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IT- Validation

The Validation and Verification of Data

Data errors The input of incorrect data
Data entry errors Errors which occur from keyboard input
Software errors This occurs when software malfunctions, corrupting or erasing previously saved data
Hardware errors Hardware can develop faults which corrupts data
Transmission errors Transmission errors occurs when data received is not the same as data sent.
Validation The computerised checking of data input errors
Presence check A check to ensure that the data has actually been entered
Data type check A check on the type of data entered. A character or alphanumeric check.
Check digit An extra digit added to the end of a code.It is used to detect errors arising from transcription. It is calculated from the other digits in the number. They can be found in barcode numbers.
Parity check All data transferred is transmitted as a sequence of ones and zeros. A common error occurs when zeros are swapped for ones or vice versa due to electrical interference. Parity checks detect this kind of error.
Range check Checks to ensure that data is within a certain range.
Consistency check This compares the contents of two or more fields to ensure that they make sense
Data verification The checking for mistakes such as transcription errors.
Visual checks On-screen prompts are used to make the user read the entered information and confirm that it has been entered correctly.
Double data entry Data is entered twice. Th first entry is compared to the second entry to detect any mismatch of information.
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