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Hematology 1

Hematology in Practice - Chapter 8

The hemoglobin variant that is seen frequently in the Southeast Asian population, and migrates with Hgb C at pH 8.6, is: E
A patient with sickle cell anemia may develop cardiopulmonary disease due to: High blood viscosity
The Benin haplotype of sickle cell disease is prevalent in which country or countries? West Africa
What "poikilocytes" are classically associated who hemoglobinopathies and liver disease? Target cells
Painful swelling of hands and feet caused by sickle cells in the microcirculation of sickle cells in infants is termed: Dactylitis
Patients with sickle cell anemia generally have a hemoglobin value between: 6 and 8 g/dL
Alkaline electrophoresis will not separate hemoglobin C from: Hemoglobin A2
_____ is the second most common hemoglobin variant worldwide. Hemoglobin E
The qualitative hemoglobinopathies cause disease by producing hemoglobin chains that are: structurally altered
What clinical feature of sickle cell disease accounts for the highest number of hospital admissions? Vaso-occlusion
What percentage of African Americans have heterozygous sickle cell trait? 8%
What is the probable etiologic association between malaria and sickle cell trait? Sickle genes offers some protection against malaria.
A patient has target cells and a positive tube solubility test. This patient probably: has either sickle cell anemia or trait
Moderate to marked target cells are found on a blood smear. Which of the following can most likely by eliminated? A. hemoglobin C disease B. Hereditary spherocytosis C. Hemoglobin E disease D. liver disease B. Hereditary spherocytosis
What is a typical finding in patients with hemoglobin M? Elevated methemoglobin
What is the correct relationship between red cells' affinity for oxygen and red cell production? When affinity is high, less oxygen is released and the body compensates by increasing erythropoietin and making more red cells.
What is the amino acid substitution in patients with sickle cell anemia? Valine for glutamic acid
What factor contributes to the pathophysiology of sickling? Dehydration
What statement pertains to most clinically significant hemoglobin variants? Most are single amino acid substitutions
What hemoglobin ranks second in variant hemoglobins worldwide? Hgb E
Which shows crystals appearing like bars of gold in the peripheral smear? Hgb CC disease
What condition is the leading cause of hospitalization for sickle cell patients? Acute chest syndrome
What hemoglobin separation method is used for most newborn hemoglobin screening? Isoelectric focusing
Autosplenectomy is characteristic of: Sickle cell anemia
The Benin haplotype of sickle cell disease is prevalent in which country or countries? West Africa
When the bone marrow temporarily ceases to produce cells in a sickle cell patient, an ______ crisis has occurred. Aplastic
Created by: Megan Hohenberg