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2012 HT Reading

2012 HT reading

une quinzaine about 15
jours days
bruit noise
camion lorry
le soleil brille the sun shines (sunny)
il gele it freezes
la patinoire ice rink
apres demain after tomorrow
aimables likeable
ouverts open
bavard chatty
presque almost
les fruits de mer seafood
mon plat prefere favourite meal
puisque since/ because
a la campagne in the country side
cette annee this year
au chomage unemployed
une auberge de jeunesse a youth hostel
les cours lessons
d'equitation horseriding
Paques Easter
me lever to get up
tot early
voler to steal
les champignons mushrooms
les choux-fleurs cauliflower
est né was born (male)
est née was born (female)
les blessures injuries
ne...plus no longer
le pays d'origine country of origin
le pays de naissance birth country (not on paper)
a réussi succeeded
jouer to play
verb + à + infinitive verb this structure was on the gap fill task- you had to choose jouer so the second verb
verb + de + infinitive this wasn't on the paper but similar to above so worth knowing
on peut/pourrait + verb in infinitive same as before- not on paer but good to know - we can/could...
on doit/devrait +infiinitive verb same as before - not on paper but god to know - we must/should
il faut/faudrait + infinitive verb same as before - not be
la banlieue the surburb
sa retraite his retirement
moins de less than
la moitié half
se multiplier multipy
chaque année each year
les grandes marques designer labels
les notes marks (as in an exam/test/school)
les Antilles West Indies
mon pere my dad
n'habite plus no longer lives
chez nous with us/at our house/at home
personne no one
me parler to talk to me
ni...ni... neither...nor....
je suis grand I am tall
inconvenient an inconvenience/a disadvantage
quelques eleves some pupils
se moquent de moi mock me/make fun of me
agression physique physical bullying
augmenter increased
voler to steal
portable mobile
sa mobylette his moped
portefeuilles wallets
portemonnaie purse
les marques brand names/designer
les plus the most
recentes recent
avant before
hier yesterday
avant-hier before yesterday
vers around
17 heures 5pm
una appartement an apartment
voit sees
le fils du medicin the son of the doctor
le toit the roof
le toit du restaurant the roof of the restaurant
le medecin the doctor
rien nothing
cassé broken
le bebe the baby
ses jeunes soeurs his young sisters
rester seul to stay alone
Created by: csuarez