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PMP Chapter 10

What are the 6 components of the communication model? Sender, Encoder, Medium, Decoder, Receiver & Noise
Anything that interferes with or disrupts a message is called? Noise
A project management subsidiary plan which details requirements and expectations for communicating information amongst project stakeholders is known as (BLANK). The communications management plan
(BLANK) from previous and similar projects are the BEST tool to identify stakeholder requirements for communication. Lessons learned
What is the formula for determining the number of communication channels? N(N-1)/2
If you have 6 stakeholders on a project, how many communication channels do you have? 6(5)/2 = 15
Physical distance is possible example of a project communications (BLANK) constraint
True or False - RACI report can not be used to display present project performance. True - A RACI chart is a matrix that details who in a project is responsible, accountable, consulted or informed on a particular project activity. It has nothing to do with performance reporting.
What are the 5 terms used to describe the process of communicating? Paralingual, Feedback, Active Listening, Effective Listening & Nonverbal
The pitch, tone and inflections in the sender's voice during communication are also known as what? Paralingual
When cost variance is outside of the acceptable thresholds what report should be generated? An exception or variance report.
True or False - Meetings should have clear start and end times for best results. True
According to the text, what percentage of a message is conveyed through nonverbal communications? 55%
True or False - Lessons learned documentation is collected and archived at the end of the project. False - Lessons learned documentation is gathered throughout the project life cycle.
The four primary items that performance reporting addresses are what? Scope, schedule, cost and quality
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