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łączone semestr 2.6

feint zwód, zmyłka
lumbar lędźwiowy
slobs niechluj
swab wacik, gaza
tick kleszcz
soar wzbić się
sore drażliwy
catch a glimpse zerknąć
clever ploy to sprytny chwyt, sztuczka
sighting pojawienie się
overnight sensation odczuć coś z dnia na dzień?
hoax trick, joke
feature cecha
heavily disguised
home to
get around/about (a city) travel
secure in the knowledge mieć pewność, świadomość, że (You can let your kids play here, safe in the knowledge that they won't get sunburn)
keep at a distance trzymać dystans
be in a distance
for the most part generally, all things considered
all the more reason with even better reason or cause for doing something
metamorphose a gradual change into sth
tremendous ogromny
imperial królewski, majestatyczny
muted stonowany, powściągliwy
impartial bezstronny
be up against a brick wall find it impossible to make progress
have a wealth of have a lot of
perform a balancing act deal with different demand at the same time
be at loggerheads be unable to agree
bridge a gap provide a connection
instilling beliefs
validity based on good reasons or facts that are true(słuszność)
erode gradually damaged, eg rock by water
instill wpajać
tantrum napad złości
appease to avoid more arguments by doing what someone wants
soothe to make something feel less painful
impart to communicate information or knowledge to someone
conservationist someone who preserves nature, animals
janitor dozorca
out of marriage
public facility dobra użytku publicznegi
venture przedsięwzięcie
detrimental harmful
to prune a shrub przycinać krzak
to clip a hedge przyciąć żywopłot
defunct no longer existing, operating or being used
vestigial remaining as the last small part of sth that used to exist, eg. Traces of ancient culture
quarry an object being haunted
devout believing strongly in a particular religion and obeying its practices
genteel quiet and polite, often in exaggerated way
in tandem with happening at the same time
equation równanie
slumped sitting with your body leaning forward(zgarbiony)
rife of sth bad or unpleasant that is very common
layman a non_expert, laik
mirage dream, hope or wish that cannot come true
misconception an idea which is wrong or untrue but which people believe because they do not understand subject properly
nocturnal nocny
hoax an attempt to make people believe sth that is not true (trick sb)/ hoaxer
agility ability to move quickly and easily, or to think very quickly & intelligently
dependable trustworthy and reliable
perks non_financial benefits
difficult troubled, traumatic, turbulent
idyllic perfect, calm
comfortable(upbringing) middle_class, priviledged, sheltered
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