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Holes Spelling List

Spelling words for the novel HOLES

Barren if land is barren, farmers cannot grow crops on it
blisters sore bubbles of skin filled with liquid, caused by something burning or rubbing against the skin
canteen a small portable container for holding liquids
curse an evil spell intended to harm someone
desolate deserted or uninhabited
destiny a person's fate or the future events in that person's life
excavate to dig in the earth
expanse a broad open area
fortune chance or good luck
fossil the remains or traces of an animal or plant from millions of years ago
horizon the line where the land and sky meet
innocent not guilty
inventor someone who creates something new
juvenile a young person note yet an adult
lizard a reptile with a scaly body, four legs, and a long tail
lullaby a gentle song sung to soothe a baby to sleep
nickname a name used instead of a person's real name
physical to do with the body as in physical education
rhyme words that end in the same sound
run down old and in need of repair
stream a body of flowing water
thirsty wanting to drink something
tube a long, hollow cylinder
venom poison produced by some snakes
warden someone in charge of a prison
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