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Skin Disorder

Feb skin disorder

Cholasma cholasma on face, irritability, oppression chest, hypochondriac pain, irregular mens, pale T, Wiry P Stagnation of Liver Qi Cholasma LI4, SP6, ST36, LI11 , surrounding needles around spots
Cholasma with lusterless complexion, weakness in the loins and knees, tinnitus and dizziness, Red T, lack of coating, Rapid thin P Yin Deficiency of Kidney and Liver Cholasma LI4, SP6, ST36, LI11 , surrounding needles around spots
Red papules, tubercles, acnes and inflammatory infiltration, accom with burning sensation red tip of tongue wit thin yellow fur , slipper rapid P Blood Heat Acne ST7, ST6, BL2, ST4, ST2, GB14 Local; LI20, SI18, Taiyang Distant: LI11, LI4 ST36, ST40, SP6
Malar flush, scattered inflammatory nodules, acnes, abscesses and furncles on the face, accompanied with red T, slippery rapid P Blood Heat Acne ST7, ST6, BL2, ST4, ST2, GB14 Local; LI20, SI18, Taiyang Distant: LI11, LI4 ST36, ST40, SP6
Localized hair loss, accompanied by dizziness, tinnitus, impotence, soreness, and weakness of back and knee, Pale scanty coating T, Thready P Alopecia SP6, HT7, PC6, KI9
Beginning state Herpes, groups of papular eruption on affected skin with pain and heat sensation, accom by restlessness, thirst, bitterness in the mouth, red T with yellow oating wiry and rapid pulse Heat type Herpes; LI4, LI11, SJ6, GB34, bilateral
Erythema, pain, burning sensation and cluster of blister at affected area, blisters rupture and fluid ooze out, dryness in mouth, Red T, yellow thick coating slipper rapid pulse Damp Heat Herpes LI4, LI11, SJ6, GB34, bilateral
acute eczema, diffuse redness, clusters of red, papules, blisters, erosions, exudation with burning sensation and itching of the skin Acute Eczema; clear heat eliminate dampness and wind LI11, LI4, SJ6, SP10, SP6, ST36, GB20
sub-acute eczema, itching, crust formation, pigmentation, scaley desquamation, red papules, red borwn spots, blisters, and exudation of the affected region Red Yellow coating T, slippery P Subacute eczema: expel wind, moisten dryness, clear heat and nourish blood LI11, LI4, SJ6, SP10, SP6, ST36, GB20
Chronic Eczema; thick rough skin with desquamation, pigmentation and itching light red white coating T, Moderate P Chronic Eczema; nourish blood, moisten dryness, expel wind LI11, LI4, SJ6, SP10, SP6, ST36, GB20
Abrupt onset skin rash skin rash in pale or white, severe itching, aversion to wind, dermatographic test is pos, has thin white or yellowish coating, Floating P Utricaria ; Invasion of wind heat LI11, BL17, SP10, ST36, SP6 wind heat add GB20
Skin red rash with burning sensation and servere itching, accom by ab and epigastric pain poor appetite, constipatin or diarrhoea, yellow greasy T, Slippery rapid P Utricaria; rentention of heat in stomach and intestine LI11, BL17, SP10, ST36, SP6 Rentention of Heat ST37
Psoriasis scaly erythematous lesion with red halo around, severe itching, Red Yellow fur T, wiry rapid P blood heat type LI11, SJ6, SP10, SP6,
Psoriasis erythema wilh silver scales may not sub subside itching mild or not obvious blood stasis type LI11, SJ6, SP10, SP6
brown patches Psoriasis or pigmentation with fine sclaes on the affected parts of the skin blood dryness type LI11, SJ6, SP10, SP6
Tinea manuum, infectious skin cluster of blister, on the affected region accom erosion and exudation T with yellow and sticky coating slow pulse Predomiant dampness ; LI4, SI3, SJ5, SJ3, Baxie, LI11, ST36, SP6
Tinea Manuum, blisters and erosion, exudation redness, swelling and pain, red tongue with yellow coating slippery pulse Excess heat type; LI4, SI3, SJ5, SJ3, Baxie, LI11, ST36, SP6
Neurodermatitis, chronic ithcing which is red and crowded with papules, red T, wiry and ripd P Wind Heat type; Neurodermatitis LI4, LI11, ST36, SP10, SP6
Neurodermatitis: chronic paroxysmal itching, skin is rough and dry with scaly desquamtion, accom by irritability, insomnia, thin coating lack of saliva, thready p Wind Dryness ; Neurodermatitis LI4, SI3, SJ5, SJ3, Baxie, LI11, ST36, SP6
Acute Conjunctivitis: red swollen eyes, aversion to light with tears, sticky gum, headache, fiver, floating rapid pulse, Wind Heat , bitter taste in the mouth, Wind Heat or Liver Gallbladder Fire BL1, GB20, Taiyang, LI4, LV2 Wind Heat SJ5, GB38
Stop Smoking LI20, LI4, LV3, DU20
Allergic Rhinitis - Hay fever Paroxysmal/sudden reaccurance of nasal itching assoc with fit of sneezing, shite watery rhinorrhea, stuffy nose headache, general body ache, intolarance to cold, aggravated by change of seasons. P Disharmony Ying and Wei, Invasion of Wind Cold LI20, LI4, Yintang, ST36 supp for headache GB20, BL2
Allergic Rhinitis - Hay Fever General debility, liable to catching cold, physical lassitude, clear rhinorrhea, unobstructed nasal passage, light red nasal mucosa, pale T, slow P Deficiency Lung and Wei defensive Qi LI20, LI4, Yintang, ST36
Allergic Rhinitis Hay Fever Itching of the nose, fairly condensed rhinorrhea, consgested nasal mucosa, light red T, rapid P Accumulated Heat in the Lung LI20, LI4, Yintang, ST36
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