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WGU HR Section 2.2

What is "Employment At Will"? organizations can generally hire, fire, or promote a person for any reason whatsoever. Also allows the employee to leave a job at any time, and for any reason, without facing adverse legal consequences.
What are some exceptions to "Employment at Will"? Public-policy exception: Termination for reasons that violate public-policy. Implied-contract exception: binding agreement, not through contract but by employer & employee actions. Implied covenant-of-good-faith exception: Parties to work fairly
What 3 steps best utilize the full potential of employees by aligning workplace diversity with the strategic goals of the organization? Define diversity: Establish accountability: Develop a diversity scorecard
Define diversity: Similarities and differences between individuals, accounting for numerous aspects of personality and individual identity; Clarify the role of workplace diversity in the org, including leadership & expectations; allocate necessary progress resources
How do you establish diversity accountability? Appoint senior executives to diversity task forces Recruit diverse candidates for leadership positions; Establish goals & objectives for all levels in the process & reward programs. Identify problems thru attitude surveys, focus groups
How do you develop a diversity scorecard? Key deliverables emphasizing the role of diversity in the org's strategy Utilization of diversity in the development of a high-performance work environment How the corporate culture is aligned with the org's strategy Efficiency of the diversity results
Created by: jpayn11