ectopic pregnancy Supine
Electrocoagulation, cryablation, and radio frequency ablation are procedures performed for dysfunctional uterine bleeding
Laparoscopic tubal occlusion may utilize all of the following methods of effecting sterilization EXCEPT Surgitie ligating loop
A herniation of the cul-de-sac of at the pouch of Douglas is a enterrocele
Cervical carcinoma in situ can be classified as Limited to the epithelial layer, noninvasive
Cervical conization is accomplished using all of the following EXCEPT sclerosing solution
A technique employed for cervical biopsy is multiple punches at 3,6,9,and 12 o'clock
A procedure to prevent cervical dilatation that results in release of uterine content is Shirodkar
Perlviscopy differs from laparoscopy in the utilization of a larger trocar and scope utilization of a 30-degree angled scope
What special technique is employed during a hysterectomy discard instruments used on cervix and vagina
Which drug is given to aid in placental expulsion Oxytocic
Endometrial ablation is perfomed to correct Menorrhagia (uterine bleeding)
Reconstruction of the fallopian tube setup would include Bowman lacrimal probe
Extrauterine pregnancies can occur in the Abdominal cavity and tube
LAVH is removal of the uterus by combined approach using laparoscopic and vaginal
The hysteroscope may be used to identify or remove all of the following except (fallopian adhesions)
An endoscopic approach to pelvic and intraabdominal examination is Pelviscopy
A postoperative complication of the GYN patient in lithotomy position for an extended period of time emboli
The needle used to instill the gas during a laparoscopy is a Verres
A bening smooth muscle tumor of the uterus which causes abnormal uterine bleeding lead to anemia is leiomyoma
Masupialization of a bartholin cyst involves the suturing the posterior wall of the cyst to the skin edges removal of anterior wall of cyst
A condition causing leakage of utine into the vagina Vesicovaginal fistula
Conization of the cervix may be accomplished by all following EXCEPT Thomas uterine curette (scrapping the uteris)
What gynecologic setup would include various sizes of sterile cannulas? Suction curettage
A stamey endoscopic procedure is performed to Suspend the vesicle neck
Endoscopic visualization of the uterine cavity is called Hysteroscopy
An endoscopic investigation of the uterus and tubes is a Hysteroscopy
The aim of stress incontinence operations include all of the following EXCEPT to repair a congenital defect
Needle aspiration of the cul-de-sac is surgically termed culdocentesis
What surgical procedure provides obliteration of the vagina by denuding and approximation the anterior and posterior walls of the vagina Colpocleises
The umbilical cord proceeding the fetal head is Nuchal cord
What would an anterior and posterior repair accomplish Repair of cystocele and rectocele
What is the name given to a radical vaginal hysterectomy Schauta
Premature seperation of the placenta from the uterine wall is placentia abruption
Hypertension and a seizure during pregnancy is known as eclampsia
to confirm the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy, it sometimes necessary to perform a culdocentesis
The affected tube is grasped with a babcok
A cyst that is formed from the germ layer from the developing embryo is called a teratoma (dermaoid)
the term describing the specimen removal in one piece is en block
A procedure done on young women who evidence benign uterine tumors but who wish to preserve fertility is a myomectomy
what is the preferred procedure for a recurrent or persistent carcinoma of the cervix after radiation therapy has been completed Pelvic exenteration
An enterocele differs diagnostically from a rectocele by its contents and its position in the perineum. its located in the Pouch of douglas
An alternative to abdominal hysterectomy utilizing an endoscope is surgically termed a Laparoscopic-assisted vaginal hysterectomy (LAVH) Pelviscopic-assisted vaginal hysterectomy (PAVH)
The graft used for a vaginoplasty is Split-thickness skin graft
A Humi Cannula is used in Gynecologic surgery
What suture would be placed into the wall of a large ovarion cyst before aspiration of its contents and final removal Purse-string
A holding instrument not found in a vaginal procedure Lahey (thyroid)
The most common identified ovarion cyst is the follicle
When closing a uterus in a cesarean, the edges of the uterine incision are clamped with which of the following Pennington
The surgery performed to remove the embryo while preserving the tube is Salpingostomy
A hulka forceps is used in gynecologic surgery
uterine ligaments broad round cadinal
Sterility can be accomplished by all of the following procedure Laparoscopy Minilaparotmy Posterior colpotomy
Oxytocics are given in a cesarean after the baby's shoulder are delivered to contract the uterus
The procedure that provides visualization of the internal contour of the uterus is a hysteroscopy
Papanicolaou indicates cytologic study of cervical smear
at which point in a cesarean is bulb syringe used When the fetal head is delivered
What procedure cannot be performed through a pelviscope Hysterectomy
In a cesarean birth, the uterus is opened with a kine and extended with a bandage scissor
Extrauterine disease of the female reproductive system may utilize any of the following lasers via a colposcope or laparoscope CO2/ ND:YAG/ Argon
A vesicourethral abdominal suspension is known as a Marshall-Marchetti
Which of the following instruements would be used to grasp the anterior cervix of the uterus just befor dissection from the vaginal vault during a TAH Allis
Intraoperative chromotubation can be effected by all of the following surgical cannulaed Hulka
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