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Pilgrim's Progress

Biblical Studies Test

In what year was John Bunyan born? 1628
In what English Village was Bunyan born? Elstow, new Bedford
What statement tells us that he was not a diligent student? His advantages however were of the meager kind, and not long enjoyed, for he early passed from the school-room to his father's workshop.
Which side did Bunyan support during the English Civil War? How do you know this He was on the Parliamentary side, because Bunyan worked for Sir Samuel Luke, a well-known Parliamentary Commander.
What was Bunyan's occupation before he became a pastor/writer? Blacksmith/Tinker
In what year did Bunyan's first wife and his pastor die? How did their deaths change Bunyan's life? 1655; First of all, he became a single parent of 4 children. Also, he was able to take his pastors place after his pastor died.
Why could Bunyan preach freely before 1660 but not after 1660? Because of the restoration of monarchy that happened in 1660.
When and where was John Bunyan arrested? 1660; Private house in country
Where was Bunyan imprisoned and for how long? Bedford Jail; 12 years
In Bedford today a plaque describes Bunyan's imprisonment. What does it say? "On this site stood the Bedford County Gaol where John Bunyan was imprisoned for 12 years; 1660-1672
What great work did Bunyan complete while a prisoner? Pilgrim's Progress
How many times was Bunyan imprisoned? What are the dates for each imprisonment? 2, First: 1660 - 1672 Second: 1675 - 1676
How long did Bunyan live after his last release? 12 years
How did Bunyan spend the remaining years of his life? Writing as an author and preaching to many crowds.
Describe how and when John Bunyan died? John Bunyan died in London on August 31, 1688 of a severe cold and fever.
When was 'Pilgrim's Progress' first published? What are some reasons for its fame and success throughout the centuries? It was published in 1678. It became famous and successful, because of its intriguing story and its application to real life stories.
What is an allegory? An allegory is a form of literature in which elements of the narrative represent something other than what they appear on the surface.
Where is Christian from? City of Destruction
What is Christian's destination? Mount Zion
When does Bunyan reveal Christian's proper name? Only after he has become a true and understanding pilgrim
Who inspires Christian to go on a pilgrimage? The Evangelist
Where does the Evangelist instruct Christian to go first? The Wicket Gate
What do Christian's neighbors thinks about his journey? They mock him and tell him to return
What does Christian do when his wife calls after him to re-think his departure? He puts his fingers in his ears and keeps going.
Who is the first person to accompany Christian on his pilgrimage? Pliable
Why does Pliable ultimately turn back? He gets frustrated with the difficulty and danger of the journey
What happens to Christian and the other pilgrims in the Slough of Despond? They are each made aware of the weight and pervasiveness of his or her own sin.
Who meets Christian after he passes through the Slough of Despond? Mr. Worldly Wiseman
What does Mr. Worldly Wiseman instruct Christian to do? That he can shed his burden by going to live in Morality
Where is Mr. Worldly Wiseman from? Carnal Policy
What did Christian see at the Interpreter's House? A room full of dust, a picture of Paul, two children named Passion and Patience, a never ending fire, a castle with people who want to get in, but only Courage got in, a man in a cage, and a dreamer.
What do the visions at the Interpreter's House inspire in Christian? Hope and Fear
What are Shining Ones? Angels
How many Shining ones appear to Christian after he leaves the Interpreter's House? Three
What do the Shining Ones give to Christian? A roll with a seal, new clothes, and forgiveness
What happens when Christian falls asleep on his way up the Hill of Difficulty? He drops the roll that marks his election.
Where does Christian find his scroll? Under a bench
What do the lions represent in the allegory? Government and Church authorities
How does Christian escape the lions? They are asleep
How many girls are at the Beautiful Place? Four
Why does Christian cry when talking to Charity? He misses his wife and children
What are the Character in chapter 1? Evangelist, Christian, Obstinate, Pliable, Help, Mr. Worldly Wiseman, and Mr. Legality
Who is Evangelist? The person who leads Christian in the right direction?
Who is Christian? The main character who is taking the journey towards the Celestial City.
Who is Obstinate? A person who tries to persuade Christian to go back, but gives up and returns home.
Who is Pliable? A man who comes with Obstinate to try to persuade Christian to go home, but in the end decides to go with Christian, and later returns after reaching hard ship.
Who is Help? A person who helps Christian out of the Slough of Despond.
Who is Mr. Worldly Wiseman? A man who leads Christian a stray from the path towards Mr. Legality.
Who is Mr. Legality? A person who Mr. Worldly Wiseman promised Christian could take off Christian's burden
Who does Evangelist represent? the person who shows you the way to Christ.
Who does Christian represent? A person who is making the spiritual journey to the Celestial City.
Who does Obstinate represent? People who try to persuade others to not go on the journey.
Who does Pliable represent? People who start the journey without realizing their sins, and turn back after hardship happens.
Who does Help represent? People who help you, encourage you, and show you that God forgives your sins.
Who does Mr. Worldly Wiseman represent? The people who try to lead you away from receiving Christ and give you promises that if you do this then and this and this then your right will level out your wrong and your burden will go away.
Who does Mr. Legality and the place Morality represent? The religions that require you to do this and this and this to get to Heaven.
Who are the people in chapter two? Goodwill, Evangelist, Interpreter
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