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figurative language

point of view Perspective from which a story is told
simile Using like or as to compare to unlike objects
allusion A brief reference to some other person, event, or thing (usually famous in literature or history)
flashback An interruption in the chronological sequence of evens - something that happened in the past
foreshadow Hints about something that will occur later in the novel
pun A play on words in which 2 different meanings for the same word are used humorously (or 2 words that sound the same are hused humorously)
idiom A figurative expression with a meaning beyond the literal meaning
personfication When an author grants lifelike qualities to nonhuman objects
point of view - example Mrs. Olinski - 3rd person narrative Noah, Nadia, Ethan - 1st person
simile - example Century Village was like a theme park for old people. Trading coupons was a lot like playing Go Fish.
allusion - example T.S. Elliot Alice in Wonderland Raphael - painter
flashback - example Noah's vacation in Florida When Nadia helped the turtles
foreshadow - example Moment when Mrs. Olinski finally understands why she chose the team
pun - example I would be living in the state of divorce and New York Ginger is a genius of her genus.
idiom - example Break a leg
personification - example The wipers danced back and forth. The rain battered the car.
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