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AST Study Guide

CST Study questions

What does the term "OS" mean? An open or mouth
What is the major side effect of thrombolytics Hemorrhage
What method is used to confirm the items have been exposed to the sterilization process, but sterility is not guaranteed? Chemical indicator
What is done to the common bile duct during a choledochojejunostomy anastomosis
Elevated IOP in glaucoma patient is a result of excess aqueous humor
In which of the following procedures would the surgeon check for anastomotic leaks by injecting air into the rectum looking for bubbles in the fluid filled peritoneal cavity anastomosis
which of the following is a type of non-retaining catheter Whistle
Which catheter is used for an angioplasty Fogarty
which ligament is transected during surgery for De Quervain's disease (wrist) dorsal carpal ligament
The ciliary body is part of which layer of the eye Vascular tunic
Which of the following arises from the left ventricle of the heart Ascending aorta
Which medication can be used as a topical jelly during cystoscopy procedures Lidocain (Xylocaine)
Which of the following is an initial incision for abdominoplasty Low transverse
Ferris-Smith ideal use for a TAH (total abdominal hysterectomy)
Which of the following sututes is a nonabsorbable monofilament frequently usedin vascular procedures Polypropylene
Which of the following is used to stain the cervix for schiller's test Lugol's solution
Which structure, during a total hip arthroplasty, requires intramedullary reaming prior to placement of a prosthesis Femoral canal
Which of the following pathology would be treated by transsphenoidal hypophysectomy procedrue Pituitary tumors
How are femoral shaft fractures in an adult repaired intramedullary nailing
the trendelenburg position is often used for surgery on the abdominopelvic orgarns
which of the following is an intermediate-level disinfectant Isopropyl alcohol
the muscles that cause stabismus are the extrinsic
which of these drugs is a miotic pilocarpine
Which of the following vessels is harvested for use during a CABG internal mammary artery
what is the proper procedure for turning the sterile gown ST hand tag to circulator who moves around to the Left side to prevent the ST from spinning and possibly contaminating the gown
what type of precedure is performed to treat tumors of the pituitary gland incision in the upper gum or nasal cavity, and sphenoid sinus
An emergency drug given to stabilize ventricular fibrillation Isoproterenol hydrochloride (Isuprel)
what is the required pressure for a steam sterilization set at a temperature of 250F 15-17 minutes
From which laminectomy instrument would intervertebral disc fragments be cleaned Pituitary rongeour
a clamp used for occluding a peripheral vessel Debakey
What is performed prior to implanatation of a Dacron knit polyester graft Preclotting
the preoperative exsanguination of an extremity prior to inflating a tourniquet is accomplished with Esmarch
A wrapped instrument set that will be run in the steam prevacuum sterilizer at 270 must be sterlized for a minimum 4 minutes
The large, leaf-shaped laryngeal cartilage that acts as a "trap door" over the larynx is the epiglottis
which type of sterilization requires the use of the Bowie Dick test Precacuum sterilizers
Ferguson gallstone scoop can be used for scoop gallstones during cholecystectomy
The process by which glucose is stored as glycogen is ATP
Which of the following defines anaerobic W/O Oxygen
What approach is used for the removal of a small acoustic neuroma that is located in the internal auditory canal Middle fossa approach
Catabolism of fats produces Ketone bodies
which type of laser is used to remove polymethyl methacrylate from a cemented joint implant during a revision arthroplasty Carbon dioxide
When is it acceptable to open surgical dressing sponges when the final count is performed
Pneumoperitoneum is utilized during a laparoscopy to do which of the following to provide a working space in the abdomen and allow intestines to fall away from the anterior of the abdominal cavity
which cranial nerve is affected by trigeminal neuralgia fifth cranial nerve
which of the following hemostatic agents must be applied dry and only handled with dry gloves and instruments Avitene (collagen)
Which characteristic describes an amphiarthrosis symphysis pubis (slightly movable)
What is the purpose of the third lumen in a three-way indwelling foley catheter instilling irrigating fluids into the bladder
Preoperative bladder drainage prior to a D & C would be performed with which of the following catheters 14 FR Robinson
Which laser can be used on light and dark tissue Carbon Dioxide
Which portion of the stomach is superior to the esophageal sphincter Fundus
Which of the following must be completed preoperatively if a patient underwent a barium study the day of surgery Preoperative enema
Which item listed below should the surgical technologist confirm is available for a nerve repair Loupes
What type of needle is used when suturing the skin Reverse cutting
When helping to turn over an OR between patients, the surgical technologist should A new mop head should be used each time
What implant is sued for individuals with sensorineural deafness cochlear implant
Which of the followign is part of the immune system Lymph nodes, tonsils and spleen
What type of external dressing would be used to eliminate dead space pressure dressing
Elevated IOP in a glaucoma patient is a result of excess Intraocular pressure produced chiefly by the AQUEOUS HUMOR
Exophthalmos due to graves disease is associated with which gland Hyperthyroidism
What drug classification is DEMEROL (Meperidine hydrochloride) analgesic
which of the following procedures is performed before completing an ileal conduit cystectomy
when used as a skin prep, which of the following should be allowed to throughly dry if electrocautery will be used alcohol and solutions
Created by: acortez87
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